Another conversation with IMPACT Wrestling Star Marshe Rockett

by Lewis Carlan @PWSOTH

Marshe Rockett is currently a star signed to IMPACT Wrestling. After nearly a year since our last interview, it was great catching up with this talented professional wrestler. Enjoy my conversation with IMPACT star, Marshe Rockett.


Lewis: First off, thank you for granting me this interview which is our second for Kayfabe Today.

Marshe: Well it’s certainly great to be back on Kayfabe Today!

Lewis: It’s been almost a year since our last interview. What have you been up to since then?

Marshe: Since our last interview a year ago I’ve been doing a lot more traveling and furthering the Rockett brand, I’ve been wrestling all over the U.S. and soon I will be heading up to Canada at the end of the year.

Lewis: Wow, where in Canada? Please say Toronto!

Marshe: Hahaha maybe down the line but for right now it’s Langley, BC. It will be Dec 8 and 9.

Lewis: That’s 3,000 KM away from me so I hope you’ll understand i won’t be able to attend. That’s great stuff. Which promotion is that for?

Marshe: Totally understandable. But if all goes well Marshe Rockett will be taking over Canada very soon anyway LOL. The promotion that would be for is called Canuck Pro.

Lewis: So you were signed by IMPACT Wrestling in March of 2016. How would you describe your time thus far in IMPACT?

Marshe: My time in IMPACT since being signed back in March of 2016 has been an unbelievable ride. I have gotten to wrestle some of the top tier athletes in the business today and the fans have truly been wonderful as well.

Lewis: Now forgive me here but I wanted to ask, I have been a fan of Marshe Rockett since day 1 as I am sure you are fully aware. I personally think they are under using your talent as you can be a top guy in my opinion. What are your thoughts on that? Am I correct or incorrect here?

Marshe: LOL what’s funny is your not the first to suggest that or bring that up. But as I have explained to others before it’s all about the timing. Timing truly is everything and at this time all I’m making sure that when my time arrives I am ready and healthy to take the ball and run with it.

Lewis: I know you will be, you have been since Dixie Carter signed you over a year ago. Speaking of Dixie Carter, how has it been with the regime change and Anthem taking over? So many changes have been made. I could only imagine things are much better now. What have been the major differences between now and when Dixie was running the show.

Marshe: Things have been better since the new regime took over at impact. One of the first orders of change would be the talent roster. There’s now even more wonderful talent to work with and the shows for IMPACT have really been on point. Each and every week impact rating is going up and that’s not even the best part. IMPACT is now starting to hit the road again. As we speak some of IMPACT talent is over India right now and is killing it. I project that before this year is out everyone is going to be talking about IMPACT and seeing IMPACT for what it truly is and that is a phenomenal wrestling organization filled with some of the most talented individuals the wrestling business has ever seen.

Lewis: I don’t disagree as I have always been a strong supporter of IMPACT. Jarrett and company have done a tremendous job. All the new talent coming in such as Santana, Ortiz, KM, Laredo Kid, Garza Jr, Matt Sydal, Alberto El Patron, etc. Things are looking amazing for IMPACT. My favorite has got to be Kongo Kong. What will happen when Kongo Kong collides with Marshe Rockett?

Marshe: Lol well should Kongo Kong ever collide with yours truly the result is going to be the same that it is everyday and that’s #MarsheAllDay.

Lewis: Just try to avoid that cannonball and you’ll be fine. When did the #MarsheAllDay catch phrase begin? Did you just start saying it one day or was it suggested to you by someone?

Marshe: The #MarsheAllDay catch phrase began thanks to the help of EC3, Robbie E, Rockstar Spud and Eddie Edwards. All of these men helped me to find a creative new fun way for me to stand out to the IMPACT fans so that I just wouldn’t be another pretty face.

Lewis: Well, Marshe, I know you have to get going. I want to thank you again for your time and good luck in the future. I know you will be a champion in IMPACT soon.

Marshe: Thanks bro appreciate you having me on again. Hope to be back on soon as an IMPACT champion.

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