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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspeector

It’s wednesday night, it’s 8pm, it’s time for another episode of my favorite wrestling of the week. It’s time for NXT! Let’s find out what went on this week…

This week starts with Tommaso Ciampa coming to the ring on crutches to give us an explanation to why he did what he did to Johnny Gargano at Takeover Chicago. He is greeted with tons of “Boo’s”, he invites Gargano to the ring but he is not there this week. The bottom line is Ciampa took out Gargano because Ciampa knew he was gonna be out with a knee injury for a while and he did not want Gargano to get opportunity he was not gonna get. He blames everything on the WWE universe and promises that when he returns he will be the most dangerous son of a bitch there is. ( Ciampa needs major knee surgery but there is still no update on Gargano).

Danny Burch vs. (UK Champion) Pete Dunne

When Dunne’s music hits there is a humongous pop throughout Full Sail, and a “Bruiserweight” chant starts right away. Dunne starts the match with much joint manipulation on Burch’s hand. Burch stops it with a massive uppercut and he fails at a crossface attempt. A second rope dropkick from Burch takes Dunne down hard. There are many hard blows back and forth, Dunne gets a snap suplex and kicks Burch in the head while he is in the corner, and right away does an X-Plex but Burch kicks out of an immediate cover. Burch punches Dunne when he tries to come back in the ring and Dunne gets tied up in the ropes. Then he gains his composure and wins with a Bitter End.

Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Cezar Bonani

Almas explodes with a drop kick and a double knee on Bonani and takes a strong control of the match. Bonani gets in a few knees but Almas continues with kicks, but somehow Bonani gets a small package on Almas and steals the match. Almas laughs it off as he walks back stage.

We get a video from earlier today with Billie Kay, Payton Royce and Ember Moon. Moon signs her papers to be able to get back in the ring. Plus a fallout video from what Hideo Itami did after his match at Takeover.

Eric Young & Alexander Wolfe (Sanity) vs. Roderick Strong & Kassius Ohno

Young and Wolfe come to the ring first accompanied by Killian Dain. Ohno enters, looking a bit leaner than usual, then his partner for this match Strong enters. We start with Strong and Young just attacking each other with straight anger. Strong gets a nice backbreaker. Wolfe gets tagged in and Ohno and Strong get some double teaming on him. Wolfe fights back and tags Young back in but Ohno works him over until Dain gets involved. Sanity tags in and out alot during this match. Ohno tries coming back but the numbers game are against him once again. With more frequent tags on Sanity’s side they keep Ohno from tagging Strong. Young hits Ohno with a nice neckbreaker but Ohno gets the tag to Strong. Strong comes in like a rocket with kicks to everyone. Strong doesn’t see the tag to Young by Wolfe and suffers a neckbreaker from Young. Strong kicks out of Young’s pin attempt and that pisses Young off so he calls for Dain to come in the ring. Before he gets a chance NoWay Jose comes to the rescue stopping Dain from getting involved yet again. We haven’t seen Jose since Wrestlemania weekend, but his help let’s Strong hit the End of Heartache and wins the match.

This week’s episode was action packed and very, very hard hitting. What a way to end the month of May!        

Until next week!

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