Catching up with Maritimes star JP Simms

By Lewis Carlan @PWSoth

 On April 29th, the UCW, based out of Nova Scotia, will hold its huge 10th anniversary show which will see well known talents such as Ryback and Abyss competing on the card. The stacked card is headlined by UCW Champion Markus Burke defending his title against #1 contender J.P. Simms.

I caught up with J.P. Simms and we discussed a number of things such as the UCW 10th anniversary show and the legit bad blood that now exists between him and the WrestleCentre promotion.

Hope you enjoy my latest conversation with J.P. Simms.

 Lewis: Hello J.P! Thank you for giving me and Kayfabe Today some of your time today. It’s always a pleasure catching up with you.

JP Simms: Hey Lewis!!! My pleasure! Thank you for having me back on Kayfabe today. It’s been awhile!

Lewis: Yes it has been awhile and I’m glad we are having another conversation. A lot has happened in the life of JP Simms since we last talked for Kayfabe Today, first and foremost, congratulations on the birth of your son!

JP Simms:  Likewise! A lot has changed! Thank You! I couldn’t be any happier being a dad. He’s happy, he’s healthy! I’m truly blessed.

Lewis: Yes, being a dad is awesome. They do grow fast so enjoy the baby years while you can. Let’s cut to the chase, what in the world is going on with you and WrestleCentre? It seems like there is legit bad blood between the two of you.

JP Simms:  There is 100% legit heat! So to get right to it, about 6 weeks ago, I went to film a few scenes for WrestleCentre TV with Jason Mosher & Tyler Burns (WrestleCentre producers). I said right in the car as we were driving that I didn’t know 100% if I could do the next WrestleCentre show because it was pushing so close to March 18th which was my sons due date. Their show was scheduled for March 23rd. So Jason said “No Problem just let me know”. So as weeks passed and the due date got closer, I realized it was too close for a couple reasons. For one, I had 9 days off from my other job for when my son was to be born, which he came two weeks early. I told Jason well before that about how it was too hard for me to ask for an additional day off from work when I already took my alotted family time off. I work Monday to Friday, if his show fell on a weekend where I was already off, it would have been a different story. So I told Jason I couldn’t do the show, he said “No problem man”. A couple days later, I get contacted by one of the workers saying Jason reached out to him asking him to do a mockery of my character. Jason wanted him to wear my camo, copy my mannerisms, copy my move set, etc. This wrestler told me he didn’t feel comfortable doing it without talking to me first. Jason Mosher told him that “JP Simms wasn’t allowed to work for WrestleCentre anymore because of UCW” and he seemed overly confident that I WOULD be back in WrestleCentre. So of course I said no to the stupid idea, that I wasn’t ok with it. Then I sent Jason a message asking him what was up with him telling people I wasn’t allowed to work for him because of UCW, and why he would try a dumb idea like mocking my character. Typical Jason Mosher, he acted like it was all good. So I left it at that. Then a week later, I get a message from another worker, Jim Joyce (who didn’t mind me saying his name) and he told me Jason proposed the same idea to him. So even AFTER I let Jason know I didn’t appreciate it, he still went and asked another guy. So that was where I said enough is enough, this guy is a joke! He is so insecure that he needs feed his own ego by mocking my character, so I decided to put my feelings out there on social media. I’m not one to air my drama online for the world to see, but when he keeps going to people when I clearly said I didn’t like it, I decided I’d put it on full blast!

Lewis: Wow, ok, so again, this is not a work but legit heat correct? Not part of a storyline?

JP Simms: I swear on my LIFE! It is 100% real. Jason Mosher will do anything to try and work the boys and make a dollar. But I can assure it is 100% real. There won’t be JP Simms showing up at the next show. This is legit. You will see in time, well about a year because he runs only 3 shows a year, but watch you won’t see JP Simms back in WrestleCentre.

Lewis: Ok, JP, I believe you. No need to swear on your life. Did this heat actually begin when you took some dates for UCW which is a rival promotion as you were the champion for WrestleCentre at the time?

JP Simms: It sure did. I was the WrestleCentre champ, but they don’t run many shows and I needed work. I missed the UCW experience so I went back to that promotion. Out of respect to WrestleCentre, I didn’t do the Halifax show as they run their shows mainly in that area. I did 4 other dates outside of Halifax. I wrestled Rikishi (wwe legend) on the first night, and Jason Mosher lost it and buried me to everyone about taking the stink face. According to him “it killed all my credibility” even though the Undertaker took the stink face, Stone Cold, The Rock etc took it in WWE, and clearly we are NO WWE. How does it bury me? It’s a WORK! Then he skipped the entire summer with NO live shows, so I went ahead and worked the Halifax show the next month.

Lewis: The old saying is “never say never” but is it safe to say that JP Simms will never be in a WrestleCentre ring again?

JP Simms: Never! I don’t expect anyone to particularly believe that. But trust me I won’t go back.

Lewis: Ok, let’s switch gears; you are in the main event against the UCW Champion Markus Burke on April 29th which the big UCW 10th anniversary show. What are your thoughts going into this huge match with one of the best wrestlers in Canada right now Markus Burke?

JP Simms: Well it’s no doubt the biggest wrestling event in Maritime history, and I’d say the biggest main event between two guys from the Maritimes, not out of town stars. My thoughts are that it’s going to live up to the hype in every way! I am super motivated, and training my ass off for this match. This match has been two years in the making. We have BIG matches to follow, but I know it will deliver! When JP Simms is put on the big stage, he always delivers! So expect an epic encounter! And expect me to walk out of the match as the 3 time UCW champion!

 Lewis:  UCW Champion Markus Burke actually has a question for which he just posted on the UCW FB page.

Markus Burke asks – “Does he feel privileged that he’ll be able to feed his family because of me? You’re welcome for the big paycheck kid.”  What is your response to that?

JP Simms: Ha! One person doesn’t fill the arena, so he may get all the cheers, but without JP Simms getting all the fans booing, he’s really just another guy. And I’m going to prove that on April 29th Markus.  Burke, I’ve been there and heard that already. I’ve wrestled AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels twice, and lots of workers that are way more credible than you Markus Burke. This isn’t my first big pay day. #unoriginal

Lewis: What is like being on the same card as Ryback and Abyss knowing they will most likely be watching your performance?

 JP Simms: It’s an amazing feeling; because the adrenaline rush is on full blast as it is, and knowing worldwide stars like Ryback and Abyss are watching pushes me harder to best the absolute best I can be.

Lewis: I have another question from a fan and it’s a funny one, I need to ask this – David Harrison from Toronto wants to know – On non show nights what time to you go to bed? Real question!

JP Simms: LOL on show nights, I go to bed around 3 am or so. I work evening shifts at my other job.

Lewis: I gotta admit, that was a strange question.

JP Simms: Yes, it was. LOL.

Lewis:  Talk to me about IHW, which is another promotion in the Maritimes. I have seen and have been involved in a few interesting posts on their FB page. What is your involvement with IHW?

JP Simms: I have no involvement with IHW. I just think its funny how they act like they are the number 1 company in the Maritimes when they simply are not. They book the same old guys and I just wanted to make that apparent. People always have stuff to say about me, so I figured I’d voice my opinion as well. Julien Young and those guys are boring and can’t deliver like they think they can.

Lewis: Wow, those are strong words for IHW and Julien Young (Maritimes wrestler). I know you need to get going so I will ask, what does the future hold for JP Simms?

JP Simms: Big things coming in 2017 for JP Simms! The future is looking up! And I’m going to show everybody!

Lewis: Well, thank you for your time today JP! It’s always a pleasure catching up with you. Again, congratulations on the birth of your son and good luck with your huge match against UCW Champion Markus Burke on April 29th.

JP Simms: Thank you! It was great chatting with you as always. I appreciate the support!


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