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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

It’s TakeOver time and this time we are in Chicago at the Allstate Arena. We have five matches tonight and four of them are Championship matches. With “Judas” by Fozzy and “Over-Throne” by Hacktivist our songs of TakeOver rocking out the night, let’s take a look at what happened!

Roderick Strong vs. Eric Young (w. Sanity)

To start off the night we have a match that has been in the making for months. Ever since Tye Dillinger got the call up, and Noway Jose getting attacked, Sanity has had their eyes set on Strong’s demise. With the number’s game that Sanity play all the time, Strong took the smart route and attacked Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe before entering the ring and getting the one up on E.Y. The match was a very physical bout with back and forth blows making both men weaker with each hit. The couple of times Sanity tried to get involved, Strong was able to keep his footing and took the win with a End of Heartache over the leader of Sanity.

Tyler Bate (UK Champion) vs. Pete Dunne  (UK title match)

As a result of what happened on Friday’s UK Championship Special on the WWE Network, we get to see the UK Championship be defended tonight. Now I have to say that this match stole the entire show. Both of these men gave every single thing they had and left it in the squared circle. With “Mustache Mountain” and “Bruiserweight” chants filling the arena Bate worked over Dunne with fist after fist, but Dunne would not give in. Even the fastest airplane spin I have ever seen Bate do could take out Dunne. With kickout after kickout and the crowd going wild Dunne stole the win with a Bitter End on Bate and became only the second WWE UK Champion.

Asuka (NXT Women’s Champion) vs. Ruby Riot vs. Nikki Cross (Women’s title match)

With this, day 413, of Asuka’s title reign it seems that the champ will keep the strap forever. With Ember Moon not able to be in what was supposed to be a Fatal 4 Way, we are now given a Three Way match instead. Riot with her unorthodox moves and Cross with her psychotic ability, Asuka had her work cut out for her tonight.Riot and Cross did there best to try and keep Asuka out of the ring and go at each other but Asuka would not let the outcome of the match not involve her. A spin kick to Riots face right after Riot took down Cross, Auska not only pinned one, but both women at the same time. Auska’s title run may never end, or will it?

Bobby Roode (NXT Champion) vs. Hideo Itami ( NXT Championship title match)

Itami has had nothing but bad luck during his entire NXT career, but this being his third time back everyone had the thought of “Third Time’s A Charm”. Itami had himself completely pumped for his title shot, but Roode had plans of his own. Our Glorious champ, with his cocky ways, went into the match with all the confidence in the world, but Itami shut him up real quick. With the G.T.S. on his mind Itami tried and tried but Roode kept getting out of it. The crowd chanted “G.T.S. G.T.S.” and with being in Chicago tonight, and the G.T.S. being made famous by Chicago’s own C.M. Punk, this move took on a whole new meaning. Then finally Itami hit one on Roode but Roode rolled out of the ring upon hitting the mat. So Itami’s pin attempt didn’t pay off, but with a hurt arm Roode managed to get a Glorious D.D.T. twice in a row and kept the title.

The Authors of Pain (NXT Tag Team Champions) vs. D.I.Y. (NXT Tag title ladder match)

This match was not expected to be the main event since the NXT Championship was being defended tonight also, but this match did not disappoint whatsoever as our main event. This being A.O.P.’s first ladder match most people put D.I.Y. in the winning spot, but with them being the dominate force they are, A.O.P. hurt both Gargano and Ciampa. Ladders flying around the ring and D.I.P. doing splashes off the ladder at the same time I’m sure contributing to the hurt. At one point Ellering tried to get involved but ate a superkick from Gargano and Gargano, saving Ciampa and taking a ladder to the face. Things started looking good for D.I.Y. but as they tried to get the belts the ladder was knocked out from under them. As they hung there A.O.P. grabbed both men giving them the Super Collider taking them both out and the A.O.P. climbed up and retained their belts.

After the match was over Gargano and Ciampa took there time leaving the arena. As they were soaking in the chants from the crowd, they got to the top of the ramp and out of nowhere Ciampa grabs Gargano and slams him into the wall. As the crowd gaspped in confusion Ciampa proceeded to beat the hell out of Gargano. Needless to say the chants from the crowd changed their tone, and with an “Asshole, Asshole” chant and Ciampa sitting on the announce table, medical attended to Gargano as the show ended.

With the UK Championship match and the Ciampa heel turn, it’s gonna be very hard for Backlash to follow on Sunday night.


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