UCW 10th Anniversary Mega Show Preview and Predictions

By Lewis Carlan @PWSoth

On April 29th, 2017 UCW Pro Wrestling will hold its huge 10 anniversary mega show in Halifax, Nova Scotia. This stacked card will take place at the Halifax Forum Civic Center in front of what should be a capacity crowd. There is expected to be more than 1000 people in attendance for this show. This will be the biggest show of the year for the Maritimes professional wrestling scene. The show has an incredible line up of potentially great match ups with huge stars of professional wrestling. Let’s get onto the preview and predictions.

Main Event: Markus Burke (C) vs. JP Simms for the UCW Heavyweight Championship

In a much anticipated match up, UCW Heavyweight Champion Markus Burke will put his title on the line against #1 contender JP Simms in a battle of two of the top Maritimes stars. Markus Burke is one of the best professional wrestlers right now not signed to a major company and JP Simms is not far behind him. This is going to be an incredible main event as both of these guys can perform and perform very well. JP Simms won a fatal four way match on a previous show to set up this collision course between the two. As much as I love my guy JP, I have to go with Markus to retain.

Prediction – Markus Burke retains the UCW Heavyweight Title.

Steve Arsenault vs. Brody Steele for the UCW Maritimes Heavyweight Championship

This will be a very interesting match as Steve Arsenault will be taking on the huge 7 ft, 320 pound Brody Steele to see who will be the first ever UCW Maritimes Heavyweight Champion. Arsenault is incredibly talented but Steele is a monster who destroys opponents. This match was made by GMDave Boyce to gain a bit of revenge after Arsenault attacked him after a match with Fantana. To add insult to injury, Boyce has appointed himself as a second referee stationed outside the ring. On paper this looks like a squash match when considering the size differences between Arsenault and Steele but it will be anything but that. Despite the Steele’s size advantage, I am picking Steve Arsenault to find a way to defeat Brody Steele and become the first UCW Maritimes Heavyweight Champion.

Prediction: Steve Arsenault becomes 1st UCW Maritimes Champion.

The Darkside Expresss (C) vs. Sabotage in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match for the UCW Tag Team Titles

These two teams have met in the past and have had some wars with each other. Both teams have great in ring chemistry with each other which has translated into a terrific feud. With the added dimensions of tables, ladders, and chairs this match is going to be filled with big spots. With the UCW tag titles hanging above the ring, I am picking Sabotage to come out on top and become the new UCW Tag Team champions.

Prediction: Sabotage wins the UCW Tag Team Titles.

Former WWE Star Ryback vs Riddick Stone

Wow. Just wow. That was exactly what I said to myself when it was announced that these two powerhouses would be meeting each other. I am almost certain you won’t see too many scientific holds in this match. I wonder if the Halifax Forum Civic Center will be able to contain the war these two are expected to have. This should be a great back and forth match with Ryback coming out on top. I would love to see Riddick Stone get a win here but I feel it’s highly unlikely. Stone will look great in defeat though.

Prediction: Ryback wins

Abyss vs. Titus

Another potentially great match up as IMPACT Wrestling’s Abyss takes on Maritimes star Titus. I have been a fan of Titus for quite some time now as I feel he has the potential to go far in the world of professional wrestling. Taking on the Abyss is a huge challenge for him and it will be a terrific match. You have to wonder which Abyss will show up – The Decay version or Abyss “classic”. The poster indicates it will be Abyss “classic” but you never know. Whichever one it is, this will be a fun and entertaining match. I am going to Titus to get the victory and stand tall.

Predicton – Titus wins.

Julien Young (C) vs. Marko Estrada vs. Chip Chambers for the UCW Jr Heavyweight Title

This match is going to feature some serious fast paced and high flying action. This triple threat match has show stealing potential written all over it. The crowd is in for a very entertaining encounter between these three with many big aerial manuevers. Julien Young, Marko Estrada, and Chip Chambers all have star potential but when the dust settles, Julien Young will retain.

Prediction: Julien Young retains his title.

ROH star Kelly Klein vs. Maddison Miles

This will be a very tough test for up and coming female sensation Maddison Miles. Kelly Klein is a beast and it will be very interesting to see if Miles is ready to hang with her. I will even say this may be the toughest test to date for Miles. As I do believe that Miles will put up a spirited fight and earn the respect of Klein, in the end she will tap out to Klein’s guillotine choke.

Prediction – Kelly Klein wins by submission

In addition to the main card above, there are 3 special VIP ticket holder matches:

Shane Stephens and Kirk Aube vs. Kickin’ & Stompin’ vs. Fantana & Super Astro vs. Dynamite Power to determine the #1 contender for the UCW Tag Team titles.

This should be another fun, fast paced match that the VIP ticket holders will enjoy.

Prediction – Fantana and Super Astro become # 1 Contenders for the UCW Tag Team Titles

A WWF legend returns as Team Bushwacker Luke takes on Team Kris Hicks

The fans should be in for a treat when Bushwacker Luke returns to action with his team of him and two mystery wrestlers as they take on Your Country Idol Kris Hicks’ team. Hicks team also consists of him and two mystery wrestlers.

Prediction: Team Bushwacker Luke wins

Cody Blayde vs. Michel vs The Answer vs.Charlie Windsor vs. Chris Cooke vs. Remi Petit in a 6 man Scramble match.

I don’t much about these new stars but I like the look of The Answer so that’s who I am going with.

Prediction – The Answer wins the Scramble match.

Overall this is going to be a fantastic show and quite possibly one of the best shows the Maritimes has ever put together. While I am Toronto, I do hope very much that this show somehow gets on IPPV or as a live stream on Facebook. One thing is certain, the Maritimes fans are in for an incredible night of professional wrestling.

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