IMPACT Review for 04/13/2017 By Lewis Carlan

By Lewis Carlan @PWSoth

The main focus for this week’s edition of IMPACT wrestling was the 8 man tag team main event that will see Josh Mathews team of Bobby Lashley, Bram, Eli Drake, and Tyrus vs. Jeremy Borash’s team of Matt Morgan, Alberto El Patron, Chris Adonis, and Magnus. Another match scheduled for this week is Braxton Sutter and Allie vs. KM and Sienna. Also, after weeks of video packages, Fury will be Unleashed tonight. Let’s get to the review!

IMPACT opens with a recap of last week’s show. We then get an “earlier today” segment of the arrival of Braxton Sutter & Allie then KM & Sienna as their match is hyped.

 Match 1 – Reno Scum (Luster the Legend & Adam Thornstowe) vs. Garza Jr. & Laredo Kid vs. Decay (Crazzy Steve and Abyss)

The match got started with Laredo Kid and Thronstowe. Kid used his quickness and gained an early advantage over Thornstowe.  Garza was tagged in as was Luster and the two went at it exchanging offensive moves. Garza did eventually stop the match and gave us his “pull the pants off” gimmick. All three teams went back and forth for a good portion of the encounter. Laredo Kid hit a nice missile dropkick onto Abyss. Thornstowe hit a suicide dive to the outside onto a few of his opponents. With Garza Jr. hanging upside down in the corner, Luster lifted Crazzy Steve and Border Tossed him into Garza Jr. Reno Scum then performed the leap frog double stomp to the back of the head finisher on Crazzy Steve for the victory.

This is two weeks in a row that IMPACT has started with a wrestling match. I like this trend!!! Keep it up IMPACT! The match itself was very good with decent fast paced action. Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid continue to shine. Luster border tossing Crazzy Steve into Garza Jr. was a nice spot. I love Reno Scum’s finishing move. I am surprised this was not billed as a #1 contenders match for the tag titles. I guess we are to assume that Reno Scum are now the #1 contender’s for the tag team titles? I was hoping for a Laredo Kid and Garza Jr win as I really want to see them against LAX for the tag titles. I am sure they will be building up to that. As for Decay, what else is left for this team? Maybe they can bring back Basille Baraka and Baron Dax and give the fans the feud that we are all dreaming about. I hope you are laughing at that sarcasm attempt.

 Andrew Everett is backstage and being interviewed when he is interrupted for a second week in a row by Shane Helms and Trevor Lee. Everett says he has earned a title shot. Helms says he has not and indicates there will be a fatal four way match between Everett, Marshe Rockett, Suicide, and but before he can say the fourth name, Everett suggests that Helms be the fourth man. Helms initially says no but then injects himself into the match when Everett said Helms was scared.

We get a Lashley “Make IMPACT great” segment.

During the commercial break there was actually a commercial for ROH Wrestling in which they stated that ROH is the best wrestling on the planet. I watch IMPACT here in Canada on The Fight Network which is owned by the same company that owns IMPACT Wrestling. How it ever allowed an ROH Wrestling commercial claiming to be the best wrestling on the planet to air during IMPACT is beyond me. Yes, ROH is part of The Fight Network’s block of pro wrestling shows but IMPACT is the flagship show. Thought that was very strange.

 Bruce Prichard makes his way to the ring and announces he has the results of the fan poll to determine the #1 contender for the IMPACT World title held by Lashley. Fans were able to choose between James Storm, EC3, and Matt Morgan. Prichard reads that the winner of the poll is James Storm making him the #1 contender. This brings out EC3 as he asks Prichard to read the name again to which Prichard reads the name James Storm one more time. EC3 says the fans know he is the top guy in IMPACT, ran down all the things he has done for IMPACT, and then he claimed that the system is rigged. Prichard told EC3 that they took his suggestion by asking the fans who the #1 contender should be. Prichard told EC3 to go to the back, have a look into a mirror and ask himself what has happened to EC3. Prichard then talked about EC3 losing to Alberto El Patron and how he tapped out. Prichard told EC3 that he needs to ask himself whether he tapped out of the match or did he tap out on himself. EC3 thanked Prichard and said he will take his advice and figure out how he can prove himself.

I really liked this segment as EC3’s slow heel turn continues. It’s at a point now when you don’t know when EC3 is going to completely snap and go full fledge heel. I was expecting and hoping it would have happened during this segment. Now, of course, I had a few issues with the segment. A few days before the episode aired, IMPACT put up a voting page on their website in which you were able to vote for James Storm, EC3 or Matt Morgan to be the #1 contender. Prichard came out on this weeks episode and thanked all the fans that voted and he had the result. The only little problem with that is this show was taped a few weeks ago. Spoilers already indicated that James Storm had won, a few weeks ago. How can you put up a poll for a vote a few weeks after the show has been taped? So when EC3 claimed that the system is rigged, he was in fact correct.

 Now a few weeks ago, Bruce Prichard told Alberto El Patron, that they couldn’t force Lashley to give him a rematch and it’s up to Lashley who he is to defend the title against. But here, Prichard is basically allowing the fans to force Lashley to defend his title.  And it was strange that Matt Morgan and not El Patron was a part of this poll. Maybe it will lead to an El Patron/Prichard “You are trying to keep me down” angle. I felt this result should have been announced during the upcoming live IMPACT that is scheduled for next week. It would have made much more sense.

Karen Jarrett takes her “Make IMPACT Great” turn.

Josh Mathews who had left the broadcast booth earlier returned. Mathews said if his team loses then he will leave the broadcast booth. OMG! A stipulation! Why couldn’t they have made this stipulation last week? Up until then, the 8 man tag match was basically for bragging rights.

Match 2 – Braxton Sutter & Allie vs. KM & Sienna

The match began with Sutter and KM facing off. Sutter had the advantage by hitting a few maneuvers and controlled the action until he was tripped by Sienna.  KM actually stepped on the throat of Sutter and was in command. Sutter made his comeback and soon it was Allie one on one with Sienna.  Allie nailed Sienna with a clothesline and a running charge with Sienna in the corner. Allie tried a crossbody but was caught by Sienna. Sienna backed into KM who was on all fours, tripped and fell with Allie on top. The ref counted to three for the win.

Winner – Allie and Braxton Sutter

Allie and Braxton Sutter celebrated as the music of Kongo Kong hits as the monster makes his way to the ring. Sutter nails Kong with a few forearms that have no effect. Kong hurls Sutter across the ring then hits a big Samoan drop. With Sutter in the corner, Kong hits a devastating cannonball. Laurel Van Ness still in her “hot mess and depressed” character hits the ring as she and Sienna beat down Allie.

The match between the two teams was ok but it was really meant to take place for the big debut of Kongo Kong. At first look, one might see Kong and think this guy has a terrible look. He doesn’t appear to be in the best shape and I read negative twitter comments about him. I will say this – the debut of Kongo Kong was awesome. He came across as a monster who is going to give a huge headache to Sutter and anyone else who gets in his way. The corner cannonball is devastating. This is professional wrestling and Kongo Kong has the chance to be a great professional wrestler. I see a Kongo Kong/Fallah Bahh feud in the near future. Believe it or not another ROH commercial airs. (LOL)

Next is a replay of the ending of the triple threat tag team match that started the show.

Reno Scum is backstage and cuts a promo on the chance to become tag team champions.

Match 3 – Rosemary vs. Santana Garrett in a non title match

The match began with Rosemary rushing Garrett to gain a very early advantage. Garrett came back with a flurry of offense and got a few near falls. Rosemary cinched in a version of the tarantula by locking her legs around Garrett’s neck and hanging backwards over the ropes. Later in the match, Rosemary locked on a choke submission but Garrett made it to the ropes for the break. Garrett made a comeback by hit a few clotheslines and a corner handspring elbow. Rosemary was able to catch Garrett in her Red Wedding finisher for the victory.

Winner – Rosemary

Oh my goodness! What an excellent match. Rosemary and Garrett worked very together.  Why in the blue hell is IMPACT not using the very talented Santana Garrett more than they are? She was terrific! She should be the focus of the Knockouts right now and not ODB. The action was great and as it was a non title match, I thought maybe Garrett would score a surprise victory here as the match progressed. She definitely deserves a huge push and can become the leader of the Knockouts division.

Angelina Love and Davey Richards were backstage kissing again. Love stops and says that Eddie Edwards and his wife got what they deserved last week. Then they go back to the make out session.

Where is Bruce Prichard when you need him? I don’t think we need to see these two make out in every damn segment they are in.

 Match 4 – Andrew Everett vs. Marshe Rockett vs. Suicide vs. Gregory Shane Helms (with Trevor Lee)

Helms quickly ducked out of the ring and onto the floor as the bell rang. Everett, Rockett and Suicide basically continued the triple threat match they had last week. Trevor Lee was thrown out and sent to the back by tripping Everett. With Rockett on the outside, Suicide hit his trust dive onto Rockett.  All three had their turn at controlling the match. At one point Suicide went for a pin attempt which was broken up by Helms. Helms and Everett went at it for a bit. Everett hit a big flying forearm to Helms who tried to leave the ring but ate a kick to the head from Suicide. Everett followed that up with a kick to the back of Helms head knocking him from the ring. Rockett returns to the ring and hits gourd busters on both Everett and Suicide. Rockett misses a crossbody attempt and gets nailed with a backflip splash by Suicide. Everett hits a Pele kick onto Suicide then a shooting star press to Rockett and gets the win. Lee returned to the ring as he and Helms double teamed Everett. Everett hit a Frankendriver on Lee and stood tall.

Winner – Andrew Everett

The match was very good as they keep pushing Everett towards a title shot against Trevor Lee. Lots of expected fast paced action. I kind of wished that there were other wrestlers in this match as we saw all of these guys last week. Everett already beat Suicide and Rockett in a triple threat match last week. Yes, Helms was in the match this week but the outcome was very predictable. Maybe have Helms use Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara as a hired guns to try and take out Everett?  Trevor Lee took that Frankendriver like a champ and sold the crap out of it. Did Helms leave his gear at home as he was wearing his normal street attire but with knee pads over his jeans?

Next is a Matt Morgan Make IMPACT Great segment.

I always liked Matt Morgan and hope he is back long term. Morgan vs. Lashley has potential.

Guess what we got? A third ROH commercial in which they called ROH the best wrestling on the planet again.

Match 5 – Davey Richards (with Angelina Love) vs. DJ Z

After controlling early, Richards went outside the ring to make out with Angelina Love. DJ Z took advantage of this by hitting a sliding kick.  Back inside, DJ Z gained a near fall with a crossbody off the top rope. Richards nearly took off DJ Z’s head with a clothesline. Richards misses a double stomp which allows DJ Z to hit rapid fire forearm smashes then a neckbreaker for a near fall. Richards eventually lands a big kick then secures an ankle lock to which DJ Z taps out to.

Eddie Edwards appears and tries to rush the ring but is held back by security. Alisha Edwards gets through and attacks Love.

Winner – Davey Richards

Very solid match between Richards and DJ Z. They needed to build on Richards win last week over Edwards. I like that Richards won with the ankle lock this week as opposed the creeping death kick. It makes him look very strong as it shows he can beat an opponent in various ways. Edwards trying to get to the ring was great as this feud will continue. It will be very hard to match the last man standing match they had last week but let’s see where this goes.

On a side note – I would like to wish a speedy recovering to DJ Z who was injured in a match in Mexico that required emergency colon surgery.The ending of the Everett match replayed then Everett cuts a backstage promo on Lee and Helms. Then we get a video for the Veterans of War.

Mathews claimed that his team would win and the fans would have to listen to him forever.

Match 6 – “Team Mathews” Bobby Lashley, Eli Drake, Tyrus and Bram vs. “Team Borash” Alberto El Patron, Matt Morgan, Chris Adonis, Magnus

Patron wanted to start the match with Lashley. He pointed to the fans and said it’s what they want.

According to the rigged vote, they want to see James Storm and Lashley. Sorry El Patron…

Lashley tags out to Drake who faces off with Patron. Patron hits an enziguri and gets a near fall. He tags in Adonis who quickly lands a number of chops on Drake. Drake hits an elbow and tags in Lashley. Adonis is nailed with a shoulder block by Lashley. They both attempt to lock on a full nelson. Bram and Magnus are eventually tagged in and they go back and forth. Magnus hits a Michinoku driver on Bram for a two count. Bram takes control of the match and tags in Drake. Drake lands a few offensive moves on Magnus. Drake misses a knee drop then eats a kick as El Patron is tagged in who hits a few clotheslines then a backstabber to Drake. After a commercial break it’s Adonis and Drake as Adonis has control until Tyrus runs him down with a clothesline. Team Mathews works over Adonis for a good portion of the match preventing him from tagging out. Tyrus goes for a Vader splash but misses. Adonis finally tags in Matt Morgan who cleans house. He clotheslines Lashley out of the ring, double clotheslines Drake and Bram then corner splashes both of them. Morgan chokeslams Bram and covers him but the count is broken up by Tyrus. All wrestlers start hitting their finishers in succession. Morgan hits the carbon footprint on Bram then Magnus hits a flying elbow drop and gains victory for Team Borash.

Alberto El Patron jumped on the announcer desk and taunts Mathews. The babyfaces of the locker room come out as they all come out to celebrate Team Borash’s win and to say goodbye to Mathews.

This was a very good match that served its purpose by reintroducing IMPACT fans to a few former stars. It was great to see Matt Morgan back and he looked like he hasn’t missed a beat. He got a nice crowd reaction. On the flip side, Magnus did not get much of a reaction and neither did Chris Adonis. I could only imagine Jeff Jarrett was expecting huge reactions. Josh Mathews said at one point during the match that his team is better than the Four Horsemen. To Josh, I say there is a difference between trying to get heat and being plain stupid. You were being plain stupid with that comment. One thing I was thinking is why do all these wrestlers care about whether Mathews or Borash is announcing? Did they all really have a vested interest in who does the announcing that they were willing to fight it out? I thought the celebrating was a bit much. Mathews is just an announcer, not some ruthless, dictatorial authority figure that is making life hell for everyone.

Overall this was another very good show. We had another great EC3 heel turn segment. Kongo Kong made a great debut and looked like unbeatable monster. Reno Scum appear to be the #1 contenders for the tag team titles after winning the triple threat. In the next set of tapings, I really hope Marshe Rockett starts getting that well deserved push. But with all the new faces and returning stars, I fear he may get lost in the shuffle They really need to get out of the IMPACT zone. While Morgan got a nice reaction, the crowd was really flat for that main event match. I hope they start touring again and film IMPACT in front of real ticket buying wrestling fans.

Next week’s show is going to be a live one with three title matches as per Jeremy Borash.

Until next week, thanks for reading!


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