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By Josh Coulson @BristolBeadz
What an intense week of pro wrestling it has been. Starting with NXT Takeover on Saturday all the way through to SmackDown Live, this was not an easy set of power rankings to assemble. A whole host of title changes as well as superstars making names for themselves plus an array of returns and debuts. It was tough to keep it down to just a top ten, but here we go.
10. Killian Dain (NEW ENTRY)
The big NXT man really made a name for himself over the course of WrestleMania weekend. To kick things off Dain joined his Sanity team mates in and 8 person mixed tag match on Saturday night. Sanity’s resident monster ended a chaotic match and picked up the win for his team. Then he made a surprise appearance in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal the following night and made it to the final four.
9. Neville (NEW ENTRY)
The self proclaimed King of the Cruiserweights may have only made it as far as the kick off show on Sunday night, but nevertheless he defended his title and left WrestleMania weekend still cruiserweight champion. On top of that after carrying his belt proudly in to Raw in the Monday after Mania he cemented his place as the king by defeating the continually impressive Mustafa Ali.
8. Bobby Roode (NEW ENTRY)
It was all change for NXT in terms of their title belts, but not in terms of their champions. Bobby Roode is still the NXT champion and he has a shiny new belt to prove it. It could be argued that himself and Shinsuke Nakamura had the best match of WrestleMania weekend and this time there’s no asterisk next to Roode’s win as Nakamura did not have an injured knee.
7. AJ Styles (NEW ENTRY)
The Phenomenal One AJ Styles took a match that many believed shouldn’t have even been taking place and turned it in to possibly the best wrestling match on the card. Why were we ever in doubt? He’s perhaps the greatest wrestler on the planet so even a stunt man like Shane McMahon was going to look good in the ring with Styles. Shane didn’t even have to jump off of anything high! Kudos to AJ Styles.
6. Naomi (UP 3)
On the go home SmackDown Live last week Naomi made her triumphant return and what a week it’s been for her since then. Naomi won back the women’s championship that she never lost at WrestleMania in her home time. Then 48 hours later, still in her hometown, she defended her newly regained title in a rematch against Alexa Bliss on SmackDown Live.
5. Seth Rollins (NEW ENTRY)
The Architect walked out at WrestleMania despite his injured knee. He defied the odds by simply making it there but went a step further and succeeded in slaying the king. He defeated Triple H and we’ve not seen The Game since. Then on Raw Rollins paired up with a returning Finn Balor to defeat Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe in Monday night’s main event.It’s good to be The Kingslayer.
4. Roman Reigns (NEW ENTRY)
Have you ever seen an opening to Raw like the one on Monday night? I doubt it. Roman Reigns has nuclear heat right now like I’ve never witnessed before. All because he defeated and seemingly retired The Undertaker on Sunday night. It may not have been the best match in the world but if The Deadman is in fact gone Roman will forever be able to introduce himself as the man who retired him.
3. Brock Lesnar (NEW ENTRY)
Brock Lesnar finally eliminated the one anomaly on his otherwise pristine record. Him and Goldberg had a violent five minute brawl at WrestleMania that really did live up to the hype. Lesnar won, and he is now our Universal champion. He and Paul Heyman of course didn’t pass up the opportunity to gloat about their achievements on Raw the following night and despite Brock wanting Roman Reigns, it would appear he’ll have to go through Braun Strowman first.
2. Randy Orton (UP 4)
Randy Orton was like warm heading into WrestleMania and he’s come out of the event red hot. The Viper came good on his promise and defeated Bray Wyatt to become an impressive thirteen time WWE champion. It would seem that things aren’t quite settled between the former tag team champs though. On SmackDown Live two days later Orton teamed with Luke Harper to defeat a returning Erick Rowan and Bray Wyatt who strangely made himself scarce before the ending of the match.
1. The Hardy Boyz (NEW ENTRY)
Really, how could it have been anyone else this week? The Hardy Boyz are back in WWE and they’re the Raw tag team champions. I’m yet to speak to anyone who’s favourite moment of WrestleMania 33 wasn’t their shock return to take part in the tag title ladder match. Then on Raw the following night Matt and Jeff successfully defended their newly won championships in a rematch against Gallows and Anderson. Who would have believed that the Hardys quest for gold would have brought them back to WWE, but here they are.
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