Ring of Honor, Supercard of Honor Results 1/4/17


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By Luke Dorsch @Luke_Dorsch

We are in Lakeland, Florida for Ring of Honor’s annual SuperCard of Honor, the crowd is pumped creating a great feel of excitement; with Kevin Kelly, Colt Cabana, and Ian Riccaboni providing the commentary.  It’s time to get it going and they start strong.

Marty Scurll def Adam Cole w/ chicken wing submission at around 15 minutes in the ROH TV TITLE on the line.   **** Match for an opener and with Adam Cole supposedly leaving the promotion soon, putting over Marty was the right move.  Scurll has been great in ROH and following the outstanding match with Lio Rush at the last PPV he looks to be going on a bit of a run with the TV Title.

The Beer City Bruiser and Silas Young def. Matt Taven and Vinny Marseglia.  They have been building a little feud on television lately since the kingdom is a duo now due to TK O’Ryan suffering an injury at the last pay-per-view.  ** star match not too bad but not great either.

The ROH 6 Man Tag Team Titles are on the line with champions The Briscoes and Bully Ray defeating The Bullet Club consisting of The Guerilla’s of Destiny and Hangman Page.  *** Match which was a real fun high impact brawl, Bully Ray really seems to be enjoying his ROH run.

Texas Bull Rope Match

Jay Lethal (in full Cowboy Attire) def. Cody R. (Lethal Sucks Eggs T Shirt)

This isn’t one of the WWE Style Bull Rope matches where you have to touch the corners, the only way to win is pinfall or stoppage.  Early on the brawling starts, and this match is going strong.  Cody is in full color early sporting the crimson mask.  I really enjoyed this match and both Lethal and Cody looked great and motivated.  Easily hands down the best Cody has looked in ROH or NJPW.  I guess he wanted to make a strong showing now that he’s in the Main Event scene.

Will Ferrera & Cheeseburger vs Shane Taylor & Rhett Titus vs Chris Sabin & Alex Shelly. For just throwing a match together this one wasn’t bad.  All six performers looked good, Cheeseburger is getting better believe it or not.  The Motor City Machine Guns get the victory after Cheeseburger eats “Made in Detroit”

Frankie Kazarian vs Punishment Martinez

This was a relatively fast match going just over five minutes I believe, the crowd is throwing the “Nakamura” chant out at Martinez due to the identical red leather pants that Shinsuke is known to wear.  “Hangman” Page comes out and costs Frankie the victory for turning on the Bullet Club at the 15th Anniversary PPV.  Punishment Martinez gets the win.  **

BOBBY FISH makes a surprise return to ROH, saying that he’s not done w/ the promotion yet, and he has a list of guys that he has issues to resolve, first and foremost is Jay Lethal who defeated Bobby at the 15th Anniversary show.  Silas Young comes out and punks Bobby and basically says that no one cares, and to stop whining like a little girl.  Impromptu match time, and Bobby Fish essentially wins the real fast match by DQ when Silas shoves down the referee.  One thing I’d like to mention is the dive spot that was bad. Just watch, and you’ll see what I mean.

Will Osprey & Volador Jr. vs Dragon Lee & Jay White

I’d just like to say first off, that all four performers did an outstanding job in this match, and yes. There was a lot of “flippy shit’.  This was a straight up Lucha style match that was 100 miles per hour from the opening bell.  The action was super-fast paced, and everyone showed their athletic prowess.  Osprey and Volador pick up the win when Volador hits Jay White w/ a reverse hurricanrana off the top rope.  **** ALL DAY LONG


Almighty Christopher Daniels defends against Dalton Castle w/ The Boys!!!!!!

First thing I noticed about this match, which I personally was super excited for was the lack or crowd interest.  This match was….really missing something.  It wasn’t up to par for what these two can do, Daniels takes out the Boys early on w/ a split leg moon salt to the floor.  Dalton hit a weak Bangarang, Daniels kicks out, Daniels hits the BME, and Dalton kicks out.  Eventually around the 15 minute mark, Daniels rolled up Dalton while he was looking for the delayed German suplex and gets the win.  Post-match…the new main event player shows up and it’s…..Cody Rhodes.  He beats the s*** out of Castle and Daniels picks up the ROH World Championship and poses for the camera.  Daniels partner Frankie Kazarian comes out to make the save.  I hate to say it, but this match disappointed me.  ** 3/4


Broken Hardy’s vs The Young Bucks…..this is the good stuff.

“F*** THAT OWL” is being bellowed thru the Lakeland Center as soon as the Hardy’s appear.  The Hardy’s are DELETEING everyone, and the Superkick titles as well.  I’m not going to go thru this match, because it was just insanity from bell to bell.  It was everything you would hope for and more.  Broken Matt and Brother Nero have done something so memorable this year in professional wrestling and ROH helped them to do it.  Every one of their appearances for Ring of Honor were….WONDERFUL.  Their match at the 15th Anniversary show is already up there for match of the year, and this one….was better.  Nick Jackson is hands down one of the most amazing athletes in Pro Wrestling today, and his brother is right there w/ him.  They killed each other, hitting one ridiculous spot after another.  I loved this match and I love all four of these guys.  But alas, all good things come to an end, and this end came after the Hardy’s and Bucks are visibly hurt and worn out, climbing the ladder to reach the belts….but…the Hardy’s eat a pair of superkicks and fall off the ladder, leaving the Bucks of Youth alone…..they reach up and grab their gold. BUCKS WIN!!!!  NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!!!! ****3/4


The Hardy’s compliment the Young Bucks and say that they are the best tag team they have ever faced in their careers and then they say they’re not sure how much longer they can go like this, but tag team wrestling is safe in the hands of the BEST TAG TEAM ON THIS PLANET THE YOUNG BUCKS!!!!!    WOW.  Loved this show, best matches were the opener w/ Marty Scurll and Adam Cole, and of course the Tag Team Ladder Match!!!!!!!!!

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