The Feud Of a Lifetime, John Cena & Randy Orton, By @TheCiaranJames

Is John Cena Vs Randy Orton really worthy of a Wrestlemania main event? On paper they both have the credentials to headline WWE’s biggest show of the year, reality however would contradict the statistics of their respective careers. They are two of the company’s best creations, high calibre, main event ready performers who have been on top for over a decade. Out of the two Cena certainly stood tallest, his face is recognisable worldwide as the top guy in WWE, Orton on the other hand was a top guy not the ‘the guy’. That doesn’t take away from the fact that Randy is one of WWE’s premier talents, and arguably the most selfless wrestlers when it comes to putting younger stars over. Cena has been derided since his inception, the white meat babyface was pushed beyond belief after his debut in 2002, and many believed like Roman Reigns today, John was given too much too soon.

Both Cena & Orton have earned their spots, they’ve put in the work to become the super workers they now are. John Cena is arguably the best big match performer right now, Randy when motivated possesses the skill to be one of the better workers in the world. No matter their credentials on paper whenever they’ve met one on one it’s failed to sparkle, they have never had that one match that defines their feud. As much as I and many more critics/fans loathe another potential match between the two, one must look at the strides both have made as performers in recent years. John Cena has arguably put together his best work over the last two years, Randy injuries aside has always been flawless in the ring, both are now in the twilight of their careers and their ring ability has come full circle. The Rock & Steve Austin before departing also had that one final Wrestlemania moment, Cena & Orton booked correctly could add one more highlight to their careers.

As I write this however a match has already been booked between Orton & Cena on Smackdown tomorrow night, most fans who get the inner workings of WWE realise this could mean there is no Wrestlemania match happening. We also have Elimination Chamber look forward to this Sunday, where five men are vying for John Cena’s championship, with rumours circulating of a Bray Wyatt win we might not even get Cena/Orton. Even with a PPV this week we still have weeks to go until Mania, and with how Vince thinks much could change leading to April. I’ve always been a fan of Orton and my respect for Cena has grown since his debut, a final match for the two as they enter the winter of their careers maybe quite fitting.

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