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By Josh Coulson  @BristolBeadz

Last week’s Raw, and SmackDown Live for that matter, was somewhat of a chaotic one. Superstars being traded between the two shows meant the focus last week was who had landed where. Well this week the Superstar shake up is behind us and now it’s time to find out what fresh match ups we’ll be treated to first. On top of that there are still plenty of issues between some familiar faces on Raw that will undoubtedly be furthered tonight.
Let’s stick with the new faces to begin with though, in particular the ones in Raw’s women’s division. Just as it looked like that Sasha vs Bayley match we’ve all been waiting for was about to be booked, enter Alexa Bliss and then Mickie James. Although the two will have Raw women’s title aspirations, they may have to get in line behind Nia Jax. Nia has the tenure on Raw and demonstrated that by laying waste to her competition, champion included, last week.
Speaking of monsters destroying their competition, what lies in wait for Braun Strowman this week? The former strong man subjected Roman Reigns to one of the most devastating beat down we’ve ever seen. Safe to say The Big Dog won’t have recovered enough to be on Raw tonight (although it is Roman, so you never know). Strowman most definitely will be though and with Reigns sidelined and Lesnar away, he’s going to need to find something or someone else to occupy his time.
Seth Rollins has slain the King. Triple H was nowhere to be seen on Raw last week, or the week before, and he probably won’t be around for a while. Well that’s probably good for Seth as it seems he now has his hands fall with Hunter’s lackey Samoa Joe. I imagine the two are destined for a match up at Payback and tonight their feud will be furthered.
And those are just the headlines! As well as everything above we’ve got Ambrose and Miz’s rivalry spilling over on to Raw now that the two have been shaken up. Will Bray Wyatt make his presence known and put the fear of Sister Abigail into any one else on the Raw roster? Make sure you keep an eye out for The Drifter, Elias Samson as well. Plus most importantly of course, there will very likely be a pretty missable Easter based segment what with it being the holidays, most likely led by Titus O Neil.
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