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By Luke Dorsch @Luke_Dorsch

One of my personal favorite independent promotions held a show on April 8, 2017 from Rosemont, Illinois at Joe’s Live and they packed the new venue to the brim. Only one week removed from the craziness of Wrestling Week in Orlando it appeared that, we the fans have indeed NOT had enough of good solid professional wrestling, as some of the world’s top independent wrestlers were showcased for the AAW Anniversary show.

We start the night off with some new blood for the promotion;

Match 1

Besties in the World (Matt Fitchett and Davey Vega) vs Stephen Wolf and Trey Miguel

This was a solid tag team opener to set the stage for what would be a night of great wrestling, Wolf and Miguel are relatively new to the promotion, I do recall seeing Trey Wolf at an AAW show back in January of this year and the Besties in the World are pretty much mainstays for AAW. The Besties are fun and get a lot of heat with the crowd and there were plenty of intense spots in this one, we were even treated to Matt Fitchett hitting The Godfather’s “Ho Train” which added to the fun of this one of course. Both teams work really well together and have a good tag team dynamic with plenty of good double teams and set ups. The finish comes around the ten minute mark, when the Besties utilize a stiff kick and brain-buster to the knee to the isolated Trey Miguel. I see no reason why Wolf and Miguel don’t team up for a bit and get themselves established as a tag team. Real Good Match ***

Match 2

ACH vs Shane Strickland

If you’re familiar with either of these gentlemen then you know how good they can be, and this match delivered. ACH in AAW works as a heel, his style is essentially the same as you would see in Evolve of PWG, but he does break the rules and does get some heat from the crowd, its fun playful heat but heat all the same. They worked a really fast paced and hard hitting match with some of the aerial spots just being ridiculous in addition to great striking by both competitors. The work rate of both guys is super impressive and they deserve more praise than they get, Strickland appears to be getting more exposure on the independent scene and I look forward to what the future holds for both men. The finish comes when ACH nails the “Buster Call Brain Buster” literally out of nowhere, and this match ran for close to fifteen minutes but I could have watched them go for thirty, and after the finish just to sell home the fact that he’s the bad guy, ACH just gets on the mic and puts down Strickland and let’s everyone know who the best is in AAW. ***3/4

Match 3

“The Kentucky Gentleman” Chuck Taylor vs “The Carolina Caveman” Trevor Lee

There are two kinds of people, fans of Sexy Chuckie T and people who think he’s the worst wrestler in the world; I happen to be a loud and proud mark for Dustin, and Trevor as well for that matter. I saw these two wrestle at last year’s PWG’s All Star Weekend, and this was a tad under that contest but for whatever reason these two have a great in-ring dynamic going. You could hear a portion of the crowd chanting “F___ that owl” but it really garnered no reaction from either wrestler initially, but since Trevor is no longer the dancing funny guy in AAW, he is certainly going for the heat w/ the crowd, yelling to the

fans during the match, relishing in his work for Impact Wrestling. Chuckie hit his tailor made offense (no pun intended) that he is prone to do, like “Soul Food” looked for the “Awful-Waffle” but was unsuccessful, and this finish comes when Trevor Lee rolls up Chuckie T around the ten minute mark and blatantly pulls the tights, hammering home the fact that he’s a bad guy now. ***

Match 4

OI4K (Dave & Jake Crist) (c) vs Los Gueros del Cielo (Jack Evans & Angelico) for the Tag Team Championship

Oh boy what a pair tag teams we have here, Jack Evans and Angelico work in AAA and Lucha Underground and make sporadic appearances with Pro Wrestling Guerilla and various other independent promotions if you’re unfamiliar with these two. Early on we hear “Ohio Sucks” chants bellowing thru the arena. I am a huge fan of Jack Evans going all the way back to his early Ring of Honor and PWG days, literally an innovator when it comes to that style of wrestling. In addition to his in ring talent, he is also (at least to me) one of the funniest wrestlers on the planet. He’ll talk all kinds of shit while in the ring, putting down his opponents’ abilities, experience, and toughness. OI4K are AAW’s tag team champions and part of the faction w/ Sami Callihan and these guys just continue to impress, I really love some of the innovative spots they do, spots you will literally see nowhere else. This was a back and forth match with great double teams maneuvers if I had to complain I would say that it appeared that Jack Evans sort carried the match from his team’s end and did most of the work plus I felt it could have went a bit longer, and I believe it clocked in at under fifteen minutes. The finish comes when Jake Crist hits Angelico with a Tombstone Piled river. ***

Match 5

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin vs “The King of Bros” Matt Riddle

By god….this match…WAS FANTASTIC!!!!! I can’t wait for the DVD/VOD of this. I recommend this to everyone!!!! I saw the match these two had back in February at Glory Pro and I enjoyed this one even more. This match is up there with some of the other MOTY candidates, it was just great from start to finish and Michael Elgin looked like a freaking destroyer. Big Mike got all of his s*** in, and in a bit of a surprise Elgin was really over w/ the crowd. Riddle is scary good, and Elgin is at his absolute career best, this match had everything…Big Mike handling his business and Riddle mounting a strong comeback. Big kick outs from both guys. Elgin kicks out of the “Bro to Sleep”, Riddle kicks out of the Elgin Bomb….I was just blown away w/ this one. Only one little thing was a botched power bomb in the corner, but both guys kept it going and you may not even notice the botch. The finish comes when Elgin hits a buckle bomb and the Tiger Driver 91, Elgin gets a measure of revenge from the previous encounter and post-match he puts over Matt Riddle. The closing segments of this match are just ridiculous. So good!!!!! Pro Wrestling Guerilla take note for this year’s BOLA!!! ****3/4 ALL DAY

Match 6

Rey Fenix vs John Morrison

A battle of Lucha Underground stars, Morrison comes out to his old school WWE theme and is working heel because Rey Fenix is super popular basically everywhere he goes. This was another real good match, with both guys showing their stuff. Interesting thing to note, I’m not sure what triggered this but at one point, Morrison get up in a fans’ face and take his baseball cap, I’m assuming it was a Chicago sports team but I couldn’t really tell, and he stuffs it down the front of his tights and jiggles it all around

before returning it to the fan…..the guy puts his ball cap back on, and a thunderous “You Sick F***” chant ensues. Just a solid match, showcasing both guys and the finish comes when Rey Fenix hits a destroyer on Morrison at around the fifteen minute mark. ***

Match 7

Sami Callihan and Abyss vs Low-Ki and Kongo Kong

Originally Low-Ki was supposed to team with Eddie Kingston but he was pulled from the card due to an injury but Kongo Kong delivered and delivered in a big way…almost a saving grace, being a big man who can move well would remind you of a Keith Lee or possibly a Steen or Willie Mack. Boy, the crowd HATES Abyss. He got real heat as soon as he appeared and mostly everyone was chanting obscenities at the guy, this was just a brawl around the arena. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either and it was apparent that Abyss was the weak link in this match and it really looks like Abyss can’t work this type of match any longer, working relatively safe in Impact the type of style that Sami brings is rough and in your face…don’t mean to be harsh but this would have been more enjoyable for me if Abyss would have been replaced as well. Fun little brawl, but nothing really to note. The finish comes at around ten minutes when Abyss hits the “Black Hole Slam” on Kongo Kong. **

Main Event

AAW Heritage Championship

Penta El 0 M (c) vs AR Fox

I wasn’t disappointed in this match at all as it started strong and finished strong. The match was structured with a tad of “one up-man ship” so Fox would hit a move, and Pentagon would follow with a similar move or a slightly different version of the same move. If you’re familiar with Pentagon’s work then you know he works strong and the back and forth was fun, as there was a spot when AR Fox hit the dreaded “Package Pile driver” on the apron as Pentagon is known to do, it wasn’t enough to close the show and Pentagon did his own apron spot but nailing the scary as hell “Canadian Destroyer” that pretty much kills AR Fox. Double Stomp to AR Fox, and the champion retains in a really stiff match that closes the show. ***3/4

The current PWG tag champs Penta El 0 M and his brother Rey Fenix are fantastic wherever they perform and whether they are working as a tag team or as single wrestlers they are pretty much over everywhere. AAW continues to be one of the most fun independent wrestling shows in the U.S. This show is highly recommended!!!!

Luke Dorsch w/ Carrie Simonetti who attended live

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