WWE Backlash Match Preview – WWE Championship, Jinder Mahal vs Randy Orton (c)


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By The Real DC (@TheNotFakeDC)

After weeks of playing mind games with the Viper, Jinder Mahal finally gets his shot at the WWE Championship. Jinder comes into this contest confident, as he has not only stolen the title from Orton but also taken Glamour Shots with it as well. Where Randy’s from (St. Louis) you actually have to win a match to become champion (in Kansas City, however, all bets are off). And that’s exactly what he says he’s going to do, even though he already is champion. I can’t imagine the Chicago crowd will want any of this match, especially if it goes on in the main event slot. Perhaps WWE can make a deal with the crowd. OK, crowd. Uhh, you promise to not chant ‘CM Punk’ all night and we’ll replace this match with 20 minutes of footage from the Cub’s World Series parade instead.

By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

With the push that Mahal has gotten since the SuperStar Shakeup and his partnership with the Bollywo….Singh Brothers (HaHa) there may be a good chance of Mahal becoming the WWE Champion. Unless Orton can get an R.K.O. outta nowhere and keep outside interference from happening we may just see a title change.

By Alex Howells @AJHowler

This is a very interesting angle and I didn’t think I would be saying that two months ago. Jinder Mahal along with his Bollywood allies have done a wonderful job creating real doubt in fans minds that he can beat the Viper. Orton has been pre-occupied with Bray Wyatt until recent weeks and Mahal has largely carried the feud on his back. He looks great, is good in ring and has improved character and mic work hugely in recent times. For no other reason than it hasn’t been done in a long time I think Jinder Mahal upsets Orton only to lose it again on Smackdown Live. It creates huge shock and newsworthy buzz for the Pay Per View, and gives Smackdown Live a hook for the announced rematch. Probably won’t happen but I think it’d be fantastic if it did.


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