Young, Bitter & Proven: “The Bruiserweight” Rises

Young, Bitter & Proven, By Ciaran-James @TheCiaranJames

On Saturday night 25/2 I attended ATTACK Pro Wrestling: Gorilla Pressed & Deep in Conversation in Bristol, UK. Missing since November, Pete Dunne made his return to the promotion receiving a hero’s welcome. The audience in the Trinity Centre erupted for “The Bruiserweight”, I’ve attended a number of events and the reception Pete Dunne received was like no other. The rise of British independent wrestling has of course meant the rise of a new breed of professional wrestler and in some cases a throwback to the styles of old.

For Pete Dunne his career, professional and personal relationship especially with Mark Andrews came full circle last week on NXT. Pete Dunne prides himself on having a style that only he can exhibit, from the haircut, the smirk, the unforgiving attitude, there is no one quite like him. All those descriptions and characteristics are only part of “The Bruiserweight” persona, once he steps in the ring the atmosphere changes, the match is as hard and brutal as you would expect but you leave wanting more.

Pete Dunne 1

His return at ATTACK was an unforgettable memory, it wasn’t because he was a heel or face or that he had the best match, it was simply out of respect. Those of us who attend independent wrestling witness the growth of many an athlete, from their debut match to waving goodbye for the big time, we witness the highs and the lows. Pete like many independent wrestlers grew up in front of us, they become our heroes and villains, and they work tirelessly for our respect. After participating in the inaugural WWE UK tournament and debuting on NXT the world now knows the name Pete Dunne.

In January his exposure thanks to the WWE Network had him positioned as the top guy, from verbal confrontations with William Regal to being complimented by Triple H, he was the one everyone remembered. It seems the WWE machine is high on Pete Dunne, and we who watch his exploits in ATTACK, Progress, RevPro, Fight Club Pro and 4FW all know why. With the landscape rapidly changing in WWE it now seems there is room for the ultra-talented, no longer do you have to be 6ft’2 and 250 pounds, right now Pete Dunne fits in remarkably well.

Pete Dunne 2

There is no denying where “The Bruiserweight” is heading, he has turned the head of the biggest wrestling company in the world and seems set to make it his personal playground. Dunne exudes confidence, as soon as the bell rings he grabs your attention and doesn’t let go, everything he does has a purpose and within the squared circle he tells a story.

Once again ATTACK Pro gave us all a show to remember, but Saturday 25th February 2017 will be remembered as the day WWE superstar Pete Dunne returned to the UK independent scene.

*Many thanks to @oliringside (The Ringside Perspective) for the pictures*

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