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By Josh Coulson @BristolBeadz

This week WWE under went a Superstar Shake Up, and subsequently so has Kayfabe Today’s weekly WWE power rankings. Performers from Raw have moved to SmackDown Live and vice versa and in doing so have attempted to make a name for themselves on their new home. Some have succeeded while others haven’t and here’s who we think have made the biggest impact during Shake Up week.
10. The Revival (NEW ENTRY)
It’s always a little nerve racking when an act makes the move from NXT to Raw or SmackDown Live. So far so good for The Revival. Two consecutive matches on their first two Raws has seen them beat the New Day two times. The two time tag team champs now found themselves on SmackDown Live though so Dash and Dawson will need to find someone else to punish from next week onwards.
9. The Usos (NEW ENTRY)
The SmackDown Live tag team champions slipped out of our Power Rankings last week after they didn’t get the chance to defend their titles at WrestleMania 33. Well this week Jimmy and Jey returned to our screens and put on another solid match against American Alpha. The twins continue to prove that they’re deserving champions and after defeating Jordan and Gable for a second time will be looking for new opponents.
8. TJ Perkins (NEW ENTRY)
We saw a side from TJ Perkins that we didn’t know existed this week. On Raw the cruiserweight champ got in TJP’s head and convinced him Austin Aries had been stealing his opportunities. Perkins picked up a win against Aries on Raw thanks to a distraction from Neville and added insult to injury by attacking A Double after the match. The CWC winner then continued his mean streak on 205 Live the following night with a vicious win over Jack Gallagher.
7. Shinsuke Nakamura (NEW ENTRY)
The King of Strong Style may not have had a match this week per se but he has certainly been busy. The ovation Nakamura received following his first appearance on SmackDown Live during WrestleMania weekend was incredible and carried on in to this week. On Tuesday night we head Shinsuke’s first words since being called up and his charisma is already plain for all to see for those who aren’t already familiar with him. On top of that the former New Japan star bid an emotional goodbye to the crowd at Full Sail on this week’s NXT.
6. Bray Wyatt (NEW ENTRY)
Many Superstars have been traded back and forth between Raw and SmackDown Live this week. However there is one man that it appears will be ever present, at least for the next few weeks, on both Monday and Tuesday night’s, Bray Wyatt. Maybe my favourite moment of the week was Bray warning Finn Balor that he’s on his way to Raw. However the night after The Eater of Worlds made sure to remind Randy Orton on SmackDown Live that he is very much still in his cross hairs.
5. The Hardy Boyz (DOWN 4)
Matt and Jeff Hardy are still our Raw tag team champions and they are still unbeaten. However they’ve fallen out of the lime light slightly and that is why they don’t warrant the number one spot this week. This Monday they sound themselves teaming with Sheamus and Cesaro in an 8 man tag match. The foursome defeated their opponents and thus kept up the aforementioned unbeaten run since the Hardyz return.
4. Nia Jax (NEW ENTRY)
Nia Jax being eliminated from the Raw women’s title match first at WrestleMania 33 saw her slip out of the Kayfabe Today Power Rankings. Well this week she beat Charlotte so bad that Baby Flair tucked her tail and mad for SmackDown Live. Then later in the night she laid waste to the majority of Raw’s female roster as it recruited some new faces. She may not be the safest worker in the ring right now but there’s no doubt that she was pretty dominant in the Raw women’s division this week.
3. AJ Styles (UP 4)
Last week The Phenomenal One made Shane McMahon look like a star and declared his desire to remain on SmackDown Live. This week we were relieved to discover that Styles will remain on the blue brand and that was not all. AJ headlined Tuesday night in a triple threat against Sami Zayn and Baron Corbin. A great match that Styles won and with it became the number one contender to Kevin Owens’ (or Chris Jericho’s) United States championship.
2. Dean Ambrose (NEW ENTRY)
The Ultimate Thrill Ride may have been last week, but Dean Ambrose has been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride himself this week. Turns out that over the weekend The Lunatic Fringe tied the knot win Renee Young. While the newlyweds may have been separated in the Superstar Shake Up, that’s where Ambrose’s woes came to an end. The intercontinental champ opened Raw by delivering a Dirty Deeds to The Miz then closed the show three hours later with an impressive win over United States champion Kevin Owens in the night’s main event.
1. Braun Strowman (NEW ENTRY)
Braun Strowman Raw
How can the Power Rankings number one spot go to anyone else other than Braun Strowman this week. Let’s hope Vince McMahon doesn’t read this as I imagine it’ll only make him even more infuriated than he already is. The Monster Among Men brutally attacked Roman Reigns on Raw this week, hospitalising the man who seemingly ended The Undertaker’s career. The highlight of the attacks was Braun tipping the ambulance thar a battered Roman was in on its side. It was clearly yet another attempt to make us the fans feel sympathy for Reigns and it was a real swing and a miss. Instead Strowman was turned into even more of a banyface than he already inadvertently is as in house fans chanted ‘you deserve it’ at an incapacitated Big Dog.
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