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By The Real DC (@TheNotFakeDC)

If you go back on the WWE Network and watch Wrestlemania I, it’s amazing how many wrestlers DIDN’T have entrance music (not so coincidentally this was the same year, 1985, that WWE music legend Jim Johnston came aboard).  Today you could argue we’re at the opposite parallel, where even “sneak” attacks are announced to the world by the opening notes of a wrestler’s theme. So what are the best 12 entrance themes of all time in the WWE? What songs are not only excellent musically but also capture the persona of the performer they represent? Hit the music…

12. Kurt Angle/Shinsuke Nakamura – On it’s own, Kurt Angle’s “Medal” isn’t the most striking or unique tune WWE has ever pumped out (I’m sure his recent return is triggering my nostalgia a bit here too). Where it scores though is in the sing along department. Whether purposeful or not, the perfect 2 note interlude allows for the still popular “You Suck” chant. Fast forward to Shinsuke Nakamura’s “Rising Son”, (I’d argue this is a richer, less generic sounding song), which builds on Angle’s legacy of crowd participation (and adds a violin too!). Since Nakamura is a relative newcomer to WWE we’ll leave him at 12 for now…give him a few big ‘Mania entrances and he can easily rise up the list.

11. Mr. McMahon – as the first ominous strains hit you know something bad’s about to go down. Someone is about to get screwed over and suffice it to say, that someone has no chance…no chance in hell.

10. Ultimate Warrior – Before Mojo Rawley was even diagnosed with ADHD, the Ultimate Warrior was getting and staying Hyped to this high-charged, manic 80’s classic.

9. Jake the Snake Roberts – When you hear the synth keyboard of Jake’s music, how can you not also hear Gorilla Monsoon’s voice? Ominous, brooding, a bit mysterious, perhaps even serpentine.

8. Razor Ramon – Much better automotive opening sound than his NWO buddy Diesel. Razor’s slow, cool Cubano saunter to the ring perfectly matched the pacing/style of his theme.

7. DX – WWE’s answer to the late 90’s rap-rock phenomenon, the Chris Warren Band pumped out a few of the best themes of the attitude era, none more iconic than this anti-authority classic. Fun Fact: Twenty years later I just noticed that Richard Nixon is in the Titantron video for DX.

6. Mr. Perfect – Before Bobby Roode, the original glorious entrance belonged to Mr. Perfect.

5. Triple H – Motorhead’s “The Game” is the perfect badass song that suits Haitch, whether he’s toeing the heel or face line. A song you can actually listen to outside of the context of wrestling. Lemmy’s work endures to a new generation and fanbase.

4. Evil Doink – Circus clown music = lame…Circus Clown Music quickly interrupted by dark overtones and the sinister laughs of Doink the Clown = brilliant! Suppose it would make an excellent ringtone for your ex too.

3. Demolition – “Here comes the Ax. Here comes the Axer. The Demolition. Walking Disaster.” Some might argue that Demolition were a LOD rip off, but I would argue that in the entrance department, Demolition was the innovators. We’re talking Motley Crue vs Stryper here folks.

2. Stone Cold Steve Austin – Glass shatters…someone’s getting an ass-whuppin’

1. Hulk Hogan (Real American) – If you grew up watching WWE in the 80’s then you were probably tired of hearing this at the close of every PPV. But, how can you not root for a guy who fights for the rights of EVERY man (even after “it” has come crashing down and “it” hurts inside…maybe this is the “it” Jericho speaks of)? If you don’t love this song, well my friend you don’t love America, and I’d kindly ask you to get the hell out.

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