Welcome Back, “The Anti-Christ of Pro Wrestling” By @TheCiaranJames

The opening scene of Raw was a delight to many fans of Kevin Owens, since winning the Universal Title we have longed for the real KO to reveal his true heelish side. With the spotlight firmly on him and the world watching he finally took the role of headliner, from cutting down Goldberg to dismissing Chris Jericho he spoke like a man full of confidence.

KO Raw 2

The promo coupled with the continued destruction of Sami Zayn only further solidified the true villain he is, the man willing to use every underhand tactic he can to win. The coldness in his eyes when he pinned Sami was scary, this is the KO that debut in NXT and took the roster by storm, and this is the man that was on the main roster in six months.

Within a week WWE have undone all the mistakes of the past several months, there is no denying the KO/Jericho tandem was great, however Owens was in jeopardy if being turned into a comedy character. That all changed when he presented Chris with the ‘List of KO’ midway through their ‘Festival of Friendship’ celebration, within seconds the landscape of WWE had changed.


More intriguing is Kevin’s revived relationship with Triple H, not seen together since September the “The Game” returned last Monday for a quiet word with the Universal Champion. It was shortly after their private conversation that Owens turned on his friend, one can only put two and two together. More interesting is the relationship between Samoa Joe & Triple H, many are now speculating one story could bleed into another.

Joe Raw 1

With Joe seemingly feuding with KO’s former friend Sami Zayn their enemies appear common, only last night did Joe again attack Sami, this was minutes before his scheduled match with Kevin Owens. Is it a coincidence that Joe in one way assisted KO, or was he helping out his ally? The rumoured stable/two man power trip headed by Triple H may be true, but we have to see any real proof this may come to life.

KO Raw 4

For now we can enjoy the return of one of the best heel characters in the world, with an upcoming match with Goldberg and impending hostilities with Chris Jericho, the future looks bright for Kevin Owens.

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