The Review, Pro Wrestling Chaos Present’s, UnBrolievable,

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

June 3rd 2017, Westbury on Trym, Bristol

Cara Noir def. Charlie Sterling & Brendan White

This was a cracking opening match, with two debutants and a very confident Charlie Sterling this was guaranteed to be entertaining. For those of us that follow Dragon Pro and wrestling in the South West, Brendan White received a very warm welcome on his debut. Cara Noir’s debut received a mixed response, his persona drifts between a heel and a face which of course made the audience indifferent. Brendan White shone the brightest in this match, his opponents allowed him the chance to get himself over and he did just that. Charlie Sterling impressed as always, after his MOTY contender in April against Eddie Dennis this guy is destined for greatness in Chaos. Sterling is so good, everything he does is with precision, it’s a pleasure watching him wrestle. Cara Noir was the eventual winner, his antics are questionable but they did get him through the contest. He reminds me of Goldust (circa 1996) his actions are slow and methodical but effective in the ring. This was a great opener and it set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Alex Steele def. Eddie Ryan

As I commented in my preview, you could argue that Eddie Ryan has already earned his title opportunity. For Alex Steele, this was another chance to have a run at Flash Morgan Webster, who has now spurned his title aspirations twice in the last year. Alex Steele gained the upper hand in the early stages of the contest, his speed and high-flying antics had Eddie reeling. They brawled outside before the action returned to the ring, once back inside Eddie took control with the big moves. He manhandled Alex for a long period, he however grew unsettled as he couldn’t keep one half of the Steele Dragons down. Although growing frustrated he continued to dominate with a variation of Suplex’s, Eddie seemed to have the contest right where he wanted it. The Chaos audience got behind the fan favourite as Alex fought back, he caught Ryan with a Bulldog then the two traded Superkicks, before Ryan floored Steele. Eddie then seemed to take control before Alex scurried to the corner with another apparent ankle injury, the ref stopped the action. Eddie reluctant to stop dragged Alex to the middle of the ring, within seconds Steele rolled up Ryan for the victory.

Team H8 & Mikey Whiplash def. The Brotherhood 

The second official meeting between Team H8 and the Brotherhood had a slight twist this time round, this was originally meant to include Sierra Loxton, however due to an injury should couldn’t compete. Loxton did however appear before the contest to announce a replacement, Mikey Whiplash emerged from behind the curtain to a raucous applause. The Combination of Team H8 & Whiplash had The Brotherhood backtracking in the first few minutes, the veterans laid into the young upstarts with stiff strikes and furious chops. With Whiplash at their side, Team H8 could finally have a fare footing in this continuous war with The Brotherhood. Finally, Nathan Bane reversed the odds-on Whiplash, The Brotherhood eventually gained the upper-hand as Elijah, Bane & Joe Mezinger took turns beating on Gideon & Whiplash. Jeckel was crying out on the apron for a tag, eventually Whiplash managed to get to his corner and in came the second member of Team H8. Jeckel cleared a path and started dishing out his idea of punishment, he laid into Elijah before Nathan Bane interfered. Mezinger then entered and teamed with Elijah to take down Jeckel, it wasn’t long before the match rules went out the window. The team started to brawl in and around the ring, with bodies lying everywhere Bane went after Loxton. Whiplash however would interfere and stop Bane, he hit a big right before hitting his Death Valley Driver for the victory.

Eddie Dennis def. Flash Morgan Webster – Non-Title

Flash Morgan Webster made his way to the ring with the King of Chaos title in hand, he gloated that due to a clause in his contract related to the stipulation in his match with Alex Steele in April, did not have to defend his title at UnBrolievable. He then said that he would be happy to offer an open challenge to anyone on the Chaos roster, if they met a certain criteria set by Flash. Webster went through the list, which was a few lines short of Chris Jericho’s infamous ‘Armbar’ promo in 1996, once done he challenged the young Matt Horgan from Dragon Pro. The pulse pounding anthem of the infamous Eddie Dennis them answered the challenge, Flash looked on horrified as the ‘Pride of Wales’ made his way to the ring full of vigour. Flash quickly escaped the ring, that was until Dennis turned his back on the champ, Flash rushed the ring to no avail. Eddie Dennis turned the tables and dominated Flash, in and around the ring the King of Chaos took a beating. Webster finally gained an advantage and attacked the arm of Dennis, once back in the ring he worked on keeping the bigger man at his level, with a Senton and Dropkick. Webster kept the big man grounded, that was until Dennis rocked the King of the Mods with a beautiful vertical Suplex. From then on, the fate of Flash was in Eddie’s hands, Flash at one point locked in the Strangler but Eddie powered out. Dennis then caught the champ with a huge Forearm before gaining victory via the Next Stop Driver.

Knight of Chaos Championship – Modern Culture (Edwin Ricci & Danny Jones) © def. Project Lucha (Martyn Kirby & El Ligero)

At last Modern Culture cemented their status as Tag Team Champions with a towering display against two of the UK’s finest in Martyn Kirby & El Ligero. The challengers took control early on as they out wrestled, dominated and humiliated the cock sure Edwin Ricci. Kirby & El Ligero took turns with Ricci, tagging in and out they kept the pressure on the champs, the action came thick and fast as Modern Culture were outclassed early on. Danny Jones entered the fray as he overpowered Martyn Kirby, however it didn’t last for long as Project Lucha hit back, they ha the Knights of Chaos on their heels as they again took over the contest. Again, the resourceful Modern Culture hit back with a tag team combination, they dispatched Ligero at ringside before punishing Kirby. The pace of the contest was high as both teams vied for dominance, once more Project Lucha fought their way back into the match. The champions were outmatched as the result seemed to be all but over, it seemed we would have new champions but Dragon Pro graduate Matt Horgan finally arrived in Chaos. Horgan at ringside struck Ligero allowing Modern Culture back into the match they Ligero with their Cutter combination to keep their hands on the titles.

After Matt Horgan’s decision to assist Modern Culture it seems he’s decided to join their ranks.

Progress Atlas Championship – Matt Riddle © def. Mike Bird – via submission

I don’t think that I can give this match justice with my words, by now you’ve surely seen the reaction on social media to this match. This was without a doubt the best match I’ve ever witnessed live, both Mike Bird & Matt Riddle tore the house down. What made this match even more tasty was the added incentive of the Progress Atlas Title being defended by Riddle, for Bird this was a chance to prove himself against one of the best. This pure wrestling contest was hard hitting from the opening bell, the two combatants held nothing back as they battled for control. After a few minutes Riddle & Bird knew they were in for one hell of a fight. The chops and slaps exhibited by both echoed throughout the building, every fan winced as each blow was landed, skin on skin has a new meaning. The level of intensity went up as they started throwing each other around the ring with a multiple Suplex’s, on two separate occasions Riddle dead lifted Mike Bird off the mat and hit consecutive Gutwrench Suplex’s. They cancelled each other out continuously, the strikes, kicks and slaps became harder as each reached deep. Riddle peppered Bird with stiff kicks, Bird asked for more then proceeded to German Suplex his opponent, Riddle stood right back up as the audience roared with approval. Then again traded strikes before Riddle locked in a Cross Armbar, after a few minutes prone on the canvas Bird came to life and powered out of the submission. The atmosphere reached fever pitch, they traded big moves for near falls, most impressive was Riddle’s jumping Tombstone Piledriver. Mike Bird kicked out of the pin attempt as the audience rose to their feet. Both men were spent, with Riddle perched on the turnbuckle Bird looked to end this match, with his title on the line Riddle turned the tables. He reversed Bird’s attempt and cradled him, Matt then leapt of the top turnbuckle and hit the infamous BroStroyer Piledriver, this match was all but over…. Bird kicked out, almost immediately Riddle locked in the BroMission, the contest was over. You’re winner and still champion Matt Riddle.

Pro Wrestling Chaos once more proved why they are arguably the superior wrestling company in the South West of England. From top to bottom this card delivered, it established two new members of the chaos roster, set up one or possibly two future King of Chaos challengers and gave us without question one of the greatest matches on British soil. For those of us who witnessed it live, Matt Riddle vs Mike Bird will be remembered as a wrestling moment, there are great matches, and then there are classics like this one. Chaos again all but sold out in advanced, they didn’t disappoint and more importantly they started to establish the wrestlers of tomorrow.

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