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By Josh Coulson  @BristolBeadz

It’s Wrestlemania Monday! And what a show we were treated to last night. Raw has a new Universal champion, United States champ and a couple of BROKEN tag champions. Plus of course the top story, it would appear that Roman Reigns kept his word and has taken control of The Undertaker’s yard. Wrestlemania is only half the story though as tonight will showcase the fall out with the beginning of a new wrestling year.

Raw has a new Universal champion, and maybe more importantly for the new champ Brock Lesnar has finally over come the one anomaly in his career and defeated Goldberg. Rest assured there is going to be some serious bragging to be done tonight by Paul Heyman. With Goldberg likely heading off into the sunset also, who will dare step up and be Brock’s first challenger?

Did you have your heart broken last night as you watched The Undertaker fall to Roman Reigns and seemingly retire? Well if you didn’t your heart must be made of stone. Reigns laid waste to The Deadman and now it really is The Big Dog’s yard. What will Roman have to say about his dominant performance plus what’s next for him? And will we see anything from Taker? His retirement was all but confirmed by his actions last night but he may grace Raw for one final goodbye.

There were rumblings what we would see Matt and Jeff Hardy at Wrestlemania last night, and low and behold we did. Team Extreme have finally come home and they won the Raw tag team championships on their first night back. What’s more is it would appear that the Hardys still seem a little…broken. There will be a whole hose of talent in that locker room aching for the chance to take on the Hardy Boyz and tonight on Raw we’ll find out exactly who will be first in line to be deleted.

The king is dead, long live the king. After Triple H inadvertently sent his wife careening through a table, Seth Rollins fulfilled his prophecy and slayed the king. Last year Triple H was nowhere to be found after he fell at Wrestlemania. This year with Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe doing his bidding it may not be that simple. Rollins may have defied the odds last night but he’ll need to watch his back tonight on Raw.

Kevin Owens successfully gained revenge on Chris Jericho for the loss of his Universal title. The Prizefighter rounded off the former best friends’ bitter rivalry by beating him in Orlando and taking his United States championship. What comes next for KO is still unclear. If Triple H is indeed on Raw tonight then we may see the official forming of a very dangerous faction tonight as Owens and Joe join forces to work under the tutelage of The Cerebral Assassin.

There will be so much more unfolding on tonight’s Raw. Who will be Bayley and Neville’s next challengers after successful Mania defences? Will we see any superstars jumping brands? Plus surely now we’ll see the return of Finn Balor? It’s the one night of the year that Raw being three hours long isn’t long enough and it’ll set the tone for the coming months.

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