WWE Backlash Match Preview – Shinsuke Nakamura vs Dolph Ziggler


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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Finally we get to see Nakamura go to work in the squared circle. With this being his first official match since he has arrived on SDLive he will prove himself as being The King of Strong Style. Ziggler can put anyone over he’s just that good (reminds me of a young Shawn Michaels), but Nakamura won’t need that help winning this match.

By AJHowells @AJHowler

It is finally time to see Nakamura do his thing on the big stage, the main roster and on WWE Pay Per View. It has been a long time coming but hopefully it will be worth it. Nakamura wins here without any doubt in my mind, possibly with a post-match angle to continue the feud but the match will be good with all Nakamura’s trademark greatest hits. Ziggler will bounce around for Shinsuke and it will be fun. Bigger things lie ahead for the King of Strong Style though.

By The Real DC (@TheNotFakeDC)

If the WWE’s advertising means anything, you would think this would be the main event of the night, as Nakamura seems to be the only one featured on any Backlash promotions. Ziggler has been goading “The Artist” for weeks now, calling him a fraud for some reason I guess only him and WWE creative understand. Should be a good opportunity for Shinsuke to kick Ziggler about the head and chest area.

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