205Live Review, April 11th 2017

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By Mark Worrall @hoohoowozza

This week’s show starts with a recap of last week’s fatal four way match to find the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Championship.


Kendrick begins the match attempting to work on the arm of Ali who frustrates his opponent by flipping himself out of any attempt that Kendrick makes to lock Ali down early on in the match, so Kendrick resorts to grabbing the nose of Ali, but is thwarted yet again as Ali counters out of the hold and leaves a frustrated Kendrick receiving an invitation from Ali for more. Kendrick receives a hurricanrana as he attempts to lock up his opponent and seeks solitude ringside but is met with a flying crossbody from Ali who lunges from the top turnbuckle as we get a glimpse of Drew Gulak watching on a monitor backstage. A frustrated Kendrick thrown back into the ring rolls back out and uses his veteran instincts and hides under the ring and uses the naivety of Ali to ram his arm into the ring post. Once back in the ring a Kendrick cover receives a one count as Kendrick hits a big backbody drop on Ali and attempts to put him into his Captain Hook submission hold which Ali fights so Kendrick resorts to locking Ali into a modified Camel Clutch which after absorbing some pressure finds a release and rolls up Kendrick for a pin attempt before using his feet to release some offence of his own and rolling himself into a neck breaker on Kendrick that he gets a two count from. Kendrick’s submission based arsenal is countered by Ali as he attempts to finish off Kendrick by attempting his 450 splash but is knocked onto the turnbuckle by Kendrick who cleverly locks the Captains Hook as Ali desperately clambers for the ropes, however the bell goes and it seems the end of the match. The referee having none of it states he did not ask for the bell and we see Akira Tozawa, wearing a baseball cap, holding aloft the ring bell wearing a beaming smile as the ref restarts the match that would enable Mustafa Ali to hit the inverted 450 splash and pick up the win. Good opener as Ali continues his nice little push and the Kendrick and Tozawa feud continues. Towzawa then tells Kendrick ‘lesson number two – appearances can be deceiving!’

A clip of Monday night Raw and Neville explaining to TJ Perkins that he is overlooked, and we see TJ Perkins attacking Austin Aries post match.

TJ Perkins is then in an interview segment and asked to comment on his post match attack on Austin Aries. Perkins goes on to explain that it wasn’t about what he did to Austin Aries, but what Aries did to him. Perkins declares himself the victim and that he was the hero in the Cruiserweight Classic, that he is the gift to the Cruiserweights and that Austin Aries in a few short days took that away from him. Jack Gallagher joins the interview and requests in their match tonight that Gallagher himself asked for, that he take a more gentlemanly approach. Perkins responds calling Gallagher ‘Mr peanut’ and says he does not want to hear from him, and leaves stating that Austin Aries is not the only one benefitting from his bad luck.


Ocean has these crazy eyes that just stare scarily as he goes straight for Swann with a series of kicks which he follows with two strong Irish whips that send Swann face first into the turnbuckle, Ocean remains vocal as he applies a headlock on Swann who counters with some blows to the mid section of Ocean who also feels two running clothes lines and submits to a standing splash but manages to lift an arm at the count. Swann then finishes off Ocean with a phoenix splash to finish off the jobber in a basic squash. Swann takes to the mic and told how he was telling the truth the previous week about the gifts to Alicia Fox were from him and that they may be questions into why? And why let Noam Dar take the credit? As he is about to give a reason Noam Dar’s music interrupts Swann, as Dar, back from injury calls Swann a liar and that everybody knows the gifts were from him, he asks what kind of man would interfere in another man’s relationship? As Swann and Dar square up Alicia Fox comes to the ring and calls Swann a liar and tells Dar she believes him. A courier arrives to the ring with another gift that surprises Dar but turns it around saying this is another gift from him and orders Swann to leave. Fox opening the box receives an explosion of powder! Wrestling drama at its best!!

Austin Aries eating a banana is interviewed next as he is asked for his response to his recent attack from TJ Perkins on Raw? Aries responds blaming Perkins recent lack of success and feels his recent teaming up with Neville shows a lack of judgement, which is to be expected from somebody who still dabs in 2017! Aries continues to say that TJ is just a puppet for Neville and that Aries is the puppet master. Aries spells out that in three weeks he will take on Neville for the Cruiserweight Championship at Payback and that TJ Perkins is just a buffer for Neville to make sure that Aries is not 100% for the title match which Aries states that it won’t happen.


Perkins brushes his hair as he refuses to shake the hand of Gallagher as the main event begins. Gallagher takes Perkins into a headlock which he fights only for Gallagher to walk

the turnbuckle and reissue the headlock even tighter; however a reversal sees Gallagher walking away on his hands from the frustrated Perkins. Gallagher begins to work the arm of Perkins at the same time using his leg to apply a hammer lock on Perkins as he tilts back into a cover that Perkins kicks out on two. A series of leg scissors as the two wrestlers counter the offence finally concludes as a Perkins headstand sees him escape only to receive a drop kick that has Perkins rolling out of the ring and up the ramp as he scouts Gallagher taking to his umbrella standing on the top turn buckle. Gallagher’s ‘posh’ dab infuriates Perkins who runs back into the ring only to be rolled up for a pin attempt. Gallagher sent to the corner does his customary headstand on the buckle but in the process this costs him as Perkins counters with some offence that eventually sees Gallagher receive a DDT on his left leg which Perkins capitalises on as he works the leg applying a well executed Indian death lock that he turns into a cover before nailing a one legged crab on the injured leg of Gallagher which he finally manages to escape. A holding suplex from Perkins which he then turns into a back suplex receives a two count as Perkins locks the left leg again of his opponent then turns the move into a butterfly lock putting increasing pressure as an array of submission holds from Perkins wears the Englishman down until somehow Gallagher manages to free a leg and eventually himself after Perkins attempts a suplex that Gallagher counters hitting an exploder and follows with a unique Gut wrench slam for a two count pin attempt and then follows by sending Perkins, courtesy of a belly to back suplex from the top turn buckle into a near fall which sees Perkins rolling desperately out of the ring, however Gallagher throws him back in which Perkins uses to his advantage and nails a knee bar on Gallagher who scrambles to the rope as Perkins tries every opportunity to work Gallagher’s leg. Perkins hits a drop kick on the injured knee of Gallagher sending him out the ring as Perkins perches himself on the top turnbuckle and lunges in to the ring apron that Gallagher as locked Perkins in as Gallagher hits the mother of all head butts on his opponent pushing him into the ring and getting a near fall. They exchange upper cuts as Gallagher delivers another head butt sending both men to the mat. As Gallagher’s leg gives way Perkins, ever the opportunist Perkins hits the detonation kick to finally put Gallagher away. Neville comes out to raise the hand of Perkins as this week’s edition comes to an end.

Yet another great outing from 205 Live that saw an excellent main event with two men going all out to put on a great calibre match. Gallagher’s head butts were immense and really added a different dimension to a really great match from two technically sound wrestlers. Good to see the Neville/Aries storyline still being the main focus although with those men not partaking in a match of any sorts allowed the other roster members to shine.


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