Is the Authority Returning to WWE? By @TheCiaranJames

Have the seeds been sown for a powerful new faction to run riot on Monday nights? If recent events are anything to go by then the answer is yes. Until recently we hadn’t seen Triple H on Raw since assisting Kevin Owens in September 2016, before that it was Wrestlemania 32, the actual Authority have been not been on TV for over a year. It seems Triple H has returned to establish his authority and in doing so he seems to be forming a mega heel stable.

On 30/1 Triple H initially returned to trigger a huge Wrestlemania match with Seth Rollins, on the same show he assigned Samoa Joe to take out Seth, unfortunately their altercation caused an injury to Seth that will keep him out for some several weeks. This match still may happen but for right now it seems it’s on ice.


To combat that WWE it seems are going a different way by having “The Game” align himself with Samoa Joe & WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens. The blueprints for a new Authority seem to be taking shape. Although the Rollins injury it detrimental to the brand the company didn’t skip a beat, the following week Stephanie awarded Joe a contract live on Raw, Steph was all smiles, whereas Mick looked on with disdain.

This week on Raw in a tremendous sit down interview with Michael Cole, Joe again pledge his allegiance to Triple H and vowed to take over Monday nights. Joe cares only of what Triple H says and think, he will do whatever he says. We also saw on the same episode Triple H pull Kevin Owens to one side for a private word, then later in the episode we witnessed a hushed conversation between the two. We could at that point only guess what the conversation alluded to.

Later in the evening during the ‘Festival of Friendship’ Kevin Owens viciously beatdown his friend Chris Jericho, the moment Y2J released what was happening will be remembered for a very long time. One cannot help but think this act of violence by Owens was linked to the conversation with Triple H, was Kevin reminded of why he was chosen? Was he in danger of being replaced as Champion? There many questions like these that fans and critics are pondering.


Since the Royal Rumble Triple H has personally made Raw a better place, are we witnessing a more ruthless version of the Authority, will more be joining the ranks after Wrestlemania? My initial guess is that we may see a tag team from NXT join up with Triple H post WM, if this all continues.

In reality are we actually seeing the start of a Triple H takeover, or is this just all for our entertainment? Since the inception of NXT, the Cruiserweight Classic and the UK Title Tournament the talent pool in WWE has expanded, some of the best workers in the world now reside in NXT or WWE. If this is to play out on Raw then a Triple H stable of wrestlers seems the right way forward, it at least makes Raw watchable again.

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