IMPACT WRESTLING XPLOSION Review for 5/21/17 By Lewis Carlan

By Lewis Carlan @PWSoth

It was a rainy Sunday morning here in Toronto as I settled down to watch this week’s edition of IMPACT Wrestling’s Xplosion. How did this week’s episode fare? Let’s get this review started and find out.

Xplosion began this week with its new look video package intro that was debuted last week.

Jeremy Borash and Pope are doing the play by play.

Match 1 – KM (w/Sienna) vs. “Genetic Jackpot” Joe Coleman

The match began with KM attacking Coleman right at the bell. KM hit a few boots in the corner. Coleman tries to mount some offense but is met with a clothesline by KM. KM hits a variation of a Sidewalk Slam then plays to the crowd. KM lands a big boot to Coleman then throws him to the outside. KM brings him back inside the ring and hits a slingshot splash as we cut to a commercial. Back from the break, KM is still in control. Coleman attempts to make a comeback but it’s thwarted with a big boot by KM. KM calls Coleman “garbage”. KM locks on a chinlock for a few minutes until Coleman finally mounts an effective comeback with a few elbows, strikes, and dropkick. With KM draped over the ropes, Coleman places his feet on the back of KM, and does a few push ups. Coleman lands an elbow drop. KM is able to recover and hits a gut wrench into a reverse powerbomb for the victory. Sienna comes in and puts the boots to Coleman.

Winner – KM

This was basically a squash match that furthered the cocky, bully character that KM is portraying. KM is doing a great job in this role. I mean, he just looks like a bully so it works well and is getting him legitimate heat I feel. This is the second week in a row we have seen a KM squash match on Xplosion. Last week it was Jake Holmes and this week Coleman. I wonder if this is a coincidence or the start of some sort of angle possibly with lesser talent banding together to stand up to KM. Only time will tell I suppose.

Next is an EC3 segment as he talks about the upcoming India tour.

Backstage Joe Coleman talks about his loss to KM.

Next is the Around The Ring segment with host Josh Mathews. His guest this week is IMPACT referee Brian Stiffler. Stiffler, who is from Chicago, talked about the Cubs, the Blackhawks, how he got into refereeing, staying in shape, what he does outside the ring, Earl Hebner drinking stories, and what his goals are moving forward.

This was a good segment as we got to learn a little about one of the referees in IMPACT. I mean, when was the last time a referee was given some TV time to discuss his personal life?

TNA Classic Match – Kurt Angle vs Desmond Wolf (Nigel McGuiness) from Turning Point 2009

This was an extremely technical match with some really good back and forth action. Towards the end of the match, Angle locks on the Ankle Lock but Wolfe reverses into a variation of the Labell Lock. Angle is able to roll through and get the Ankle Lock on again but Wolfe makes it to the ropes for a break.  Angle goes for an Angle slam but it’s reversed into a DDT by Wolfe. The ending came with an Angle frogsplash for a near fall. Angle locks on the Ankle Lock then locks on a Cross Armbreaker and then a Side Triangle Choke and Wolfe taps out.

Winner – Kurt Angle

Solid match between the two from 2009. I was a big fan of the Angle/Wolfe feud back in 2009. When you put two superstars like in the ring together, you normally get incredible results as was the case each time these two got it on. First time in a few weeks, I can say that the TNA Classic match on Xplosion was actually a classic.

Next is an EC3 promo as he talks about James Storm.

IMPACT Rewind Match – Low Ki (c) vs. Andrew Everett vs. Trevor Lee for the X Division Title in an Ultimate X Match

This was reviewed in my 5/18 IMPACT review.

IMPACT Rewind Review from 5/18:

The match begins as Low Ki goes after Everett and Lee. Lee takes control and hits a few uppercuts to Low Ki. Low Ki comes back with a mule kick to Lee. Ki superkicks Everett to the floor. Ki tries to climb up to get the title, but Everett prevents him. Everett hits a standing huricanarana on Ki.  Ki and Everett battle on the ring apron outside the ropes as Lee charges and sends both of them into the barricade. The match really picks up the pace as Everett connects with a springboard shooting start press onto Lee and Ki to the outside. Back inside, Low Ki attempts to climb the ropes again to get the title but Everett nails a springboard dropkick to break it up. Everett gets up to the cables and tries to scale across to get the X Division Title only to be stopped by Lee who throws a chair at him. Ki punches the chair which is now being held by Lee and sells a hand injury for the rest of the match. Everett hits a Frankendriver to Lee. Helms gets involved in the match and nails Everett with a swinging neckbreaker. Helms tried to assist Lee by carrying him on his back across the ring to get the title, but a Low Ki springboard kick stopped them. The match ended when all three raced up the structure. Low Ki, who had climbed to the top knocked Everett and Lee off and grabbed the X Division title to win the match.

Winner and still X Division champion Low Ki

This was a terrific main event that really showed the talent all three wrestlers involved have. The action was fast and furious with really good spots. In bringing back the Ultimate X, they picked the right three guys to showcase it. There was little doubt who was going to walk out the winner but it was great work by Ki, Everett, and Lee giving the fans at the IMPACT zone and viewers at home a thrilling match.

IMPACT did a great job giving this a big match feel with the numerous video packages throughout the show.

I still think Trevor Lee should be the X Division champion and hope he regains it again soon. I would love to see a one on one match between Low Ki and Trevor Lee as that has 5 star match potential

Final Word – I have to be honest here, I am a bit disappointed in Xplosion. They have gone back to the only 1 new match format with a classic match, IMPACT rewind match, and some interview filler. We were getting two new matches up until two weeks ago. Why the switch back? This show should be used to showcase new talent. I have been saying this for a long time. Why can’t the powers that be at IMPACT Wrestling get that? There is so much young talent now at IMPACT Wrestling, they can easily give us 3-4 new matches featuring up and coming talent. They could even make an Xplosion title or move one of the GFW singles titles such as the Nex-Gen title to Xplosion. It would only be defended on Xplosion and generate more fan interest in the show in my opinion.

Anyway, that’s it for this week. Thanks for reading!



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