WWE Elimination Chamber Live Updates, 12/02/17

WWE Elimination Chamber 2017, Phoenix, Arizona.

Pre Show Results.

Mojo Rawley def. Curt Hawkins

Main Show.

Becky Lynch def. Mickie James

Really good back and forth match, both getting adequate time to exhibit their skills, Mickie looking great on her return to the WWE main roster. Majority of the match controlled by James with Becky rallying late to earn the victory.

Apollo Crews & Kalisto def. Dolph Ziggler

Apollo Crews entered first, Kalisto comes out but is blindsided by Dolph Ziggler. A one on one match concludes, really quick in ring action, slightly confusing as it’s two faces taking on one heel? (WWE 2017 for you) Previously hurt Kalisto limps to the ring and aids Crews, the tag team Ziggler and Crews claims victory with an impressive Powerbomb. Post Match, Dolph again gets a cheap shot on Kalisto, he then proceeds to brutally attack Apollo with a chair, placing it around his ankle and stomping on it twice. Audience chant “Thank You Ziggler

Team Team Turmoil – WWE Tag Team Championship

Slater/Rhyno def. Breezango

Vaudevillians out next

Slater/Rhyno def. Vaudevillians

Uso’s out next

Uso’s def. Slater/Rhyno

American Alpha out next to take on long time rivals the Uso’s

American Alpha def. The Uso’s via Chad Gable roll up

Post result, the Uso’s assault the tag team champions and leave they laying in the ring.

The Ascension make their way to the ring……deep breath everyone

American Alpha def. The Ascension to retain the Tag Team Titles

Exciting, fast and action packed Tag Team Turmoil match, American Alpha booked to look strong after suffering attack from the Uso’s. Good match but overall it once again exposes the huge flaws in WWE’s tag team division, much work is needed before AA find a worthy opponent for Wrestlemania 33.

Nikki Bella Vs Natalya. Double Countout

Slow start but the match had a really slow build feel to it, more wrestling based than I imagined it would. Natalya dominated for long periods, Nikki had flourishes where she rallied. Nikki mounts a comeback but is stopped with a big Superlex from the second turnbuckle, Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter. Nikki reverses into a Fearless Locks (STFU), Nattie gets to the ropes. Action spills outside, ten count ends the match after competitors don’t return to the ring.

Natalya attacks Nikki post match, Nikki Bella fights back and sends Nattie running.

Randy Orton def. Luke Harper

Standard Orton match from the get go, he really seems to have settled in to a move set which isn’t going to change at all, completely devoid of any excitement. Back and forth at the start with Randy then controlling the middle of the match with the dreaded chinlock, audience is quiet. Harper rallies and fires back with a Senton and Big Boot, close two count. Harper flies through the second rope to take out Orton at ringside, backdrop by Harper on the announce desk, Randy recovers to hit a Scoop Powerslam. Huge Superplex from the top turnbuckle from Orton, the match is finally warming up, as it the crowd. Slug fest between the two, Orton hits a Full-Nelson Slam out of nowhere. Draping DDT on the ropes, Randy calls for the RKO, two huge Superkicks from Harper, Orton kicks out of pin. Big Powerbomb from Luke Harper, another kick out from Orton, close call. Both recover, Orton hits an RKO for the win.

Naomi def. Alexa Bliss – WWE Women’s Championship

Alexa starts off disrespecting Naomi, the challenger fights back. really good back and forth with both cancelling each other out. Naomi with an impressive array of kicks, Bliss fights back with underhand tactics. Really exciting, hard hitting match, Bliss looked good throughout but they allowed Naomi to shine. After what looked like a few mistakes Naomi hit a Split-Legged Moonsault to become the new SDLive Women’s Champion.

Elimination Chamber – WWE Championship

*New Elimination Chamber Structure this year

Dean Ambrose, Baron Corbin, The Miz & Bray Wyatt start in the pods.

Match of Year candidates, AJ Styles & John Cena to start the match

Styles and Cena pick up where they left at the Royal Rumble, their chemistry is untouchable. Really strong start to the match, the audience is hyped too, the match feels special.

Dean Ambrose joins the match, action picks up again with Dean laying into both. Ambrose with a Release Suplex to Styles on the outside, scrambles atop the pod and takes out Cena. All return to the ring, Triple German Suplex by Cena, Styles Pele Kick to Cena, Lunatic Lariat to Styles.

Bray Wyatt enters the Chamber and takes out everyone, Styles gets thrown into the Chamber wall. Styles & Cena climb the Chamber walls, AJ knocks Cena off. Styles and Ambrose fight above the pod, Bray drags Ambrose off. Bray then attacks Styles, Powerbomb/Suplex combi from turnbucke/chamber, Styles is crashing and burning all over the Chamber.

Baron Corbin debuts in the Elimination Chamber, End of Days to AJ & Cena, Dean with a Double Dropkick to stop him.

Time for The Miz, he doesn’t move as Corbin is waiting for him, Dean pins Corbin, he’s gone. Corbin irate throws Dean through the pod (Wrestlemania match booked right there) Miz takes advantage and pins Dean. Miz with Daniel Bryan kicks to Styles, Bray & Cena, Corner Dropkicks all round.

John Cena recovers and easily pins Miz with an AA, double team by Bray & Styles on Cena. Cena with an AA on Bray, attempts on Styles but he reverses into a Styles Clash, near fall, Cena recovers and hits an AA, another kick out. Bray comes back into the match and lands a Sister Abigail on Cena..1,2,3 and Cena is gone.

Styles Vs Bray to determine a new WWE Champion, back and forth and Bray wipes out Styles with a huge Lariat. Styles recovers and hit’s a Pele Kicks on Bray, Running Knee, Styles goes for a 450 and hits it, Bray kicks out. Styles goes for a Phenomenal Forearm but Bray catches him for a Sister Abigail and we have a new WWE Champion in Bray Waytt.

Post Match

Randy Orton comes out and stares down Bray Wyatt

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