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By Josh Coulson @BristolBeadz

The second edition of Kayfabe Today’s WWE Power Rankings and its all change! Well almost all change. The Road to Wrestlemania always has many twists and turns and because of that only two of last week’s superstars have made it in to this week’s top ten. So without further ado let’s start running them down

10. The Usos (NEW ENTRY)


There was an awful lot going on during this week’s chaotic episode of SmackDown Live, especially towards the end. So you’d be forgiven for forgetting that the blue brand’s main event actually saw The Usos defeat SmackDown tag champions American Alpha. A big win for the twins that seemingly earns them a shot at AA’s titles in the future.

9. Kassius Ohno (NEW ENTRY)


Kassius Ohno recently returned to NXT, and he’s returned with a bang. This week Ohno had the opportunity to do what he couldn’t last time he was in NXT and that’s become the brand’s champion. Unfortunately for him Kassius did not leave NXT with Bobby Roode’s belt, but a couple of times he came extremely close. A great main event on this week’s show.

8. Triple H (NEW ENTRY)


Seth Rollins returned to Raw on Monday night and gave The Game a little bit of a shock. To begin with it looked like The Architect would occupy this spot in the rankings. However HHH turned the tables and closed out this week’s Raw standing tall over Rollins. It certainly perked my interest in whether their match at Wrestlemania 33 is going to happen or not.

7. Samoa Joe (DOWN 3)


Joe has certainly made an impact since he arrived on Raw. However he’s slipped down the power rankings this week despite dominating Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn alongside Kevin Owens. Joe may have asserted his dominance once again but his and KO’s aggression got the better of them and saw them disqualified.

6. Big Show (NEW ENTRY)

Big Show

WWE are viewing the falling through of Big Show’s Wrestlemania match with Shaq as a disappointment. I see it as quite the contrary. The lack of that match frees up a spot for a match actually worth watching. Plus Show’s placement in the annual battle royal is much more fitting. He’s on a bit of a tear at the moment also, destroying Titus O Neil on Raw this week.

5. Mickie James (NEW ENTRY)


Mickie James and Alexa Bliss’s coalition is officially over. Last week James struck down the champion and this week she earned herself a massive win over her former ally. Odd that WWE would pull the trigger on that match so soon, but some good momentum for Mickie as she heads into the women’s title match at Wrestlemania in less than three weeks.

4. Bobby Roode (NEW ENTRY)


As I mentioned Bobby Roode and Kassius Ohno squared off for Roode’s title on NXT this week. A great match and since the loser is on this list it’s only logical that the winner and defending champion places higher than him. A fantastic showing from Roode who fought off everything Ohno had to throw at him. It’ll be Bobby facing Shinsuke Nakamura at Takeover on Wrestlemania weekend.

3. Sasha Banks (NON MOVER)


Sasha placed in the third last week, and another strong showing on this week’s Raw has ensured that she keep that high placing. The Boss fought off Dana Brooke on Monday night in next to no time at all. At Wrestlemania she’ll face off against Bayley and Charlotte for the women’s championship. At this moment in time Banks looks by far the strongest out of the three of them.

2. AJ Styles (NEW ENTRY)


Yes he may have been ‘fired’, but AJ is back to the point where he can seemingly do no wrong. Not in the fans’ eyes anyway. The Phenomenal One opened SmackDown Live with a killer promo before heading backstage to hunt down and attack Shane McMahon. Styles vs Shane may not be the match that everyone wanted to see AJ in at Wrestlemania, but at least he’s on the card and after his actions on Tuesday night I’m a lot more interested in the angle as a whole.

1.Austin Aries (NEW ENTRY)


The number one spot could only possibly go to one man this week, Austin Aries. A Double has only just arrived on the main roster and he’s already making quite the impression. He had a successful Raw debut on Monday defeating Ariya Daivari and that wasn’t all. On 205 Live the following night Aries saw off four other challengers in what was probably the best WWE match of the week to become number on contender to the cruiserweight title. Neville vs Aries is the best possible match you could get out of the 205 Live roster right now and we’re going to get it at Wrestlemania.


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