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By Josh Coulson @BristolBeadz

Raw and SmackDown Live hopped across the pond and emanated from the UK this week, amidst their tour of the rest of Britain and Europe. It may have meant slightly lacklustre shows due to them being recorded to accommodate the time difference, but that certainly doesn’t mean it hasn’t had an affect on Kayfabe Today’s weekly power rankings, so let’s get to it.
10. Seth Rollins (DOWN 3)
Seth Rollins technically picked up a win on Monday night which explains why he hasn’t slipped out of the top 10 altogether. It wouldn’t have felt like a win though. His opponent, Samoa Joe, got himself disqualified and continued to beat Seth down after the match.
9. Natalya (NEW ENTRY)
A first ever appearance for Natalya on our Power Rankings. This week on SmackDown Live to leader of the welcoming committee picked up a (sort of) impressive win over Becky Lynch. While there may very well have been a lot of commotion going on outside the ring, it was a three count on the Lass Kicker for Nattie never the less.
8. Breezango (NEW ENTRY)
Breezango are the number on contenders to the SmackDown tag team championships and this week have reentered the Power Rankings. Not only are they providing some comic relief via their Fashion Files segments, this past week they defeated fellow Tuesday night tag team The Ascension. They’ll need to do more than that to impress their upcoming opponents The Usos though.
7. Kevin Owens (DOWN 2)
Kevin Owens picked up a win on SmackDown Live in London this week. The New Face of America teamed up with Jinder Mahal and Baron Corbin and the three of them managed to leave victorious. It was now Owens who sealed be deal for his trio though. So a win, but not a decisive win that he was entirely responsible for, so a light slip down the rankings this week.
6. Braun Strowman (DOWN 4)
Braun Strowman Raw
Braun Strowman somewhat unexpectedly made his presence known on Raw this week, with his arm in a sling to boot. That didn’t stop him accepting Kalisto’s challenge though and beginning an assault on him that may have sidelined him for a lot longer than the first time. Roman Reigns put a stop to that though, also unexpectedly appearing on Raw and coming to the aid of Kalisto, chasing off Braun.
5. Hideo Itami (NEW ENTRY)
This week’s NXT main event pitted Hideo Itami against Roderick Strong. The winner becoming number one contender to Bobby Roode’s NXT Championship. The match really could have gone either way considering the build to it plus the match itself. It was Itami who emerged victorious though, finishing Strong off with a GTS. So the main event for NXT Takeover Chicago, Bobby Roode versus Hideo Itami.
4. Sheamus and Cesaro (NEW ENTRY)
The award for longest match of the week goes to Raw’s Tag Team Turmoil. It was worth it though. Sheamus and Cesaro valiantly battled their way through the entire tag division, apart from the champions of course, to ensure that they will once again be the ones going after The Hardyz championships. Even a spirited effort from a rejuvenated Golden Truth couldn’t stop the European pairing on their home continent.
3. Bray Wyatt (NON MOVER)
Bray Wyatt continues to put in good performances and make an impact on Raw, this week defeating intercontinental champion and co Raw GM for the evening, Dean Ambrose. He remains in third place however as The Eater of Worlds lacking any direction. Does he want the title? Does he want Finn? It’s all pretty unclear. Time to put these solid performances to better use.
2. Jinder Mahal (UP 2)
I hate to admit it, but Jinder Mahal may be starting to convince me that he may just win that WWE championship at Backlash. The six man tag I mentioned earlier? It was Jinder who picked up the win for his threesome, slamming WWE champion Randy Orton to the mat for the 1-2-3. This after a win over Sami Zayn last week, The Maharaja is really starting to gain some momentum.
1. Alexa Bliss (NON MOVER)
The Raw women’s champion Alexa Bliss continues to shine on her new home of Monday night’s. This week Five Feet of Fury formed an allegiance with Nia Jax which is surely only going to continue her reign atop our rankings. Bliss renewed her rivalry with Mickie James on Raw this week and racked up another win for herself in the process. Then new friend Nia ensured that nothing bad happened post match, squashing Bayley who had accompanied James to the ring.
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