The Preview, 4FW Present’s Global Takeover 2017, 13th Anniversary Show

By Ciaran James @TheCiaranJames

4FW Heavyweight Title Match – Tiger Ali © Vs JD Knight *Update* This is now a Ladder Match

If ever there was an opportunity for JD Knight to capture the 4FW Title, this coming Saturday is that opportunity. For the past year JD has been on the fringes of the title scene, whenever he’s come close the chance has been taken away from him. Tiger Ali with or without the Kings at ringside is a formidable champion, having controlled the main event scene for the past two years he is more than ready for this challenge. Since his defeat at the hands of Omega in January, Ali has built his momentum back up with a string of premier performances, most notably against Luke Phoenix. JD needs this win, with Saint putting in solid performance and Mark Haskins returning the competition is never been hotter. For Tiger this is just another challenger, he’s been here before and he knows the drill, the MECA has become his home ground, with confidence and skill brimming he’s more than ready.

International Junior Heavyweight Match – Mark Haskins Vs Low Ki

This contest alone is worth the price of admission, featuring the debut on Low Ki in Swindon and the return of Mark Haskins to 4FW, the bar is set for something really special. It’s been a year since Haskins wrestled at Swindon MECA, since he dropped all his titles and stepped away from the business. After returning at Progress earlier this year Mark quickly announced his return to 4FW, I at first presumed he may face new Junior Heavyweight Champion Bubblegum, however that would not be the case. 4FW waited and finally they announced that new Impact X-Division Champion and independent wrestling legend Low Ki was coming to 4FW, there is no better opponent for Haskins that the One World Warrior. For Haskins this match represents a challenge, only 5 days after he will be the challenger for the 4FW Title at the Oxford Mega Show on 12/5, he will no doubt want prove he is more than ready.

4FW Tag Team Title MatchThe Kings (RJ Singh & Rishi Ghosh) © Vs The Hunter Brothers *Update* Special Stipulation will be added on the evening

The Kings have been champions since July 16’, however the lack of challengers have made their reign more than forgettable, hopefully with the Hunters back and fighting fit the tag division can hopefully thrive. With the Kings as champions this should no doubt prove to be one of the most entertaining matches of the evening, the more the hostile the better they perform, therefore the Hunter Brothers should be firm fan favourites. Jim & Lee Hunter will also be looking for revenge, as the Kings did not exactly play fair last time the teams met, I’m sure this time Tiger Ali will not be patrolling ringside. With 4FW’s lack of tag teams this contest is up in the air, the division is not focused on too much on the smaller shows so therefore it doesn’t really matter. This contest however is sure to be one to remember.

The Saint Vs MVP *Update*

It is with deep regret that due to circumstances beyond 4FW’s control, MVP will no longer be appearing for 4FW this Saturday 6th May in Swindon. 4FW was contacted and informed earlier this afternoon and tried to find a solution but one could not be found. MVP has assured 4FW that he will appear for the company at a time TBC in 2017
Dave Mastiff w/Lord Gideon Vs Saime Sahin

The journey of revenge for Saime Sahin continues, since last October the beloved former champion has been on hunt for Doug Williams, who viciously turned on him. In the months since Lord Gideon Grey has become the spokesperson for the British Ambassador of Wrestling, and he has placed a series of opponents against Saime. Gideon’s most recent selection is the Black Countries own Dave Mastiff, he was last seen taking on Dick Togo as Kingdom Rising in October. Saime who was dominated by The Saint in January really needs a win this weekend, but with Gideon at ringside this match should again prove difficult for Sahin, If the inevitable meeting between Saime and Doug does happen, this match more than any other will prove to be a turning point in this long winding feud.

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