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By Luke Dorsch @Luke_Dorsch

On Saturday afternoon April 8, 2017 Ring of Honor made their return to the city of Baltimore and the William J. Myers Pavilion to record the next set of TV tapings dealing with the fallout from SuperCard of Honor, we had a pre-show meet and greet as is the norm with Ring of Honor and the crowd was ready to rock.


The first episode opens with current Ring of Honor World Champion “Almighty” Christopher Daniels acknowledging his hard fought victory over Dalton Castle at the SuperCard of Honor pay-per-view, and looking to the future by announcing that there will be a fatal four way to determine who the next #1 contender will be. Before he can get into detail about being attacked by Cody after the Dalton Castle match, Cody appears and cuts a great promo. Essentially, he states that he is not in the #1 contender’s match but he should be especially after laying out the current ROH Champion with such ease. He then goes on, “Imagine with me just for moment….I’m not even a full time Ring of Honor wrestler, imagine when I do get my title shot, what will happen? Imagine!!” Great stuff on the mic as always from the grandson of a plumber.

Match 1:

Shane Taylor of The Rebellion defeated Lio Rush w/ a sit out choke slam.

Caprice Coleman accompanied his stable mate to the ring and made one last offer for Lio Rush to join The Rebellion…Lio gives Caprice his answer by attacking him and thus starts the match. Lio fought valiantly but in the end the size was just too much a factor as Taylor picks up the win. After the match, Caprice Coleman and the Rebellion are set to destroy Lio for good, but Chris Sabin from the Motor City Machine Guns attempts to make the save, he cleared the ring but eventually the numbers game proved to be too much, and Shane Taylor take him out as well.

Match 2:

Top Prospect Tournament Finals:

Traditionally speaking the winner of the Ring of Honor Top Prospect Tournament can usually go on to have a successful run in Ring of Honor and elsewhere; Matt Taven won in 2013, ½ of the current IWGP Tag Team Champs Hanson of War Machine won in 2014, Donovan Dijak who recently made his debut for Evolve won in 2015, and last year’s winner was Lio Rush who has been everywhere lately.

This year the finals were between Josh Woods using the hybrid MMA Pro Wrestling style to defeat John Skylar, after the match David Starr and all of his “In Ring Nicknames” made his Ring of Honor debut claiming he was the “Top Prospect” of ROH additionally he claimed that he is “Your Favorite Wrestler’s Favorite Wrestler”, he is the “Cream in Your Coffee”, and my favorite…”The Jewish Cannon”.

Match 3: ROH Television Championship Match

“The Villain” Marty Scurll defeated Frankie Kazarian

Marty is really over in Ring of Honor and he gets some of the biggest pops of the day. Scurll is up to some villainy and he attempts to use the umbrella to take out Frankie, he goes under the ring apron to bring in a bag of “gimmick” salt but it backfires and hits Todd Sinclair, which prompts “Hangman” Page to interfere and after he throws a chair at Kazarian’s head, Marty gets the win. Post-match, The Villain claims there is no more competition left in Ring of Honor and he has beaten everyone who matters….cue “Reborn” Matt Sydal. This was a bit of a surprise, and Sydal took out Marty and sent him retreating to the back.


Match 1:

The Kingdom consisting of Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia accompanied by TK O’Ryan defeated Coast to Coast

Good little tag match for TV, and Taven has been looking better and better, he is at a high point right now firing on all cylinders, plus he seems to be very over w/ the ROH faithful.

After the match the NEW Ring of Honor Tag Team Champions, Nick and Matt Jackson The Young Bucks came out to a good pop of course and talked about facing the Hardy’s at SuperCard of Honor and gave them credit for having a championship run in ROH, they then spoke about how all the tension between themselves Adam Cole and the state of the Bullet Club is ok now, and it has all been squashed. The Bucks then issued an open challenge for any tag team to come out and face them for the straps….and to all of our surprise who appears…Kenny and Mikey…The Spirit Squad. Kenny Dykstra and Mikey Mondo accepted the open challenge and then they were promptly taken out by SUPERKICKS!!

Match 2:

“Reborn” Matt Sydal defeated Flip Gordon

This was a decent little aerial back and forth match, Flip is all over the New England independent wrestling scene and he’s like a younger Matt Syadal, but the aerial innovator is not ready to be put out to pasture yet, as he picks up the win w/ the beautiful shooting star press. After the match TV Champion Marty Scurll returns to ringside for a little payback on Sydal but it backfired and Sydal took him out again, thus setting up a future TV Title match w/ Marty Scurll and Matt Sydal.

Adam Cole came to the entrance area for a brief “Story Time” and assures us all that Bullet Club is as strong as it’s ever been and he is going to prove it by teaming up w/ Cody and taking out Dalton Castle and Christopher Daniels next week on TV.

Match 3: Fatal 4-Way for the #1 Contender Spot

Jay Lethal defeated “Hangman” Page, Silas Young, and Jay White to become the new #1 contender for the ROH World Championship…again. I was super impressed w/ Silas Young in this match and really all the guys did a good job…on a side note…this was the first time I saw Jay White live and he is a much bigger man than I initially thought …I see big things in this guy’s future.

Episode 3

Match 1: ROH World Tag Team Championship Title Match

The Young Bucks defeated The Spirit Squad

The Bucks of Youth do what they do, and they had a good fun match. The Bucks were 100% in the role of the baby faces for this match…Nick got the “hot-tag” and cleaned house the end came when the Bucks used the Meltzer Driver, on Kenny I believe and got the win.

Match 2:

Punishment Martinez defeated The Beer City Bruiser

Nothing too noteworthy happened in this match, during the match there was a spot when Martinez attempts a “Tope Con Hilo” over the top and just washes out completely. Not sure if he just missed his target or perhaps the Bruiser was out of position, either way he hit the floor hard. He recovers and nails the “South of Heaven” choke slam. The whole angle w/ Kevin Sullivan, Steve Cornio, and BJ Whitmer was just trashed, essentially because Corino and others left Ring of Honor to become off camera officials for NXT, and there hasn’t really been a place for Martinez in ROH. He’s still green but he can work, and he may be better off in NJPW where he’s been booked fairly well.

Match 3:

Adam Cole & Cody defeated Dalton Castle & “Almighty” Christopher Daniels

This was a good match as well, the crowd essentially loves all four guys so, this match was done right, and they got the story they wanted to tell over. The spot in particular is when Adam Cole is holding Dalton Castle when Cody is looking for his springboard “disaster” kick but Castle, moves out of the way and Cody nails Adam Cole in the kisser. Cole doesn’t react very well, and he flips off his fellow Bullet Club stablemate and goes to the back. Basically, Daniels and Castle work over Cody for the remainder of the match until Adam Cole returns at the end and superkicks Daniels in the back of the head. The Bullet Club gets the win and Cole gestures that it was all part of his plan. The Young Bucks return to ringside w/ their teammates and they all embrace and “Too Sweet” the hell out of one another and thus the problems are settled…for now. New #1 Contender Jay Lethal returns to the ring as well and gets attacked by Cody as the Bucks and Cole depart, but Jay Lethal isn’t having it this time around and he hits Cody w/ the Lethal Injection, and one for the champion Christopher Daniels as well …just for good measure.

Episode 4

The Motor City Machine Guns are here w/ Jonathan Grehsam, and Alex Shelly who suffered a concussion is cutting an In-Ring Promo putting over talent of Jonathan Gresham and how he is the newest ROH Signee. Shelly mentions the hard work Gresham has put in, and acknowledges that Gresham is one of the best technical wrestlers in the world.

Match 1:

Chris Sabin and Jonathan Gresham defeated Cheeseburger & Will Ferrara. It’s looking like this could be the end for the team of Burger and Ferrara, as Will Ferrera was accidently hit w/ the Shotei and it cost

his team the match. Ferrera was disgruntled with the miscommunication and appeared fed up as he left the ring area.

Match 2:

“The Last Real Man” Silas Young defeated Bobby Fish

This was another good showing for Silas Young, and Bobby Fish looked good as well. Pretty fast paced hard hitting grudge match, much better than the unnecessary impromptu match at the SuperCard of Honor PPV. There were very obvious “WE WANT KYLE” chants, but it didn’t affect the match and the finish came as Silas’ partner the Beer City Bruiser distracted the referee as Young cracked Infamous Bobby Fish w/ his “Stone Cold” esque metallic knee brace.

Match 3:

ROH World 6 Man Tag Team Championship

Bully Ray and The Briscoe’s defeated The Rebellion and retained their titles. Dem Boys and Bully closed the show, and I truly believe that in Baltimore, there is NOONE more beloved than The Briscoe’s. This was sort of what you would expect, and the champs used the “Super 3D” to get the win and retain the 6 Man Tag Belts. This trio has looked very dominant since Bully Ray first appeared a few months ago at Manhattan Mayhem and another successful defense shows that this trio could hold the belts for some time. Since The Briscoe’s haven’t been in a major tag team program for a while now, and neither Briscoe is focused on a Single’s Run, this team w/ Bully Ray appears to be working.

Overall Opinion…a fun month of TV Tapings for ROH. Nothing major yet, but I have a feeling the whole promotion will be shaken up by the onset of the summer months.

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