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By Josh Coulson @BristolBeadz

The focus of Raw right now is the build to the Fatal 5 Way that will decide Brock Lesnar’s next challenger, so naturally that’s where things began on Monday night. Bray Wyatt began the show with one of his signature promos until he was interrupted by fellow five way competitor, Roman Reigns. He did make it almost ten minutes without interruption though. Even better was Kurt Angle’s interjection shortly after that with the announcement that he’d like to see the two old rivals face off, and it would be next.
Reigns and Bray may have been an explosive way to kick off Raw, but the pair did not have much time to renew hostilities. Last week Wyatt left Samoa Joe lying and The Destroyer made his way to the ring not long after the bell had rang. At first it looked like Joe was going to lend Bray a helping hand, but he soon turned his attention to The Eater of Worlds. Enter Seth Rollins and the chaos only escalated. Joe and Bray were left scampering from the ring as Roman and Rollins looked on from the ring, but with a title shot on the line how long will that alliance last? Turns out at least until the end of the night as the former Shield Brothers were told by the GM they’ll be facing off against Bray and Joe.
On 205 Live this week Akira Tozawa and Brian Kendrick’s rivalry will seemingly come to a head when they face off in a street fight. On Raw though Tozawa needed to focus on Ariya Daivari. Let’s hope Kendrick was taking notes from his viewing spot backstage, although he didn’t have much time. Daivari attempted to rally maybe once during the entirety of the very short match up before Tozawa finished him off and picked up the win.
For weeks and weeks now we’ve seen The Drifter, Elias Samson, aimlessly wandering around on Raw. Well turns out that he’s had the attention of Kurt Angle. The Raw GM finally acknowledged the guitar wielding former NXT star and booked him in his first ever match on Raw, against Dean Ambrose. Samson proved to be no pushover either as he set out to prove himself against the Intercontinental Champion. It was another DQ finish by Ambrose though but this time with an added twist. Miz ventured down to the ring from the announce desk and attacked Samson, smart because that actually handed Samson the DQ win.
Paul Heyman has returned, and while he didn’t bring Brock Lesnar with him he certainly had a message from him. Paul interrupted Finn Balor to actually pay him somewhat of a compliment. Heyman told Finn that Brock versus Balor is the most intriguing prospects of all the possibilities that could arise following the Fatal 5 Way at Extreme Rules. Finn replied by telling Heyman to relay a message back to his Beast that after he wins the five way, he will go on to beat him also and take back the Universal title that he never actually lost.
Following his conversation with Brock’s advocate Finn focused his attention back on his opponent for that evening, Karl Anderson. He and Gallows may have a long and storied relationship with Balor that stretches back to their time in Japan but on Monday it was all business. Finn had clearly been riled up by his conversation with Paul Heyman and came out swinging against Anderson. Not long later it was The Irishman leaving the ring with the win.
Last week on Raw Alicia Fox picked up somewhat of a shock win one The Boss, Sasha Banks. Well this week The Foxy One was out to prove that it was more than simply a fluke. Well turns out maybe it was a fluke. Banks defeated Fox in not much time at all, finishing the former Diva’s Champion off with her patented double knees. Noam Dar did not take lightly to the situation and after Sasha dropped him as well, she received a scissor kick from the defeated Fox for her troubles.
Earlier in the evening Kalisto bumped into Apollo Crew back stage and questioned why he had joined the Titus Brand. O Neil himself was lurking nearby and was clearly offended as he booked the luchador in a match against his client later that night. Well Kalisto’s question may be ringing in Crews’ head now as the former United States Champion defeated Titus’s one and only client. Get out while it’s still not too late I’d say Apollo.
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