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By Josh Coulson @BristolBeadz

This week featured the supposedly Raw exclusive pay per view, WWE Payback. So you’d expect this week’s Kayfabe Today WWE Power Rankings to be Raw heavy. The cross over that’s been going on since the Superstar Shakeup however saw SmackDown Live have a presence on Sunday night, so this week’s rankings have remained relatively equal between Monday and Tuesday night. Plus an NXT name for good measure, and that’s where we’ll begin.
10. Asuka (NEW ENTRY)
This week’s NXT ended with a women’s battle royal to determine who would be the next challenger for Asuka’s Championship. Well with three competitors left, the champ appeared and wreaked havoc. The match was thrown into disarray and although it was a pretty stupid decision on Asuka’s part as it meant her next defence was made into a Fatal 4 Way, it was still a pretty impressive way to assert dominance over the entire women’s division in one fell swoop.
9. Chris Jericho (NEW ENTRY)
At Payback Chris Jericho had the opportunity to not only win back the United States Championship, but also get a few digs in against his best friend turned nemesis Kevin Owens. Well that he did. The pair put on a great opener at the PPV and Y2J won back the title and moved to SmackDown Live in the process. Of course it wasn’t the greatest week for Chris following Payback, but we’ll get to that.
8. The Miz (NEW ENTRY)
The Miz didn’t have a match at Payback, but the did have a big one on Raw. The A-Lister main evented Monday night in a triple threat against Seth Rollins and Finn Balor. The winner would earn a shot at the Intercontinental Championship, and Miz beat the odds and won. He did have helping hands from Samoa Joe and Bray Wyatt but still, he may be on his way to becoming a seven time IC champ.
7. Seth Rollins (UP 1)
Speaking of the triple threat, Seth of course did not win thanks to Samoa Joe. The Architect was ambushed by Joe for what he did the night at Payback, and that was defeat The Destroyer. It’s that impressive victory that has seen Rollins creep ever so slightly up this list, but ironically also what stopped him winning the triple threat the following night that would have seen him travel even further up our Power Rankings.
6. The Hardy Boyz (DOWN 1)
The Hardy Boyz may have successfully defended there Raw tag team title at Payback on Sunday, but that wasn’t enough to stop them slightly slipping up in the rankings this week. Matt and Jeff thought Sheamus and Cesaro still had the utmost respect for them, they were wrong. Their defeated opponents returned to the ring post match, delivering a pretty brutal beat down to the champs.
5. Kevin Owens (NEW ENTRY)
As we already covered, Chris Jericho defeated Kevin Owens at Payback to take his United States title. It was KO who had the last laugh though. Owens got the chance to win his title match on the ensuing SmackDown Live and not only did he win back his belt, he made sure Y2J won’t be coming back for it any time soon. The Prizefighter unleashed a violent beating on the champ post match, eliminating Jericho and sending a message to his first challenger, AJ Styles.
4. Jinder Mahal (NON MOVER)
Jinder Mahal may not have had a match at Payback and he may not be who you want as number one contender to the WWE championship. However he still continued to impress this week. He and the Singh Brothers made sure that Randy Orton didn’t win his match with Bray Wyatt on Sunday night, attacking The Viper with the stolen WWE title. Then Mahal furthered a great week with a win over Sami Zayn on SmackDown Live. Again with an assist but a big win nonetheless.
3. Bray Wyatt (NON MOVER)
At Payback Bray Wyatt put an exclamation mark on his time with SmackDown Live by defeating Randy Orton in a House of Horrors match. He then wasted no time at all in continuing to assert his dominance over most of the top talents on his new home on Raw. He warned Raw GM Kurt Angle of his intentions in a round about way then carried out some of those said intentions before the night was out. Bray appeared at the climax of Monday night’s main event, attacking Finn Balor and opening the door for The Miz to win the match and the number one contendership.
2. Braun Strowman (NON MOVER)
Braun Strowman came oh so close to returning to the top of the Kayfabe Today Power Rankings this week. The Monster Among Men did not hold back on an injured Roman Reigns at Payback and destroyed The Big Dog in order to pick up a marquee win. After the match however Braun went back for more and paid for it as Reigns used the ambulance door to fend off Strowman, injuring him and putting him out of action meaning that Sunday night was the last time we saw either man.
1. Alexa Bliss (UP 5)
Last WWE Alexa Bliss was running away from her opponents. This week she was doing no such thing. At Payback on Sunday night Bliss defeated Bayley in The Hugger’s home town to become the first woman to hold both the Raw and SmackDown women’s championships. Then on Raw the following night she not only opened the show with a strong promo, but also picked up a second pinfall over Bayley in as many nights as Alexa covered her to win an 8 woman tag match.
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