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By Andrew Sparling @onlymarcspector

Match 1 Aleister Black vs Cezar Bononi

Aleister Black, the man with the most amazing entrance in NXT right now comes to the ring and with his patent indian style seat in the center of the squared circle, takes an eerie control of FullSail and everyone in it. Black gets the first strike, a kick to Bononi’s face sending him out of the ring. Then with a springboard backflip off the second rope, Black goes back to his seat in the center of the ring. Bononi comes back in and gets off quite a few clubbing blows and a dropkick but Black is barely phased as he attacks with a vicious knee to the face of Bononi. With a quick knee to the back and then a devastating Black Mass gives Black the pin and the win. I hope Bononi remembers his name after that one.

(Breaking News): Ember Moon suffered a grade one shoulder sprain last week from the attack by Asuka, and will need 4 to 5 weeks of recovery. This means that she will not be in the Fatal 4 Way for the NXT women’s Championship at TakeOver Chicago. It is now a triple threat match ( Asuka vs Ruby Riot vs Nikki Cross)

Before the action in the ring continues we get to see a few things. First a brief explanation from Ember Moon on her not being in the Fatal 4 Way. Then we get a quick look at Pete Dunne, the man who will face WWE UK Champion Tyler Bate at TakeOver Chicago. After that a piece on who Ruby Riot really is and the interview gone wrong with Nikki Cross (or should i say gone Cross).

D.I.Y. is in the ring when we come back from a mini commercial to address the NXT Universe about them wanting a fair one on one rematch for the tag team championships, until they are interrupted by Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss who say they are next in line. D.I.Y. attack them with a double clothesline sending them out of the ring. Now with a ref in the ring we have our next match of the night.

Match 2 D.I.Y. vs Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss

The match starts with Tommaso Ciampa and Riddick Moss attacking each other with authority. A fall away slam from Moss slows down Ciampa and causes him to get stuck in the corner of Moss and Sabbatelli to suffer a double team attack. With Ciampa getting a beat down Gargano tries his best to get the tag to save his partner. Double team after double team Ciampa looks like he’s gonna lose the match until he pulls a suplex on Sabbatelli out of nowhere allowing him to get the tag to Gargano. With the crowd behind him Johnny Wrestling gains control of the match over Moss quickly. A leaping neck breaker and a spear through the ropes gives D.I.Y. some momentum. With Moss and Sabbatelli both on the outside Gargano flies through the ropes taking out Moss and Ciampa gives a diving knee to Sabbatelli. Gargano sends Moss back into the ring giving him a double knee in the corner. Then a double kick to Moss in the middle of the ring gives Ciampa the pin. After the match Mr. Regal comes out to announce D.I.Y. vs A.O.P. at TakeOver but is interrupted by Paul Ellering and The A.O.P., so Mr. Regal reveals that the match at Takeover for the Tag Team Championships will be D.I.Y. vs A.O.P. in a ladder match.

Match 3 Roderick Strong vs Hideo Itami

Our main event for the #1 contendership gets under way with both men staring each other down as they enter the ring. A lot of the same moves on each other causes a stalemate at first. With a headlock Itami gets control until Strong gets loose and they both throw kicks and punches but neither connect. Itami tries an early Go To Sleep but Strong escapes quickly and gains his composure on the outside of the ring. With Itami connecting with hard elbows and kicks to the chest of Strong he gains control of the match. Itami connects with a back elbow and tries a pin but only gets a one count. Tossing Strong to the corner Itami comes in with forearms to the body. Strong blocks a suplex then reverses it throwing Itami onto the ropes stomach first, then comes back with strikes and a hard back breaker. Strong works on the arm of Itami for a few, then with a pumphandle backbreaker goes for another pin but can’t get the full 3 so he goes to work on the arm again. Strong gets off a kick from the corner and a huge double leg drop kick. At this point of the match it doesn’t look good for Itami. Even though he’s dazed Itami still refuses to give up to anything Strong throws at him. With a jump off the apron Strong catches him then throws him back first back on the apron with force. Strong pretty much controls most of the match with a lot of submission holds. Itami lands many, many hard strikes all over Strong. Back and forth they go toe to toe, move for move. Working on the back with backbreaker after backbreaker Strong tries to weaken Itami from kicking out of his pin attempts. With so many close calls the crowd starts to get involved. Itami gets off a shotgun dropkick to Strong in the corner massively dazing him. At this point Itami gets cocky pulling down his knee pad hoping for his finishing move. With Strong pulling himself up using Itami he’s just too out of it so he receives the anticipated Go To Sleep. Itami will face Bobby Roode for the NXT Championship at TakeOver Chicago.

With an amazing main event, this week was kind of slow. Only 3 matches tonight but all 3 were matches to watch for sure. Until next week!

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