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By Josh Coulson @BristolBeadz

There was only one thing we knew for definite going into this week’s Raw. That Braun Strowman and Kalisto would clash in a Dumpster Match. Last week the luchador was unceremoniously thrown in the garbage by Braun for no reason at all. Would he suffer the same fate this week or did Roman Reigns make a triumphant return and come to Kalisto’s aid? That match alone wasn’t going to fill three hours’ worth of TV though and there was plenty more than this David and Goliath bout on Monday night.

It seems like every wrestler nowadays has their own talk show segment. Well, at least the three men who opened Raw this week do. We began with Jericho’s Highlight Reel, then Miz switched up to Miz TV before Dean decided to mark the return of The Ambrose Asylum. The segment ended with an image that is becoming far too coming for Miz’s liking that is The Hollywood A-Lister eating canvas via a Dirty Deeds. And to add insult to injury Y2J added Miz’s wife Maryse to The List simply for being married to him. Possibly the most warranted addition to the list to date.

Last week we saw Jeff Hardy versus Cesaro, so naturally this week it was Matt Hardy up against Sheamus. While I’m still enjoying the return to WWE of the Hardy Boyz, like many others I’m sure I’m waiting to see when and how Matt once again becomes broken, because I’ve convinced myself that it’s coming. Well it wasn’t this week. Matt did keep him and his brother’s hot streak going though as he defeated The Celtic Warrior. The involvement of the opponent’s partners almost caused the mutual respect between the teams post-match, but surprisingly Sheamus kept the cooler head and made sure all parties shook hands and remained respectful heading into their title match at Payback this Sunday.

Whenever TJ Perkins has been submitting to his dark side as of late, I can’t help but picture Cruiserweight Champion Neville sitting on his shoulder telling him what to do. Well this week on Raw these was a much more real manifestation of that as the champ and TJP tagged together to take on Austin Aries and Jack Gallagher. Well the matter of the two teams made quite the formidable pairing. While Neville and his new protégé have been continually getting the better of Aries this week on Raw it was not the case as A-Double nailed Perkins with the Discus Fivearm to pick up the win.

It’s Dumpster Match time! I can’t pinpoint exactly when Braun Strowman became the best bit of Raw each week, but right now he most certainly is. A little bit of an unexpected twist in this one. Well a couple actually. First of all there was no sight of Roman Reigns. Secondly and most shockingly, Kalisto defeated The Monster Among Men. While on the apron the former Lucha Dragon dropkicked Braun in the ankles leaving him stood in the dumpster. It may have been a win for Kalisto but that didn’t mean it wasn’t the biggest mistake he’s ever made. A now irate Strowman took to dismantling the man who had just embarrassed him. Kalisto wound up in the dumpster eventually as Strowman wheels it up the ramp with the victor inside and shoved it off the stage.

Has Alicia Fox finished dating the 205 Live roster and returned to the ring? Well if Raw was anything to go by it would certainly seem so. The Foxy One found herself across the ring from Dana Brooke on Monday night. Well maybe Alicia should stick to dating. Dana defeated Fox in extremely short order. Following the match Emma climbed into the ring, hugged Brooke, then left. Clearly her opinion of Dana has changed slightly following her dominant win this week.

We were due for some six man tag action next and despite Anderson, Gallows and Samoa Joe’s best efforts, we go it. The trio were due to face Enzo, Cass and Seth Rollins but jumped the first of those two before that match began, leaving Amore unable to compete. That plan majorly backfired however as Raw General Manager replaced the injured Enzo with Finn Balor. No offence to the New Jersey native but that’s a pretty major upgrade. As soon as Finn was added to Seth and Cass’s ranks it was never really in doubt who would be winning the bout. Seth went to finish the match with a pedigree before realising that wasn’t a move he wanted as a part of his arsenal anymore. Instead he hit his new, as yet unnamed, finishing manoeuvre to pick up the win.

Every week Alexa Bliss just seems to get better and better. On Sunday at Payback she will face Bayley for the Raw Women’s Championship and there may not be a better heel versus babyface pairing on the card. The champion and the challenger met in the ring on Monday night for a war of words but as always Sasha Banks came to the side of Bayley to intervene. The Boss clearly wasn’t over being pinned by Bliss last week and wasn’t going to leave until she got a one on one with the number one contender. Well she did, and she won, but it wouldn’t have been what she was hoping for. Not long into the match Alexa quickly realised she should probably be conserving her energy for Payback on Sunday so left the ring leaving Banks to win via count out. Bayley attempted to drag Bliss back but failed, only for the former SmackDown Live women’s champ to make a quick return and blindside Bayley. Message well and truly sent six days ahead of their title bout.

I imagine Curt Hawkins hoped and prayed that he would be getting a makeover when he was traded to Raw during the Superstar Shakeup. Well if he was, consider those prayers well and truly unanswered. His match did last a little longer than usual on Raw this week but it was still a loss in pretty quick fashion. Oddly enough it was against another man who will be hoping being shaken up will provide a much needed shot to the arm of his career, Apollo Crews. Following Crews’ victory Titus O Neil rushed to the ring to congratulate in a continued attempt to recruit him to the Titus Brand.

The night’s main event came about following the opening segment of the night. Ambrose and Jericho decided to make a go of it now that they find themselves back on the same show and buried any ill will they had towards each other. So the two of them teamed up to take on The Miz and a partner of his choosing. Well despite Miz’s bragging come match time, his supposed partner was a no show. Which meant The A Lister had to go it alone. Naturally he struggled. One thing led to another and Miz wound up about to be sent head first through the announcer’s table. That’s when his partner decided to show, and it wasn’t who you might have expected. Bray Wyatt emerged from the back and sent Ambrose into the LED board via a Sister Abigail. Then he and Miz orchestrated a 2 on 1 beat down to Y2J. I’m still not convinced that was who Miz was expecting as his partner though as Wyatt ended the night by sending the man he had just rescued down the same avenue as Dean and Chris. Between these guys and Finn Balor it would appear that Bray wants beef with everyone on Raw by the time he arrives permanently next week.

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