IMPACT Review for 04/06/2017

By Lewis Carlan

IMPACT was back again this week with another episode. A number of matches had been advertised all week including Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards in a Last Man Standing match and a Knockouts Gauntlet Battle Royal to determine the new #1 contender for the Knockouts title held by Rosemary. I had high hopes for the episode as the post Dixie Carter regime has really been delivering. No more wasting time, let’s get on with the review.

The IMPACT opening video packaged aired and the opening match started immediately.

Match 1 – Eli Drake with Tyrus vs. Caleb Konley

The match began with Konley gaining an early advantage with a few chops followed by a dropkick. They ended up outside of the ring which allowed Tyrus to interfere on Drake’s behalf. Eli Drake dominated a good portion of the match and gained a near fall. Drake missed a knee drop which allowed Konley to capitalize on the mistake and make his comeback. After a palm strike, Konley hit a nice suicide dive to Drake who was outside the ring. Back in the ring, Konley hit a crossbody onto Drake from the top turnbuckle. Konley got a near fall after a backhand slap followed by a side slam. Konley climbed up onto the top turnbuckle but became distracted by Tyrus, Drake quickly hit a superplex on the distracted Konley, followed by his finishing move for the win.

Winner – Eli Drake

I can’t believe that a pro wrestling show actually started the show with a *gasp* wrestling match! No talking, no promos, no limos arriving but a wrestling match. And it started with two excellent talents showcasing their abilities. The match served its purpose by giving Eli Drake a much needed televised victory and giving the fans another taste of Caleb Konley who is a rising star. Eli Drake will get a run as IMPACT champion before the year is out. You heard it here first!

Announcers Jeremy Borash and Josh Mathews started arguing again as it got really heated. Borash threatened to knock Mathews’ ass out. Authority figure Bruce Prichard had enough of the bickering and demanded they both come to the ring. Prichard said he is sick of the bickering and fighting.

That makes two of us Bruce.

Prichard said they both think they are the best and declared that we are going to find out who is actually the best. He tells Borash and Mathews to each pick a team for a match next week so we can finally find out who knows what they are talking about and to put an end to the fighting once and for all. Borash says for Mathews to pick four people he would have to have four friends which he doesn’t have. Prichard said may the better man win and had them both shake hands.

I don’t know about this whole angle. A team vs. team match to determine who between Mathews and Borash knows what they are talking about?  So if Mathews team wins then Borash has no idea what he talking about at the announce table? It doesn’t really make sense to me. One thing I caught was Prichard telling them each to pick a team but doesn’t specify how many are going to be on each team but Borash seemed to know it was a four on four match.  It may have been a bit of bad editing there. I do hope this team vs. team match puts a final nail in the coffin of this angle. Announcers are supposed to put over talent, not fight like children during matches.

We get an “earlier today” segment with Davey Richards and Angelina Rose as they arrive at the building. They eventually stop walking and start the kissing.

Ugh!!! C’mon. Was Davey Richards kissing Angelina Love really that important that they had to give us an “earlier today” segment about it? I almost threw up.

I wonder if Earl Hebner complained to management that there was a kissing segment and he wasn’t involved?

Match 2 – Knockouts Gauntlet Battle Royal to determine # 1 contender.

To keep this short and simple:

Order of entrance: Madison Rayne, Ava Storrie, Rebel, Amanda Rodriguez, MJ Jenkins, Diamante, ODB, and Brandi Rhodes.

Order of elimination – Ava Storrie, Diamante, Rebel, MJ Jenkins, Brandi Rhodes.

OBD pinned Madison Rayne to become the #1 contender for the Knockout title held by Rosemary.

This was TERRIBLE. Worst match since Jeff Jarrett took over. Many new faces here but having them debut in a battle royal seemed like the wrong thing to do.

It may have been better to have an open tournament to determine the #1 contender and the new faces could have been introduced as wrestlers from across the USA that were looking for a shot at stardom. Instead we got an awful rushed Gauntlet Battle Royal. The only highlight was the work of  newcomer MJ Jenkins. She has potential.

It was obvious that ODB was going to win here although I was hoping for Diamante. Having her win the Knockouts title for LAX might not be such a bad idea.

By the way – Brandi Rhodes tweeted before IMPACT aired and asked – Who is going to win the Gauntlet Battle Royal and become the #1 contender? Is that a question to ask for a match you are competing in? She came across as having zero confidence.  She should have tweeted – Watch as I win the Battle Royal and become the #1 contender. Of course, I responded to her tweet and let her know about it.

Josh Mathews said he won the coin toss and gets the first pick as James Storm made his way to the ring.

There was a coin toss?

James Storm cuts an in ring promo as he said the cowboy is back, that his son wears his cowboy hat at home, and he is proud to be a cowboy. He said he will regain the World Title. DCC’s music hits as Bram and Eddie Kingston came to the ring. Kingston called Storm a liar and cut a rabid heel promo on Storm. Kingston said he didn’t care about Storm’s bastard son. Storm and Kingston went back and forth which led to Kingston spitting at Storm. Storm responded with a superkick. Bram went to hit Storm with a chair but missed and ate a superkick as well.

Decent segment as it closes the DCC chapter which never got off the ground for IMPACT. Cowboy James Storm is finally officially back. Eddie Kingston was excellent in delivering that hate filled promo toward James Storm. I did notice that the fans were quiet during the superkicks. One would think they would have gone nuts.

Next Davey Richards was shown in a Make IMPACT Great segment.

Backstage, Andrew Everett is being interviewed when he is interrupted by Gregory Helms and X Division Champion Trevor Lee. Helms said if Everett won the triple threat match then he would be closer to a title shot against Trevor Lee.

I love that this is going to lead to another match between Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett as they have had 5 star classics for other promotions. Please cut these guys loose and let them have a 30-40 minute match. These guys can deliver.

Also, IMPACT should be showcasing Trevor Lee as often as possible as he is their best young star. He is much more than just a guy who stands around while Helms cuts a promo.

Jeremy Borash said he had a few surprises referring to his team picks.

Match 3 – Andrew Everett vs. Marshe Rockett vs. Suicide

The match began at a very fast pace. Rockett eventually ended up on the floor as Suicide and Everett battled in the ring. With Everett and Rockett on the outside, Suicide hit his plunge drop onto both of them. Back in the ring, Rockett hit a nice clothesline on Everett and followed up with a knee drop. Everett tried a springboard to Rockett but was caught mid air and then powerslammed. Suicide returned and hit a few big moves and gained a few near falls. The end came when Everett nailed Suicide with a kick that sent him to the ring floor and then hit a nice shooting start press onto Rockett for the win.

Winner: Andrew Everett

Excellent match here. Everett and Rockett are really talented and worked well together. I’ll state this again, I could do without the Suicide character and an Andrew Everett vs. Marshe Rockett one on one match would have been just fine for me. So I guess the idea is that Everett will have to go through a few Gregory Helms picked obstacles before he gets a title shot against Trevor Lee.

It was great seeing Marshe Rockett on IMPACT again even it was once again on the losing end of match. I think it’s time he stops putting guys over and gets the push he deserves. Are you listening Jeff Jarrett???

By the way I wonder is Caleb Konley gets paid twice for wrestling as himself and Suicide?

Next Davey Richards and Angelina Love are backstage making out again. Earl Hebner comes out and challenges Richards to a kissing contest next week as they will pick a team of four to makeout with. Hebner states that no one messes with the ol’ make out king!

Ok, the last part about Earl Hebner did not happen but see how silly that sounded? Constantly showing Richards and Love making out is just as silly.

Match 4 – Davey Richards with Angelina Love vs. Eddie Edwards in a Last Man Standing match.

Davey Richards and Love headed to the ring as Edwards attacked Richards from behind to start the match. They brawled on the floor which eventually led to Edwards hitting a suicide dive onto Richards. The continued to brawl and ended up in the crowd. One spot had Edwards attempting a dive but missed and landed on a garbage can. They made their way back to the ring as Edwards power bombed Richards onto two chairs. Edwards grabbed another chair and used it on Richards. He stacked a few more chairs in the ring. Edwards went to the top turnbuckle only to have Richards throw a chair at him then superplex him into the stacked chairs. Referee started the 10 count but they both got up before the 10 count ended. Love gave a chain to Richards who used it on Edwards. With Edwards down, the ref began his count but Edwards got back up. Edwards wife Alisha was shown at ringside yelling encouragement to him. Edwards landed multiple chops to Richards then a belly to belly into the corner. Love ran in to interfere as Edwards was about to hit a fallen Richards with a chair. Alisha Edwards came in and went at with Love. Outside the ring, Love chokes Alisha Edwards with a belt and runs her into the barricade. Eddie Edwards got the worst of a chair to chair shot with Richards. Richards wraps the steel chain around his foot to set up his creeping death kick. Richards looks at the fallen Edwards then looks to the crowd and hesitates. Love kisses Edwards who was reluctant to use his creeping death finisher. Love said “Do it for me” and Richards blasted Edwards with a loaded creeping death kick. Referee counts to ten and the match ends.

Winner – Davey Richards

Terrific match as they both showed great aggression towards each other and made it very believable that they really wanted to tear each other apart. Both guys worked hard and it translated into the best match of the night. It should have closed out the show.

It was also a great moment when Richards didn’t want to use his finisher on former best friend Edwards but they made it appear that Angelina Love is manipulating Davey Richards.  

Jeremy Borash gets his turn at a Make IMPACT Great segment.

We get a recap of LAX winning the tag team titles then we get footage of their victory celebration.

We then get a segment of James Storm in a recording studio with Bucky Covington as they are talking about his theme song.

The ending of the Knockouts Gauntlet match was shown again and then we see ODB backstage as she continues to call the Knockouts title the Knocked Up Title. She says that she is going into her trailer and if you see it rocking don’t come knocking.

Did they have to show that awful match again? And ODB continually calling the Knockouts title the Knocked Up title is just ridiculous, not funny, and could be deemed offensive by some.

“If you see the trailer rocking don’t come knocking”. Really? Is ODB f**king serious?

The female division has taken a HUGE step back with ODB now poised at possibly becoming its champion.

Jade…..please come back.

Alberto El Patron was introduced but his opponent wasn’t so I don’t know what his name was. I will simply call him Felix.

Match 5 – Alberto El Patron vs. Felix

This was a squash match. El Patron beat Felix quickly with a corner double stomp. He called out Lashley but Lashley didn’t come out.

I guess they needed to get El Patron on TV after not having him on for two weeks. Poor Felix didn’t have a chance. I am a bit disappointed that Lashley didn’t come out for a confrontation.

Next there was a backstage confrontation between Braxton Sutter/Allie and KM/Sienna. Karen Jarrett appears and makes a tag team match for next week.

We get a promo for what seems to be a new team called Veterans of War which is rumoured to be Gunner and Crimson.

A Fury will be Unleashed Video aired and we will see the debut of Kongo Kong next week.

Kongo Kong is obviously going to interfere in the tag team match between Braxton Sutter/Allie vs. KM/Sienna.

Bruce Prichard was in the ring as it was time for Josh Mathews and Jeremy Borash to pick their teams for next week’s match. Mathews pulled out a GOAT shirt that he said will be the shirt is for his team as they will be the greatest of all time.

It’s impressive that while Josh Mathews was announcing for the entire show that he found time to design, order and receive custom made shirts for his team.

Mathews picked Bobby Lashley first while Borash countered by picking Alberto El Patron as his first pick. Mathews picked Bram next while Borash picked the returning Chris Adonis (Chris Masters in WWE). For the third choice Josh picked Eli Drake. Drake came to the ring. Josh then said the name Tyrus as we saw Tyrus walking down the aisle. Prichard told Tyrus that he didn’t hear his name called and that only team members were to come out.

Huh? Josh Mathews clearly said the name Tyrus. I heard it from my couch, how come Prichard didn’t hear it from being only two feet away from Mathews? I don’t think Mathews was supposed to say Tyrus and maybe that slipped by the editing team.

Tyrus said he goes where Drake goes. Mathews then said this IS his team and instructed his four guys to “get them”. Mathews team attacks Borash’s team in a four on two beatdown. Borash waves for his next pick to come down as the music of a returning Matt Morgan plays. Morgan rushes to the ring and takes out Tyrus then Bram and Drake with a flurry of big moves. Morgan then stares down Lashley as the fans chant Morgan’s name. We cut to backstage as a man, only seen from his knees down, gets out of a car and starts walking to the ring. The Pope said they were out of time but to go to to find out who the 4th man is as they will keep the cameras rolling to close out the show.

Um, ok, while I like the participants chosen which sets up a big main event for next week, I do have a few problems with the segment. The first issue I have with this is Pope saying that they have run out of time and to go to to find out who the fourth member is. How does a taped show run out of time? Couldn’t they just have edited the show to fit the time slot? Ok, so they were trying to get a few more hits to their “improved” website, I get it. I went to but there was no video indicating who the 4th person was. I went to twitter and @impactwrestling indicated that we needed to go to the website to see exclusive video who the 4th person of Borash’s team is. I went back to the website but still no video. I jumped back to their twitter page and saw a number of angry tweets by fans complaining there was no video about who the 4th person is. Finally after about 15 minutes the video was up and revealed the 4th member was actually Magnus. I think this kind of backfired on IMPACT Wrestling and not sure why they just couldn’t reveal the 4th member on the show or even save the reveal for next week.

Another issue I had was Jeremy Borash’s picks. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled that Chris Adonis, Matt Morgan, and Magnus are all back on IMPACT as Jeff Jarrett is doing a great job bringing in/back good talent. My issue is that Jeremy Borash who has been with the company since 2002 and is always fighting for IMPACT felt he needed to look outside the current IMPACT roster to add members to his team in Adonis, Morgan, and Magnus. The message that gives me is that he doesn’t think anyone from the current roster is good enough to be on his team with the exception of Alberto El Patron. Josh Mathews on the flip side picked all current IMPACT roster members.  

There is no real stipulation for this match except that the winning team will clarify which one between Mathews and Borash “really knows what he is talking about” according to Bruce Prichard.  Lame if you ask me.

But if you get past all that, the match will be intriguing and should be an entertaining one. I hope it puts an end to the Borash/Mathews angle.

Overall, the show was good. I say that because of the Last Man Standing Match between Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards and the opening match between Eli Drake and Caleb Konley. Those two matches saved this show.

I wonder if we will ever see Fallah Bahh and Mario Bokara again.  They had great debuts a few weeks back but have since disappeared.

I look forward to the debut of the monster Kongo Kong next week.

Until then, thanks for reading!


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