Wrestlemania 33, A Triumph?

By Ciaran-James @TheCiaranJames

WWE Cruiserweight Title, Neville © def. Austin Aries

Why this appeared on the pre show I’ll never know, it was easily one of the matches of the evening and the best Cruiserweight championship match to date. Neville and Aries both exhibited their credentials to a world wide audience, the fans in attendance also gave their seal of approval throughout the contest. The top cruiserweights in WWE delivered as we all knew they would, it’s just a shame this wasn’t broadcast on the main show. Surprisingly to some the defending champion retained against a very game Austin Aries.

Andre The Giant Battle Royal

As I previously said in my review on Saturday this gimmick has been watered down ever since it’s inception, even worse was the fact that the once treasured Braun Strowman was easily eliminated soon into the contest. The gimmick fell further into mediocrity when green as grass Mojo Rawley was crowned winner.

WWE IC Title, Dean Ambrose © def. Baron Corbin

Many people included myself were a little perturbed when this match popped up on the preshow, after a relatively strong build and increased push of Corbin the match fell apart. Dean and Baron failed to shine, in what should have been Corbin’s crowning achievement we were treated to a by the numbers wrestling match usually seen on SDLive. This was a waste of Corbin and once more Ambrose failed to shine on the big show.

AJ Styles def. Shane McMahon

Well wasn’t this a late April Fools joke, for twenty minutes we had to tolerate Shane McMahon matching Styles move for move while at times out wrestling him. What could have been a simple effective wrestling contest descended into a mess, the McMahon’s as always had to assert their dominance and prove they could go toe to toe with their own talent. This was extremely frustrating to watch as Shane at times out wrestled and countered the wrestler AJ Styles, it truly was embarrassing to watch. When Shane reversed the first Phenomenal Forearm after going through a table my heart was in my mouth, thankfully someone remembered Styles was a commodity and allowed him the victory.

WWE United States Championship, Kevin Owens def. Chris Jericho © 

This was the most emotionally charged match of the evening, the friends turned enemies vied for the US Title as their hostilities clouded the issue. The match was solid as you would expect but it didn’t have that Wrestlemania feeling and lacked the big show appeal. The feud was anticlimactic, both performed exceptionally well but it didn’t really set the world on fire. There is no denying that Jericho has stood the test of time, however you could tell last night that he has really lost a step over the years. The right person won for the good of the company.

RAW Women’s Title, Bayley © def. Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Nia Jax.

After wasted PPV records and Bayley’s title chase coming all to soon this Women’s match lacked any decent build. The contenders apart from Nia Jax have been here before, it was same old, same old. The match was rushed and offered very little for the combatants to exhibit their skill, Charlotte however executed  picture perfect Corkscrew Moonsault before losing out to Bayley.

RAW Tag Team Title, The Hardy Boyz def. Gallows/Anderson, Enzo Cass, Cesaro Sheamus

This was memorable for one reason, the deafening chants of DELETE! DELETE! Rang out as the Brothers Hardy returned to the WWE after a long hiatus. Only twenty four hours earlier they had dropped the ROH Tag Team Titles to Bucks of Youth in a well received Ladder Match. This was a perfect homecoming for one of WWE’s greatest tag teams, the match was easily one of the best of the night. All competitors stood tall as the Hardy’s rolled back the years.

John Cena/Nikki Bella def. The Miz/Maryse

Well wasn’t this a waste of time for Miz, when a wresting match is booked just so a wrestlers can propose to another you know you’re in trouble. After arguably the best year of his career The Miz was used only to further Cena’s superhero status, the most memorable part of this match was the huge ovation received by the Miz from the fans, the cheers for this heel were amazing.

Non-Sanctioned Match, Seth Rollins def. Triple H

It was clear last night that Seth’s injury was never as bad as WWE had us believe as his valiantly defeated the evil Boss! This again was anticlimactic, the build was memorable but the match like others lacked that Wrestlemania feeling. Rollins & Triple H beat the hell out of each other for over twenty minutes before a distraction from Stephanie, she was then sent careering off the apron and through a table. This then caused another distraction which allowed Rollins to hit him with the Pedigree to hopefully draw a line under this feud.

WWE Title, Randy Orton def. Bray Wyatt © 

This was the worst match of the evening and once more Randy fails to perform on the big stage. Forgettable.

WWE Universal Title, Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman def. Goldberg © 

Finally Goldberg was in a match he could be proud of, the former WCW enigma finally eat a defeat after the most thrilling four minutes and forty-five seconds in WWE history. The Beast Incarnate took multiple Spears and a Jackhammer before kicking out, he then rose to take Goldberg to Suplex City before dropping him with an F5.

Roman Reigns def. The Undertaker

This result was what was needed, unfortunately my only gripe is that WWE didn’t pull the trigger on a Roman heel turn. This match won’t stand up against the greats but it served it’s purpose, it told a story and solidified Roman as the WWE’s next phenom. Roman looked as good as ever as the ageing Undertaker looked every bit his age, by the time the contest ended the Deadman looked as if he was. The torch was passed to Reigns as the younger superstar left ringside to give Undertaker his swan song, as Reigns walked up the ramp Taker before leaving his belongins in the ring.



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