WWE Wrestlemania 33, What’s Best For Business

By Ciaran-James @TheCiaranJames

The Andre The Giant Battle Royal This gimmick has been watered down ever since Cesaro won the inaugural match at Wrestlemania 30, since then it has been downgraded to the preshow with zero fanfare. This year a majority of lower to midcard talent have been entered along with the current SDLive tag team division, Big Show & Braun Strowman.

What’s Best For Business: With zero argument Braun Strowman should dominate this match and be declared the winner, his 6 months push suddenly slowed post Fastlane and he is earmarked for future success. After getting lost in the shuffle come Mania, this is the perfect match for him to reassert himself at the top of the card on RAW.

WWE SDLive Women’s Title Match This match was booked to get everyone on the show, there is zero interest even from the company.

What‘s Best For Business: Becky Lynch or Alexa Bliss win.

Intercontinental Title Match, Baron Corbin vs Dean Ambrose © Right now on SDLive, Corbin is on the rise and Ambrose is on the decline. Since his feud with Styles ended, Dean quickly entered into feud with Miz and in doing so won the title, in the months since the good work Miz did for the title has gone and Dean is floundering. Baron has been on the rise since the turn of the year, WWE’s “Lone Wolf” has improved amazingly and WWE seem to be intent on pushing him strong.

What’s Best For Business: Baron needs to go over strong against Dean and I think WWE will allow him to, he’s on the rise and even the audience seem to approve. Dean is the key to making this work, the worry after his match against Brock last year and Summerslam match with Ziggler is that he fails to impress on the big stage. Let’s hope this time he does what’s needed.

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match, Neville © vs Austin Aries Neville since returning and winning the title has been in the best form of his career, he has raised the profile of the division and the title. Austin Aries is another great addition to the team, the former TNA Champion has the skill to raise bring the division on even further. If given the time this is a potential match of the night contender.

What‘s Best For Business: A Neville or Aries win.

RAW Tag Team Title Triple Threat Ladder Match, Enzo&Cass, Cesaro&Sheamus, Gallows&Anderson © This match was announced early Tuesday and little excitement, the RAW tag team title scene has been in disarray since the New Day won the titles for a second time. Gallows & Anderson have been misused since their signing from NJPW and Cesaro/Sheamus are criminally underutilised. This match like a lot of content on RAW has been rushed and booked terribly.

What’s Best For Business: If Styles moves to RAW then Gallows/Anderson should win, however my bet is that WWE allow Enzo & Cass to go win, this is a bad move as they might be over but they lack the credentials to be taken seriously.

United States Title Match, Chris Jericho © vs Kevin Owens This is one of three matches that could steal the show, a near year long story finally came to blows several weeks ago on RAW during the “Festival of Friendship”. Since KO’s beatdown on Y2J he has returned to being the nasty, violent, arrogant character we all love, although he lost the Universal Title as Fastlane he’s never been better. Jericho just matures with age, my personal favourite wrestler of all time continues to evolve and reinvent himself every time he returns to WWE. Chris & Kevin have been exceptional since their friendship started, this is arguably the feud of the year.

What’s Best For Business: With KO’s return to the true darkside he needs to go over, plus if Jericho takes another break then it makes sense for Owens to win. If Jericho does prevail them I can easily see him dropping the title at the next RAW PPV.

John Cena/Nikki Bella vs The Miz/Maryse This match has been built on personal hatred for one another, the vignettes and promos have been electric. Rumours have been that this will all lead to Cena finally proposing to Nikki post win, although this makes sense for WWE profit wise it’s a waste of Miz. The former reality TV star has got better as he’s aged, along with Maryse the Miz is on the verge of the WWE Title scene, his work over the last year has been career defining.

What’s Best For Business: The Miz would benefit hugely by winning, however the way this has gone it seems it’s going to go Cena’s way once more on the biggest show of the year.

RAW Women’s Title Match, Bayley © vs Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Nia Jax Well what  more can be said, WWE have within six months ruined the character of Bayley, wasted Charlotte’s unbeaten PPV record, pushed a still green Nia Jax and lost faith with Sasha. Ideally if WWE weren’t always rushing Bayley could be about to capture the title while destroying Charlotte’s record.

What’s Best For Business: With the way WWE have booked the women’s division this is anyone’s guess, I predict Sasha to turn heel and betray Bayley.

WWE Title Match, Bray Wyatt © vs Randy Orton The most pointless WWE Title feud of the last decade comes to a boiling point at Wrestlemania, will Randy phone it in once more or will he finally put on a Mania worthy performance? Bray one of the most wasted talents ever won the title, since then he doesn’t seem to really care he had hold of it. This is a forgettable feud and match if ever there was one.

What’s Best For Business: Bray needs rebuilding, a win here would help with that rebuild.

WWE Universal Title, Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman Well didn’t the Goldberg return get out of hand, what started off as video game publicity quickly spiralled out of control. We were all shocked when he defeated Lesnar with relative ease at Survivor Series, however when he defeated Owens for the Universal Title at Fastlane it all got a little out of hand.

What’s Best For Business: Roman Reigns to defeat the winner of RAW the following evening.

AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon WWE’s best signing in the last decade finds himself honoured with a match with Shane McMahon, well that’s how the McMahon family see it. There were many questions leading up to this match, why did AJ lost the WWE title, why wasn’t Joe or Nakamura acquired by Shane to fight for him? The flipside to this is that after AJ wins he will soon enough become WWE’s biggest face, and he will also receive huge attention because of this match.

What’s Best For Business: A Styles win without argument.

Non Sanctioned Match, Triple H vs Seth Rollins Well hasn’t this feud hopped over the finish line, Triple H has since this feud began become the biggest heel on RAW. His promos have been delivered accuracy and professionalism, he has more or less promoted the feud, Seth’s injury came at the worst time. He has questionably rushed back and in doing so may reinjure himself. The feud has faced problems, however with these two finally facing off there is bound to be fireworks.

What‘s Best For Business: Seth needs this win, he needs to promo on RAW then take some time off, However don’t be surprised if Triple H emerges victorious.

The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns The most Wrestlemania worthy match is surely the one to watch, with this rumoured to be the main event it is without doubt going to be a spectacle. Undertaker has since returning in January looked frail, Roman on the other hands looks more determined than ever, his promo delivery over the past few weeks has also improved. With Reigns seemingly turning to the darkside this match could finally be the catalyst for his biggest career run to date.

What’s Best For Business: Roman is faster, younger, stronger, he must win. He must walk through Taker

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