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Robbie Radford

Robbie Radford

Robbie covers NJPW, Lucha Underground and a few other promotions as well as various other articles. He is also a co-host of the PuroLads podcast. Robbie lives in Leeds, England.
Robbie Radford

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London Riots defeat Kings of the North:
Good In parts, some of it was mistimed when going through sequences. Good but not great. Both are real solid tag teams so it’s nothing ability wise whatsoever. **¾

Laura Di Matteo defeated Chakara
Early heel heat for Chakara, crowd were firmly behind Di Matteo who was presented as the underdog here. Laura sold pretty well, she’s improving every time she works a show. She worked her style well, reigning down a series of heavy blows before catching Chakara with a quick submission for the victory. Solid match. ***¼

‘Massive’ Jurn Simmons defeated ‘Bodyguy’ Roy Johnson

‘Simmons and his entrances.. magnificent. Johnson held his own in terms of physical strength against Jurn, although much like Walter at the wXw show the night before, Simmons was just too big and strong for the most part. Johnson stuck to his hake for the most part, combining his speed with his strength although it just wasn’t enough to get anywhere close to Jurn who looked like he could’ve finished the match at any point and did so with a piledriver, just as Johnson began to get into it. Good match but nothing on Walter vs Jurn last night.  ***½  

South Pacific Power Trip defeated Ringkampf

As a tag team, you could possibly say Ringkampf are the best team in Europe and they proved it agai. The opening exchanges between Dieter Jr and Banks were great, lots of speed during great technical wrestling got the crowd into this very early. The exchanges between Walter & Cooper were great, Walter legitimately bullied both Cooper & Banks and the crowd loved every second of it. Trickery from Dahlia on the outside got Power Trip back into it. There were some neat sequences and big spots, this match was incredible! Ringkampf got a standing ovation despite losing the match via dubious tactics. ****½ (Match of the night.)

Thunderbastard match: Mark Andrews defeated Jack Sexsmith, Nathan Cruz, Zack Gibson, Dave Mastiff, Marty Scurll, Sebastian & Trent Seven.
Andrews and Scurll started the match, Scurll played to the crowd and didn’t engage much. Seven then entered the match, which immediately heated the match up. Sexsmith then entered to a big pop, making a big impact, becoming the crowd favourite in the process. Scurll took out Sexsmith before returning in ring, Sebastian then entered to initially Eaver’s music which garnered huge heat. Following a distraction, Sexsmith rolled up Sebastian to eliminate him. Sebastian  attacked Sexsmith but Eaver made the save. Gibson then returned to a PROGRESS ring for the first time in months. He cut his promo but was interrupted by Andrews with an outside dive. Cruz and Mastiff entered in succession. Cruz and Gibson teamed against Mastiff, looks like Mastiff & El Ligero have split from Gibson & Nathan Cruz in the origin but can’t say for sure. Marty Scurll was eliminated by Trent Seven via rollup after teasing the chicken wing. Gibson & Cruz worked over Mastiff, eliminating him with a great looking double codebreaker. Andrews eliminated Seven. Sexsmith eliminated Cruz with mr cocko. Sexsmith was the big underdog and crowd favourite, although eliminated by Gibson. This left just Gibson vs Andrews. Gibson cut his promo again whilst simultaneously beating down Andrews. After Gibson locked in the Shankly Gates a few times, it came to nothing as eventually, Andrews hit the Stundog Millionaire followed by the Shooting Star Press for the victory. ***¼

PROGRESS Championship: Jimmy Havoc defeated Pete Dunne ( c ) via DQ.

Following a failed beatdown by Trent Seven pre-match, Havoc threw Dunne into the crowd and the pair brawled around the outside. Thankfully the referee wasn’t counting because they were on the outside for atleast 2 minutes, although I expect nothing less from Chris Roberts!  Dunne masterfully played to the crowd with any reference to the WWE. Dunne dominated for periods at a time, his aggression was too much early on. Dunne nailed a Pedigree on Havoc, drawing chants of ‘you’re not in the rumble’ from the crowd. Havoc nailed a rainmaker but Seven broke up the pin, ending the match in a disqualification victory for Havoc, meaning the title did not change hands. After the match, Seven & Dunne beat down Havoc until from out of nowhere, Flash Morgan Webster returned, quickly followed by a shocking Mark Haskins return. The 700 capacity Electric Ballroom erupted, tears were shed as the returnees made the save. Both men announced they were cleared to wrestle whilst they stood tall in the ring, saving Havoc. ***½

After the dust settled, Jim Smallman thanked the crowd although it had a more emotional side to it, especially just after what had occurred. Everyone packed inside the Ballroom went home incredibly happy, the next chapter, Old Man Yells at Cloud, sold out so quickly that the site crashed, marvellous.


Robbie Radford
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Robbie covers NJPW, Lucha Underground and a few other promotions as well as various other articles. He is also a co-host of the PuroLads podcast. Robbie lives in Leeds, England.

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