Opportunity Knocks For Joe, By @TheCiaranJames

The sad news of Seth Rollins second knee injury broke Wednesday afternoon UK time, much like his November 2015 injury the seriousness of it started to become apparent as the evening went on. This like previous has immediately altered Wrestlemania plans and Rollins scheduled high profile match with Triple H, it now leaves a void with what to do with Triple H at the show of shows. Many have commented that Seth could be out for up to 8 weeks that would bring him back for Mania but are WWE going to allow him to wrestle so soon after surgery? Since recent lawsuits and investigations WWE have refrained from bringing back talent to early from injury, plus where Seth is concerned they would not want to further aggravate the injury of one of their top tier performers who is still has his best years ahead of him.

This seemingly leaves WWE in a pickle, with a two year storyline once more being shelved it leaves Triple H without an opponent, but does it? If you didn’t pick it up on Monday night then go back and watch Triple H’s promo, at no point did he come across as a heel, his words were valid and it came across that Seth was more the heel than Hunter. After all it was Seth who threatened to come to WWE headquarters and the home of Triple H & Stephanie, Seth was the one who pondered what would happen if one of their children were to answer the door. The babyface Seth Rollins character is in shambles, even if WWE pulled the trigger on his return last year he still comes across as the snivelling heel who lost his dummy. Seth never endears himself to the WWE universe, his turn from heel to face has only happened because Kevin Owens was chosen over him.

So if Seth is ruled out what is next for Triple H? Well there is an opportunity to make a certain Samoa Joe a huge star, after his brutal attack on Raw he has already become the dominant heel on Monday nights. With Triple H more or less a face due to his accomplishments with NXT, there is no reason why Joe can’t square off with Hunter come Wrestlemania. Joe could so easily brag about doing what Triple H wanted to be done, in turn Triple H could then condemn Joe for unnecessary aggression and potentially ruining a career of one of their brightest talents. To the ardent fan it could come across as hypocrisy, however done correctly and with Triple H steering the ship WWE could turn this unfortunate event in their favour come Mania. Furthermore a win over Triple H could propel Joe into WWE title contention, with the poorly booked Kevin Owens looking weaker every week a strongly booked Joe could surge to the top of the mountain.

A confrontation between a gloating Joe and remorseful Hunter at Fastlane could easily kick start a tremendous feud, with Joe being new to the roster and Triple H seemingly settling into his corporate role the time is right for change. Joe could lead the charge of the new breed, without Seth around WWE could easily promote him as the man who helped evolve NXT beyond the Seth Rollins years. He could make claim to being the real chosen one, Triple H could then try to placate Joe’s ego, and with that the feud is ready made. With their technical and brawling styles being so similar the stage is set for a Wrestlemania moment, with Triple H now the respected veteran who fans just won’t berate there is zero point trying to make that happen. The Seth Rollins injury is the worst news on the road to Wrestlemania, however the opportunity is right there to make another superstar.

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