Elimination Chamber Fall Out, Booking options for Wrestlemania. By @TheCiaranJames

A lot happened at Elimination Chamber, some feuds ended, some continued and others started. Here’s a quick look at how the events of last night might shape Wrestlemania 33.

WWE SD Women’s Championship

Following on from last night it seems Becky Lynch, Mickie James, Alexa Bliss & Naomi will all be involved heading into Wrestlemania. On Talking Smack following EC Daniel Bryan promised Alexa a rematch 28/2 edition of Smackdown, I’m sure there will be hijinks. Seeing as all four women are being focused on I can see WWE showcasing all of them on April 3rd, it could be on the main show or possibly headline the now 2 hour pre-show. Heading into Wrestlemania I was a little surprised WWE took the title off Bliss as it could have been a hometown victory for Naomi at the super show, I’m thinking now that Alex reclaims the gold and drops it at Mania to Mickie.

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph fully cemented his heel turn at the Chamber by brutally attacking Apollo with a steel chair, and shockingly it got “Thank you Ziggler” chants from the adult males in the audience. I personally think the chants were more to do with the fact that Apollo hasn’t been given a leg to stand on since getting promoted from NXT. As we look ahead to Wrestlemania one has to assume that both will either be involved in a multi-man match or will clash on the pre-show. The segment involving Ziggler was what he needed, as a heel Dolph can flourish on SDLive.

WWE SD Tag Team Titles

American Alpha’s time on the main roster has yet to reach the heights of their NXT run, the bulk of the problem is WWE’s inability to book the tag team division properly. Except for the Rhyno/Slater run the scope has been taken of the titles, add in the fact that the teams receive zero air time and you have a poor division. The most prominent tag team and worthy of holding the belts are the Uso’s, their change of image has been wonderful to see, it’s just a shame WWE don’t go all the way with them. With AA now parading themselves as the best tag team and issuing open challenges one has to wonder if The Revival will make an appearance between now and Wrestlemania. If not I can only see another multi man match or the Ascension receiving some sort of push.

Baron Corbin

WWE’s current Lone Wolf has made huge strides since joining the blue brand, in the last month alone he has gone toe to toe with John Cena and pinned AJ Styles. His performance in the Fatal-4-Way last week was another feather in his cap, he emerged victorious after a towering display. Corbin looks to be on the verge of a huge push, and it may commence at Wrestlemania after his display last night. After again dominating another match he was surprisingly eliminated by Ambrose, in absolute shock he went ballistic and attacked Dean therefore sealing Dean’s fate. The beatdown was exactly the type of thing we would normally see on the road to Wrestlemania, Dean being the person he is will want revenge, and it seems that will come at Mania with the IC title on the line.

WWE Title

It finally happened, Bray Wyatt is our new WWE Champion. In what was arguably one of the best Elimination Chamber matches in its rich history the Eater of Worlds came out on top. Who is faces at Wrestlemania however is seemingly confirmed, however with AJ Styles at a loose end I can’t see it being a normal one on one match. On top of that AJ had a tremendous 2016 and put on another wonderful display last night, also Styles has yet to be granted his WWE title rematch after losing at Royal Rumble. Randy Orton is the official No1 contender after rightfully earning the spot by winning the Rumble match, he as it stands now will face Bray Wyatt on April 3rd.

John Cena, Nikki Bella, The Miz & Maryse

It’s been rumoured for weeks and last night the possibility of a mixed tag team match at Wrestlemania came full circle. In another backstage segment involving Natalya and Nikki the latter collided with Maryse and knocked her to the floor. Then in the Elimination Chamber match John Cena easily dispatched Miz with an AA. Then again Cena may want his rightful WWE Title rematch to be at WM33, when this rumour began many took a deep breath but after tremendous year in WWE The Miz has earned the opportunity to face a big name at the show of shows.


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