Pro Wrestling Chaos Present’s, Total Chaos 2017, Bristol 25/3/17

The Review By Ciaran-James @TheCiaranJames

Total Chaos is a lottery, matches and opponents chosen at random, what can happen, will happen

Eddie Ryan def. Dick Riley

The first match of the evening got off to a solid but slow start, with both wrestlers at different stages of their Chaos careers, each had something to prove. For Eddie Ryan that one on one contest with the King of Chaos Champion still looms large, so Eddie wanted to make an example of Dick. Riley wanted to keep the momentum high after splitting from Magnum Partner Chris Walker in November 2016. The audience felt a little flat as the contest began, both were methodical in their approach, Dick it seemed spent too much time trying to wow the audience while Eddie became incensed. The match went back and forth in the early going with either man able to keep the other down, both dominated for periods until Riley took over. Dick in a great show of strength suplexed Eddie from the outside in, this got the fans involved as the former Magnum continued the assault. Eddie recovered as the two traded stiff blows, Eddie went for his submission but Riley powered out and hit an Enziguri then Moonsault combo for a close fall. Dick caught Eddie with a Rolling Cutter that didn’t connect properly before Ryan finally locked in the dreaded Cobra Clutch for a big win.

Eddie Dennis & El Ligero def. Martin Kirby & Alex Steele

Once again, the ultra-talented teams of Project Lucha & Steele Dragons clashed, this time however roles were reversed as the Chaos Generator mix up the proceedings. The match as solid as it was, once more was slightly blurred by the comedy moments during the match, I am all for comedy in wrestling but not with these two premier teams. When the comedy did settle down the wrestling was as always very good, sometime exceptional as the story of the match flowed, partner against partner, friend against friend, the contest was a showcase of the tag team division. One sour not however was the ending, as the match reached its finale Alex seemed to feign injury to which long-time partner Eddie Dennis approached with caution. This it seemed was just a ruse as Steele attempted to roll up Eddie for a quick victory, in an act of visible aggression Eddie easily picked up Alex for a High Angle Side Slam for the victory. Was Dennis upset by his partners cheating? Let’s wait and see.

Wild Boar def. Edwin Ricci (1 half of Modern Culture, KOC Tag Team Champion)

As luck would have it Wild Boar manged to get a modicum of revenge on one member of Modern Culture, the Chaos Generator populated this short but very impressive wrestling match. After an initial show of power and aggression from Boar another of the Dragon Pro Academy graduates excelled inside a Chaos ring, Edwin took over and dominated Boar for long periods of the match. Ricci looked very slick as he kept Boar at bay with kicks and his patented Double Stomp, the only problem being that Boar would not stay down. At the last two events, I’ve questioned Chaos’s presentation with younger/new talent but here they dispelled that with Edwin’s performance. Ricci’s frustration led to an opening for Boar, in an impressive sequence he caught Edwin with a hard hitting Powerbomb then immediately folded him up for a scary looking Package Piledriver for a long-awaited win.

Pete Dunne def. Big Grizzly

Just like last month at ATTACK “Gorilla Pressed & Deep In Conversation” the audience erupted as current WWE superstar the “Bruiserweight” Pete Dunne returned to Chaos to challenge Big Grizzly. No matter the progress he has made in a year Pete Dunne has not changed, he is still the aggressive, vile performer he always has been, the difference now is that he has the respect of the fans. Like ATTACK the audience welcomed backed a WWE superstar, arguably the most well-known right now. He walked out and squashed his opponent with relative ease, Grizzly had brief moments of dominance but Dunne would quickly recover and boss the match. Dunne showed great strength as he hit crash landing and eventually the Bitter End to claim a victory. Dunne made small hints towards Triple H/WWE as he hit the Pedigree early on and crotch chopped Grizzly after the match. This was undoubtedly Pete Dunne’s best moment at Chaos, he returned a true wrestling superstar and soaked up the appreciation. One thing to keep in mind though, are we seeing the “Bruiserweights” farewell tour?

Jeckel def. Gideon

This was obviously part of the continuous effort to get The Brotherhood over as threats, up until last night they had been made to look losers. Thankfully their appearance last night saved their skins, they first ran out before the contest began, Dave Mercy and security (including ProEVO tag team the Renegades) ran the heels off so the match could get under way. This was as you’d expect a brawl, the two bulls of Chaos clashed hard as the match went back and forth, it’s easy to see what Chaos are doing, the teased Team H8 reunion is coming. After some clubbing action Jeckel picked up the win with his inverted Suplex/FaceBuster.

It was baptism time for The Brotherhood as they finally made their mark on Pro Wrestling Chaos, the young lions returned and destroyed the veterans with beautiful Triple Sitout Powerbombs. Joe Mezinger then took the mic and proceeded to call out Dave Mercy, seemingly frustrated with the Dragon Pro & 4FW academy graduate’s behaviour, Mercy honoured them with Chaos contracts. We will seem them officially debut as Chaos roster members next month at “Sweet Dreams” on April 29th.

Mike Bird def. Jimmy Havoc

This match more than any other contest typified Chaos, these two seasoned veterans tore up the place. Jimmy, it seems doesn’t like the ring as once more this match ended up in the crowd, only a few minutes into this match these two were flying and into the audience. The stewards at ringside told the first, second and third rows to run for cover as Bird and Havoc crashed and burned. Duel chants for both rang out as events quickly spiralled out of control, Bird did take a hard fall to the ground in one sequence but thankfully his devilish grin wiped away our fears. As the action continued around ringside fans ran for cover, Jimmy attempting to regain control forcibly smashed Mike’s head into a hard-wooden door, it looked and sounded authentic. The brawling continued before they eventually returned to the ring, they then both pulled out the big moves looking for victory. Havoc caught Bird and hit the Acid Rainmaker for a super close near fall, Jimmy was perturbed by his opponent’s resilience, they both hit each other with Flip Piledrivers and immediately stood up (I for one am not a fan of this, a Piledriver is a serious move and should be treated as much) this however did not take away from the quality of the match. Mike Bird hasn’t had the best start to Chaos in 2017 so he needed a big victory here and he got it. Both men cancelled each other out before Mike caught Jimmy with a picture perfect Sitout Crucifix Powerbomb, without hesitation he picked up Jimmy again this time for a Cradle Piledriver and victory.

King of Chaos Championship Match

Flash Morgan Webster © def. Danny Jones (1 half of Modern Culture, KOC Tag Team Champion)

The Chaos Generator picked stable mate Danny Jones to challenge Flash, this scenario although welcomed came to soon into the Modern Culture storyline. After some deliberation and tease Jones lay down for Webster to retain his Chaos Championship.

As Flash and Jones celebrated Wil Boar appeared on stage, with chair in hand the former champion challenged Flash one on one. Webster agreed, on two conditions, if Boar were to lose he would not be able challenge for the title within a year, secondly this was to be a No Disqualification match.

King of Chaos Championship Match

Flash Morgan Webster © def. Wild Boar

In a valiant display of loyalty Danny Jones went charging at Wild Boar only to meet a steel chair, the Wild one clobbered Jones until he lay unconscious on the stage. The theme of the evening ‘Total Chaos’ seemed evident as Flash and Boar battered each other around ringside and on the stage, Webster’s Hurricanrana was a sight to see. They continued brawling as the audience roared their approval for Boar, the former was looking to put this contest away as the frustration grew. The action returned to the ring as Webster looked confident but desperate, he readied a chair in the corner but it was himself who went crashing into it first. Boar wrestled the contest back in his favour, the coast seemed clear, but as expected the Tag Team Champions reappeared. Boar lost it and sent Ricci packing with brutal chair shots, it was again one on one as Boar delivered the Package Piledriver. Flash kicked out as the audience looked on in disbelief, Danny Jones recovered from his earlier beating came back looking for more, Boar was happy to oblige. Like earlier against Ricci, Boar caught Webster with his Powerbomb/Package Piledriver combo for a very close near fall, Wild Boar could not believe it, his opponent was harder than he thought. Out of desperation Boar ascended to the top turnbuckle, unfortunately for him this would be his downfall, as he leapt off Flash moved, Boar’s title chances began to fade. Morgan Webster saw his opportunity, he hit Boar with a V-Trigger Knee Strike and his signature Strangler Submission hold to retain the title.

In true heel fashion Webster lured in the audience, he gave a from the heart promo about recovering from his injury and staying relevant because of Chaos. He thanked everyone for giving him the platform to perform, as the applause started he viciously turned on the fans, he told the people in attendance to kiss his ass. Modern Culture then vacated while taunting the audience to a chorus of boo’s. This was the perfect sign off to his heel character.

I for one am a big fan of Flash, he has the tools to make a huge name for himself and to raise the profile of the King of Chaos Championship. He as champion brings a new dynamic to Chaos, along with Modern Culture the storyline possibilities are endless.

This event exhibited Chaos at their very best, it won’t be long before they are knocking on the door of Progress.


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