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By The Real DC @TheNotFakeDC

It took me about 17 years, but I finally made it back to witness a Monday Night Raw in-person at last night’s episode emanating from the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. It’s a great venue to see a wrestling show, as its small enough that there’s not really a bad seat in the house. Although the show was a lot of fun, this was certainly not a very memorable episode. It was disappointing that GM Kurt Angle simply read off the names of the 5 participants for the upcoming Extreme Rules PPV. Had he made some qualifying matches, there would have been more buy-in from the crowd. Instead we were just left with random Balor/Reigns and Wyatt/Rollins matches with nothing on the line. Here’s what stood out and what you might not have noticed from the television broadcast.


  • Main Event – Nia Jax defeated Dana Brooke
  • Cruiserweights – Rich Swann defeated Ariya Daivari


  • WWE ran a package of all the celebrities and athletes that have been involved in WWE over the years, which prominently featured Shaq. They followed this up with a Shaq Gold Bond ad. You would never know that Shaq messed the Big Show out of a match at Wrestlemania.
  • Not sure if this was audible on the broadcast, but when Alexa Bliss called Newark failures, there was a pretty loud “We are Failures” chant going.
  • The Big Show, Dolph Zigger Robot, and George Jetson are starring in Robo Wrestlemania  When George said “That is how you layeth the smacketh down” oh man, the crowd came unglued…not really.
  • There was a brief “ECW” chant during the Bliss/Bayley kendo stick segment, but I’m pretty sure this was sarcastic (or at least it should have been).
  • The crowd also got a “this is awesome” chant during the Miz/Ambrose match. For the record, it was not awesome…slightly above average perhaps, but not awesome.
  • The crowd had absolutely zero interest in the Cruiserweight tag match. The highlight of the match being a beach ball that was circulating throughout the crowd and the villainous crowd member who popped it (and was serenaded with various chants including “you sold out”).  If you heard a “CM Punk” chant during this match it was because a guy wearing a CM Punk shirt was escorted out of the building for the heinous crime of attempting to blow up a 2nd beach ball. You may have also heard a “We want beach ball” chant as well during this match.
  • It’s amazing how much the sign-making industry has dropped off since the attitude era. They did a ‘sign of the night’ segment during a commercial break and boy was it lame. Some of the creativity on display included a “Roman Reigns” a “Seth Rollins” and a “Bayley” sign (that was the entirety of the text on the signs). People aren’t even trying anymore.
  • Having been at Extreme Rules in the same building about a year ago, it was interesting to see how Reigns’ heat has died down. Although he certainly received an audible disdain from the crowd (as well as about 40% cheers), it was nothing like last year, which may have been the loudest most sustained booing I’ve ever heard.

Post Raw

Samoa Joe attacked Rollins for a bit until Rollins regained the edge and cleared Joe from the ring. Rollins got on the mic and talked about how his return was in the same building at Extreme Rules last year. He said he didn’t appreciate the love from the crowd at the time, but he does now and wanted to thank us.  We accepted his thanks. No pre-sale code or return date for a future Prudential Center show was announced.

Biggest Pops

  • Enzo and Cass (returning home to NJ)
  • Kurt Angle
  • Finn Balor
  • Hardy Boyz

Biggest Heat

  • Security for escorting the Beach Ball guy
  • Roman Reigns

Most Mixed Reaction

  • The Miz
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