WWE Performance Center Watch – 18/05/17


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By Phil Dean @HeadlockDive

I keep tabs on WWE Performance Center trained talent each week, checking how they do on the main roster and in the developmental territory.
Monday Night RAW: – 15/05/17
Sasha Banks was defeated by Alicia Fox in three minutes.
Big Cass with Enzo Amore defeated Titus O’Neil in 1 minute ten seconds.
Alexa Bliss and Bayley were also involved in non wrestling roles during the show.
Smackdown Live – 16/05/17
Carmella defeated Naomi in eleven minutes fifty seconds.
Baron Corbin was defeated by Randy Orton in thirteen minutes ten seconds.
Charlotte was involved in a non wrestling role during the show.
WWE NXT – 17/05/17
Sonya Deville defeated Lacey Evans in three minutes. This is the only match this week to only involve two Performance Center talents. News
The former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the WWE and the WWE Performance Center, Matt Wichlinski participated in an interview with ‘The Two Man Power Trip Of Wrestling’ podcast today. He talked about things like Enzo Amore’s attitude, coaching talent that aren’t easy to manage, and how Triple H was involved with the Performance Center. Here is an excerpt of his discussion about getting talent to respond:
The ones that I was able to help the most were the ones that were open minded and wanted to learn and they didn’t want to just do their own thing, they knew that there was something else that they could learn. Every day was like a sponge and these are some of the best athletes. Look at Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, they want to learn and they want your input when they are training. If they are doing some Olympic lifting and they want another eye and they are asking you. That is how you know you really helped somebody. There were other people that if they had their preference would just put their earphones on and just go in their own little world. Where that might be fine in some cases, you don’t do that at the “PC”. You can’t learn while you are drowning everything out and you have headphones on doing your own thing
You can listen to the full interview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdmfYkfeJuA
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