A Once In A Lifetime Opportunity…Twice

When “The Architect” Seth Rollins injured his knee during a Live Event match with Demon Kane in late 2015 the WWE Universe went into a state of shock and sympathy for the fallen superstar, even though he was, at the time, The Authority’s top heel character. When you see a young athlete, in any sport, get a potentially career threatening injury it is always sad as you wonder what might have.

In the case of Seth Rollins what followed was a long and arduous rehabilitation over many months of painstaking physiotherapy with the World’s best medical staff. The brilliant WWE 24 documentary on the WWE Network chronicles Rollins’ journey from the day of surgery to his return at the Extreme Rules Pay Per View in May of the following year. During the documentary, which if you haven’t seen you should go out your way to do so, you see the pain, suffering and mental anguish that an athlete goes through when they are fighting to come back from something that could have potentially taken them away from the thing they have worked for all their life.

When Seth Rollins was ready to make his comeback the WWE Universe were constantly waiting for the moment that their fallen hero would return so they could show him the love that such bravery and strength deserves. That moment arrived at the conclusion of the Extreme Rules show when he dashed to the ring to pedigree, the ever polarizing, Roman Reigns to close the show. Rollins’ return was met with a huge pop, the likes of which is usually reserved for the most popular performers and most special of moments.

The stage was set for Seth Rollins to return to the WWE fold as the hottest babyface in the wrestling industry. Fans were ready to cheer Rollins, they were ready to see all the flashy crowd-pleasing offense that we all know the man formerly known as “Tyler Black” has been showing wrestling fans for years in Ring Of Honor, during his time in NXT and briefly while part of The Shield. The WWE Universe was ready…and then WWE dropped the ball in a huge way.

The night after Extreme Rules Rollins entered the arena on RAW to a tremendous babyface ovation and for a short period of time basked in the adulation of his people. Then he took the microphone and cut a heel promo in the ring turning his back on the fans and their affection. At that moment in time WWE missed a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a new top babyface the likes of which could rival anyway they have made in a generation. Fans wanted to cheer him, they wanted to see all the moves they know he can do. Yes, it may have been “too obvious” but so is turning Roman Reigns heel, it seemed a strange decision and one that has made Seth just another guy in the last six months.

WWE ran with heel Rollins for an extended period before beginning a slow babyface turn for the man now going by the mantra “Seth Freakin’ Rollins”. This was such a low key turn that fans only mildly got behind it and Seth Rollins in general is just another guy with long hair and a beard, wearing black. The WWE had recently began using the best heel in a generation in HHH to elevate the babyface Rollins heading to Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, Florida. Then tragedy struck.

While doing a seemingly simple beat down spot to introduce Samoa Joe to the main roster as HHH’s designated “Destroyer” Seth Rollins suffered an injury to the knee that he had spent so long repairing. Fans around the World feared the worst for the man they were beginning to fall in love with all over again and rumours circulated online about the injuries severity. It now seems that Seth will miss a matter of weeks rather than months which is a blessing to him and relief to us all. In his absence plans, can still go ahead for Wrestlemania with him involved, albeit off TV, and hopefully we still get to see the HHH v Seth Rollins match that we have been building to for nearly two years.

WWE finds itself now with their second chance at a once in a lifetime opportunity to re-launch Seth Rollins as the biggest babyface on the roster. In a WWE where the only top level characters who are genuinely adored by the WWE Universe are heels such as AJ Styles, Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho along with John Cena, who is on a level of his own, this is a chance to make Seth Rollins an over the top, adored by all babyface. When the former Shield man returns be it before Wrestlemania, at the show or after the biggest event of year, WWE must let the fans cheer their returning hero like they wanted to do the night after his last triumphant return.

If Seth Rollins is allowed to return taking names and kicking ass with his adoring public along for the ride, doing all the things he can do in the ring and thanking the fans for their love and support during this period then Seth Freakin’ Rollins can change the landscape of WWE for the next few years. There are so many heels for Seth to work with as that true white meat fan favourite babyface it could make for some great television, some must see main events and make him the once in a generation talent that I believe he is. Babyface Rollins v heel Roman Reigns is money, Seth Rollins fighting the monster heel Braun Strowman is money and the battles that Rollins could have with his destroyer Samoa Joe are mouth-watering.

So now it’s over to you WWE Creative you had a once in a lifetime chance to do this thing right before and you blew it, and now you get a do over so let’s give the man what he deserves and give the WWE Universe what they want.

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