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By Josh Coulson @BristolBeadz
WrestleMania season has passed. The Superstar Shakeup is done. It’s well and truly time for things in WWE to settle down. This week’s Kayfabe Today WWE Power Rankings features more Superstars from the previous week’s top 10 than ever before. Clearly following the Shakeup WWE has decided exactly who will be front and centre for the near future. That being said, let’s find out who those five are and which five have joined them this week.
10. Primo and Epico (NEW ENTRY)
The Shining Stars. The Colons. Not too sure what we’re supposed to refer to them as at the moment but whatever they’re called, they’ve certainly made an impact since arriving on SmackDown Live. Last week they left American Alpha laying after a sneak attack and this week they followed up. The Puerto Ricans had to face Jordan and Gable in a match and proved they didn’t need to sneak up on AA in order to embarrass them.
9. TJ Perkins (DOWN 1)
TJ Perkins is not relenting when it comes to his new outlook on life. With Neville in his ear we’re seeing a much more unforgiving TJP. On Raw this week the CWC winner defeated Jack Gallagher for the second time in less than a week. On 205 Live he didn’t fare so well on his rematch with Austin Aries. Following the loss Neville arrived to beat down A-Double and Perkins had no problem joining his new found ally.
8. Nia Jax (DOWN 4)
Last week on Raw Nia Jax made a statement. She defeated a departing Charlotte and then laid waste to the rest of the women’s roster. This week she continued her dominance in a number one contender fatal four way, but she was outsmarted. After nailing Sasha Banks with a Samoan Drop new Raw recruit Alexa Bliss knocked Nia aside and pounced on Banks to pick up the win. More on that later…
7. The Hardy Boyz (DOWN 2)
Matt and Jeff have not put a foot wrong inside the ring since their return to WWE. This week though it was up to Jeff alone to carry on their successful start. The tag champ had to take on the Swiss half of Sheamus and Cesaro in the continued build to when the teams clash for the titles at Payback. A solid match which saw Jeff Hardy leave with the win.
6. Tye Dillinger (NEW ENTRY)
The Perfect 10 may be property of SmackDown Live now, but he still had a little business to take care of back on NXT this week. On the show’s main event Dillinger bowed out by battling his fierce foe Eric Young inside a steel cage. Sanity of course could not keep away and once Ohno and Strong joined them chaos ensued. Tye dived from the top of the cage into the ring to flatten all three Sanity members before escaping the cage to pick up the win.
5. Charlotte Flair (NEW ENTRY)
Charlotte to SmackDown Live may very well be the biggest acquisition of the whole Shakeup. So quite rightfully Flair came to the ring on Tuesday and demanded a shot at Naomi’s title. Perhaps more rightfully Shane McMahon declared that she would have to earn it, and that she did. Later that night Charlotte defeated the champ to earn a title shot on next week’s show. The rest of the SmackDown women are watching very closely though.
4. Jinder Mahal (NEW ENTRY)
Well who saw this one coming. Jinder Mahal is the number one contender to the WWE championship. The whole situation is very confusing but there’s no question that someone who had a week like Mahal deserves a place in this top 10. He may have had a helping hand from The Bollywood Boys but nevertheless, at Backlash it will be Jinder competing for the grandest prize in WWE. A sharp turn in fortune for the former 3MB star.
3. AJ Styles (NON MOVER)
Last week AJ earned himself a shot at whoever emerges from Payback as the United States champion. This week he proved to Corbin once again exactly why it’s him and not Baron who deserves that shot. The SmackDown Live main event pitted the pair against each other and while Styles didn’t get a pinfall win, he was still victorious. The two were scuffling at ringside and The Phenomenal One dumped Baron over the barricade before dashing back to the ring to beat the ref’s count and win by count out.
2. Alexa Bliss (NEW ENTRY) 
The only thing that would have been better about Charlotte going to SmackDown Live is if Alexa Bliss was still there. Instead 5 Feet of Fury is making her mark on Monday night’s. As touched upon a few entries ago the former SmackDown women’s champion is now number one contender to Bayley’s crown. A drop kick to Nia Jax sent her tumbling from the ring so that Bliss could feed on the scraps that she created. Perfect work from Alexa and I can’t wait to see her face off against Bayley.
1. Braun Strowman (NON MOVER)
For the first time ever in Kayfabe Today WWE Power Rankings history, we have a wrestler who has held on to the number one spot for two weeks in a row. The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman. After sending Roman packing Braun was looking to continue his path of destruction. Kalisto and Golden Truth were on the wrong end of Braun’s rampage before he was stopped short by Big Show. Show may regret that decision now though. The two behemoths clashed in Raw’s main event in a match that failed to finish once a Superplex led to the ring collapsing. It was Strowman who stood tall for Raw’s close though over a still prone Big Show.
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