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By Luke Dorsch @Luke_Dorsch

The Ring of Honor 15th Anniversary show starts with a great video package showcasing all the previous Anniversary shows and some of the momentous moments of those events. The crowd seems electric and we have the returning Kevin Kelly, Ian Riccaboni, and Colt Cabana doing commentary.

The first match starts with Kenny King going up against Jay White, this is a good opener for the PPV, Kenny King is a solid wrestler getting better every time he’s out there.  The same can be sa8d for Jay White, and they worked well together.  Jay White seems to be lacking some identity but it’s a work in progress.  The finish comes after King lifts White into a Firemans carriage position, White reverses into a small package and gets the pin.

The second contest is the number one Contender for the TV Championship six-man match which features Silas young, Frankie Kazarian, Cheeseburger, Hangman Page, Punishment Martinez, and Chris Sabin.  This was a great match that was full of terrific spot one that you just need to see for yourself the Finish came when Frankie Kazarian pinned Cheeseburger after he hit the Ace of Spades.

The next match was the top contenders match with Jay Lethal vs Bobby Fish. This was one of my favourite matches of the whole card and it was probably the best Jay Lethal has looked in a while at least for me everything was sharp, everything looked good, the to work well together Bobby Fish was working on the leg, he hit the knee bar a couple times finally Jay Lethal hit the lethal injection and got the PIN, this was a three-and-a-half-star match.

Next, we had Dalton Castle and the Boys going up against The Kingdom for the six-man tag team titles. TK O’Ryan went for the asai moon salt and his legs hit the barricade and he most certainly injured himself, the match ended not long after with The Kingdom retaining.

TV Title time with the champion Marty Scurll vs Lio Rush.  This was another fantastic match I don’t have the exact time but it seemed like it went for about 15 minutes it was good the crowd was into it heavily, a lot of near falls I was just completely happy with that match.  there were a few times when Lio Rush looked like he was going to cheat the crowd gave him some booze eventually he did not cheat and Marty hit the chicken wing for the submission victory. Another side there for this match Marti also used Nigel McGuinness is finish the awesome Tower of London and it got a big pop from the crowd.

The next match was the sixth man with the Briscoes and Bully Ray against War Machine and Davey Boy Smith, Jr.  What you need to take away from this match is just how awesome War Machine is.  Every match with those guys is better than the last there was some dissension on their team they couldn’t get it right with Davey Boy Smith Jr and it cost them the victory eventually the Briscoes and Bully Ray hit the 3D and got the PIN.

The next was the Las Vegas street fight with the Young Bucks going up against Roppongi Vice and the ROH tag team champions Brother Nero and Broken Matt Hardy.  This is a match you must see to believe there were Tables Ladders chairs thumbtacks Shear insanity so many awesome spots and it also seems that Colt Cabana is not familiar with Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta’s Best friends tag team. Like I said this match was just ridiculous you must see it to believe it another awesome Young Bucks match and the crowd gave Trent a lot of love after the match was over and the Victory went to the Hardys.

And the main event the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels going up against the Ring of Honor Champion Adam Cole.  This was a pretty solid match from both guys Daniel’s his head was busted open after his head hit the ring post Adam Cole worked the head for a while eventually as the match true one Frankie Kazarian came to the rink and it looked like he was going to hit Daniels with the belt but he turned on the bullet Club and took his bullet Club shirt off to reveal an addiction t-shirt.

And then we saw Styles Clash by Daniel’s but Adam Cole kicked out, then three of the best moonsaults ever. 1 2 3 and after 15 years Christopher Daniels becomes the new world champion this was a great show and Ring of Honor is looking solid as ever in 2017

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