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By Luke Dorsch @Luke_Dorsch

The Best Wrestling in the United States returns this Friday on April 21, 2017 to the American Legion Post #308 in lovely Reseda, California for Pro Wrestling Guerilla’s next show entitled Game Over, Man and much like every show the promotions has held as of late it looks to be a fun and outstanding night of professional wrestling. Of course, the venue is SOLD OUT as is the norm for PWG events so if like myself, you will not be able to make the live event, and unfortunately we’ll have to wait several weeks for the DVD/Blu-Ray to be released to witness all the action. Due to the DVD release schedule it sometimes makes it difficult to keep on the current events of PWG, but luckily I will be doing a brief preview of what we can look to expect this Friday night.

Game Over, Man will be the third show of 2017 for Pro Wrestling Guerilla preceded by Only Kings Understand Each Other and Nice Boys (Don’t Play, Rock N Roll) ; back on February 18th there were some interesting things to take away from “Only Kings”, the biggest being the heel turn of PWG World Champion Zack Sabre, Jr and the reunification of the Leaders of the New School (LDRS 2000) which is the tag team consisting of the aforementioned ZSJ and the winner of the 2016 Battle of Los Angles “The Villain” Marty Scurll. This happened because ZSJ (who up to this point has been pretty “over” in Reseda) took on arguably the most beloved wrestler in PWG “The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor who picked up a #1 contender spot by defeating former PWG Champion Adam Cole back in December 2016 at Mystery Vortex. It was good little match and the crowd were 1000% behind Chuck Taylor, and when we saw him land the “Awful Waffle” everyone (including me) was hoping to hear a three count…but alas, it was not to be, as the champion would recover and eventually trap Taylor in a triangle choke which would seal his fate. After the contest was concluded ZSJ was receiving a plethora of boo’s and taunts which prompted former partner and opponent Marty Scurll to come to the ring to let the PWG faithful know ZSJ is the best technical wrestler in the world and he is the PWG champion for a reason, and that if the fans didn’t appreciate him anymore, then they essentially didn’t need the fans anymore either. A beat down of Sexy Chuckie T ensued, and thankfully his partner and “Best Friend” Trent? Came to the ring to make the save. Earlier that night, we were treated to the continuing ascension of the “Chosen Bros” Matt Riddle and Jeff Cobb who went over one of the staples of the PWG Tag Team Division, The Unbreakable F’N Machines (Brian Cage & Michael Elgin) in a fun and hard hitting tag match in addition to defeating The Young Bucks clean in a non-title match back in December.

All of this set up the next show Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock N Roll) which was held on March 18th (DVD tentatively to be released on 4/27/2017) and this show delivered as well as its predecessors. With the reformation of the LDRS 2000, a tag team grudge match was set with the LDRS taking on former DDT4 winners “Best Friends” which was a hard hitting back and forth match but as they are known to do the Best Friends prevailed that night when Trent pinned Marty, but unfortunately that would not be the end of the night for one of the Best Friends as Chuckie T got beat down after the match and just destroyed by being put thru several set up chairs in the ring; in addition to that the Tag Titles were on the line as the long-time champions Nick and Matt Jackson put the belts on the line in a Tag Team 3 way match against Ricochet & Matt Sydal, and Rey Fenix & Penta El Zero M and from what I saw that night it was indeed a real deal five star match. Plus, there has been a recent influx of new talent to grace the halls of the American Legion Post 308 notably; Lio Rush, Keith Lee, Jay White, and OI4K.

This brings us to Friday night and Game Over, Man which is looking like it’s going to be one hell of a show. In the main event we’re treated to a “Reseda Street Fight” with Marty Scurll facing Chuck Taylor plus we have the recently un-retired Japanese legend Dick Togo making his return to Pro Wrestling Guerilla and competing in another Non-Title Match with the promotions current champion (first time was a non-title match w/ then champion El Generico at PWG Fear in 2011) the bad guy Zack Sabre, Jr. Making their debut in PWG are the current IWGP Tag Team Champions Hanson and Rowe “War Machine” going up against their Ring of Honor and New Japan rivals The Young Bucks. “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin will be set to square off w/ former Progress Wrestling Champion Mark Haskins, former PWG and 3 time Ring of Honor Champion Adam Cole has the unfortunate task of facing Matt Riddle which just has fun written all over it, Riddle’s Tag Partner Jeff Cobb will be facing Keith Lee in his second PWG appearance, and 1 ½ of the current PWG Tag Team Champions Rey Fenix squares off with “The Man of the Hour” Lio Rush. Top to bottom on paper this card is great and I for one can’t wait for this one.

Full Results from Only Kings Understand Each Other

  1. Trevor Lee def Cody Rhodes
  2. Trent? def Rey Fenix
  3. Chosen Bros def Unbreakable F’n Machines
  4. Ricochet def Lio Rush
  5. Marty Scurll def Jay White
  6. SuperKliq (Cole & Bucks) def OI4K (Sami Callihan, Dave & Jake Crist)
  7. Zack Sabre, Jr def Chuck Taylor

Full Results from Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock N Roll)

  1. Brian Cage def Sami Callihan and Keith Lee
  2. Chosen Bros def OI4K
  3. Lio Rush def Trevor Lee
  4. Shane Strickland def Dezmond Xavier
  5. Best Friends def LDRS 2000
  6. PWG Tag Team Championship – Penta El 0M and Rey Fenix def The Young Bucks, and Ricochet & Matt Sydal
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