205 Live Review – April 4th, 2017

Episode 19 – April 4th 2017 – Orlando FL

Show opens with a recap of the Championship match at this past  Wrestlemania between Neville and Austin Aries, following that the announcers hype up the main event for tonight’s show that features a fatal four way match to find the number one contender for the Cruiserweight Title.


Kendrick armed with a microphone is surprised that Tozawa asked for a rematch! ‘TEN’ chants fill the room as Kendrick reminds his opponent about Lesson number ten not being about athleticism, but about psychological supremacy! This match was exactly that, mind games if you will. Kendrick took a seven count after exiting the ring as this match begun and then proceeded to leave the ring again which saw Tozawa chasing the veteran ringside as Kendrick pulled one of the oldest moves in the book and pummelled Tozawa as he re entered the ring. Kendrick tried hard to keep control of Tozawa using a Camel Clutch to keep him off his feet, however Tozawa reversed the psychology when jumping from the top rope it seemed he landed badly on his knee, and playing possum he rolled up the frustrated Kendrick who had turned his back to grab a three count. Tozawa asked Kendrick post match about Psychological Supremacy? Then claimed to have taught him lesson number one!


NXT regular Lorcan making his 205 Live debut meant business as he headed straight for Swann with plenty of running offence that had Swann stuck to the ring post. Lorcan was really impressive as he controlled a lot of this match and had an answer for everything the205 favourite Swann could throw at him, and there was an intensity to Lorcan whose intention was to put Swann away at any cost. Swann did find an answer and a picture perfect hurricanrana enabled Swann to climb the turnbuckle and put Lorcan away with his Phoenix splash. Great debut from Lorcan who looked like he could be a handful for this roster and gave Swann a real test. Swann himself took to the mic as he wanted to finally get something off his chest as he revealed that Noam Dar had been taking credit for the gifts that Alicia Fox had been receiving, when actually it was Swann himself who had been sending them.

Drew Gulak stops Mustafa Ali and congratulates him on his thrilling loss to Neville on Raw and suggests that he consider wrestling a little more conservatively in tonight’s fatal four way match. Ali makes it clear that he is not buying what Gulak is selling. Gulak reiterates that 205 Live will be changing and that he was just offering Ali the chance to be on the right side of history.

Next the stars of the WWE UK tournament are introduced as Trent Seven, Mark Andrews, Wolfgang and Pete Dunne are shown to the 205 Live audience with ‘Bruiserweight chants’ echoing around the arena. Tyler Bate as the UK champion is introduced last as Tom Phillips reminds us of the upcoming shows in Norwich, England featuring the UK roster alongside the 205 Live roster. Also a new weekly show will be brought to the Network soon.

Another Neville ring promo as he announces that there is no one on Neville level and that it feels good to be proven right! Basically reflecting on his victory against Aries at Wrestlemania. Neville asking for three cheers for the king respectively receives them as he declares that in a celebration it is important to give thanks. Firstly he thanks the fans for never believing in him and that lighting a fire in his belly and enabling him to become royalty! Secondly, he pays thanks to Austin Aries for allowing him to satisfyingly have a clown to obliterate at Wrestlemania. Finally he thanks to the entire 205 Live roster for their futile attempts at trying to get his crown which in turn bolstered his reputation. With that Neville announces that he is to go ringside for the fatal four way match, or how he calls it four more lambs to the slaughter!



Austin Aries goes out of his way to make eye contact with Neville who sits watching ringside before the match gets underway as TJ Perkins starts the match on fire clearing the ring of his opponents and re-establishing himself as the force he once was back in the summer of 2016. His opponents struggled to keep up with the sheer pace of Perkins who hit Ali with a thundering missile drop kick that Gallagher had ducked leaving Ali to feel the full force of the move. Perkins would then lock a knee bar on Gallagher with Aries then locking his Last Chancery submission on Perkins until Ali took a drop kick to the injured eye of Aries that broke the move. A lot of spots throughout this excellent match saw wrestlers using counter moves off one another and even included using wrestlers as weapons or props to get their moves in. Gallagher’s use of his head would be the beneficiary to Aries victory as Perkins felt the Gentleman’s head that left him vulnerable to the discus firearm that saw Aries once again become the number contender to Neville’s title, much to the kings distain.

Another quality show with a really good main event that the crowd were really into, and speaking of the crowd, tonight’s show seemed to have a very enthusiastic audience who were really into the product. Oney Lorcan’s debut was excellent and the whole roster seem to be getting it together as this show becomes something I look forward to watching every week.

Mark Worrall


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