4FW Present’s Wrestleution 2017 @Swindon MECA, 21/1/17


By Ciaran Brazington @TheCiaranJames

Adam Maxted def. Saul Adams

As always ‘Sensational’ Saul was accompanied to the ring by Nadia Sapphire, his opponent was 4FW debutant Adam ‘Flex’ Maxted. Saul entered confident that ‘Flex’ was beneath him, Nadia like normal agreed with what her man was saying. Maxted made his entrance and firstly it was his chiselled physique that caught the eye, he certainly looked the part but time would tell if he could do it in the ring. They both approached each other with caution as the match started, feeling each other out the contest took some time to get going. Saul stalled where he could, Nadia also riled Alex and the audience for the desired reaction. The match was passable, it seemed Saul and Nadia’s antics caused the most commotion as Flex seemed a little deer in the headlights in such a big setting, obviously he will relax the more he wrestles. After much back and forth, Nadia causing obvious mischief and Saul protesting Flex got the surprise roll up for the victory.

The 3 Kings made their way to the ring, the lyrical genius RJ Singh took the microphone and berated the audience in attendance. He cycled through the Kings dominance in 4FW, how Oxford was superior to Swindon and how JD Knight had soiled their gentleman’s agreement. In sporting fashion they allowed JD Knight another opportunity at facing Tiger for the 4FW Championship, however he would have defeat Singh and Ghosh first. Knight received a great ovation before accepting their challenge.

JD Knight def. Rishi Ghosh & RJ Singh 

Although on paper a one sided contest that was never the case, except for a few moments during the match the result was never in question. JD started strong as he battered the heels with left and rights, he was doing what he could to try and finish the contest as quickly as he could. Ghosh and RJ then used their advantage to overpower Knight, they double teamed the ‘Saviour’ to slow his progress. The Kings controlled the tempo and kept JD firmly in their corner, stifling his inevitable comeback on many occasions. The pro JD audience cheered for their guy, the ‘Saviour’ rallied and fought back until he had the Kings reeling, the tide was turning. RJ & Ghosh made one final attempt to control Knight as they whipped him into the corner, they charged at JD but he held a leg up as they collided face first with his boot. Singh caught JD with a right hand, Ghosh again charged at Knight who stepped aside as he speared RJ, JD then grabbed Ghosh and dropped him with a huge Double Underhook DDT for the win.

Dick Justice def. Lomaxx

During all this seriousness there had to be comedy, and this was it. I for one was not a fan, the majority of the audience however really seemed to like it so I guess it worked for them. Lomaxx a very competent big man deserved better, Dick Justice however was out of his depth. The event could have done without the match, it achieved nothing and really lowered the tone of the evening’s events. The match ran through a comedy routine without much actual wrestling, this should have ended sooner. After pretending to hold each other up with guns Dick managed to get the victory.

Pip Bubblegum def. Mega Pegasus – 4FW Junior Heavyweight Title Match (Vacant)

Next up was the final of the quest to find the next Junior Heavyweight Champion, Mark Haskins vacated the title in November due to injury so 4FW have been looking for the right champion. Brimming with ego Bubblegum made his way to the ring sporting his usual Manchester City shirt, his opponent was 4FW’s own academy graduate Mega Pegasus. Wrestling dominated the early stages as both looked for an advantage, they went back and forth cancelling each other out. Pegasus held his own for a while, however the far more experienced Bubblegum took over and dominated the contest. For long periods Pegasus just about managed to survive and kick out of multiple pin attempts, Pip grew frustrated and that was when Pegasus made his comeback. The 4FW native fought back and had Bubblegum against the wall, they traded stiff blows as each man’s determination shone through. Pegasus targeted the knee and on more than one occasion locked in the ankle lock, he couldn’t however put Pip away. The contest reached its finale as once more Bubblegum used his experience to dominate the inexperienced challenger, with Pegasus on the top rope Pip caught him with a sweet kick to the head followed by a Double Stomp from the top turnbuckle. Pegasus was spent, Bubblegum full of momentum hoisted up his opponent and hit him with a Pedigree for the victory and to become the new 4FW Junior Heavyweight Champion.

Doug Williams advocate Lord Gideon Grey slowly made his entrance, he informed the ‘morons’ in attendance that Doug would unfortunately not be appearing tonight. He invited Saime Sahin out to the ring, although Doug was not there, they had found Saime a replacement for this evening. He turned everyone’s attention to the big screen, then out of nowhere The Saint jumped the barrier and viciously attacked Saime.

The Saint w/Lord Gideon Grey def. Saime Sahin

The once loved Saint pummelled Saime early on in the contest, he then turned to the audience and berated them for turning in him so quickly. More jeers followed as he continued the beatdown on Saime, Lord Grey patrolled ringside trying to avoid the masses while cheering on The Saint. Saint kept Saime grounded as much as possible, he wasn’t going to allow the fan favourite to build any momentum. Saint looked more focused than ever, his displayed an unseen intense character unlike anything we’ve seen before, he was methodical in his approach of picking apart his opponent. Sahin rallied where he could, but the savvy veteran stopped him at every turn, Saint targeted the upper body with his offence, this was not Saime’s night. Saint’s only mistake was to get frustrated with his opponent and the audience, instead of finishing the job he got into verbal sparring with the ringside faithful. Saime finally had his chance, with his second wind he fought back and recovered some of the gusto, he had Saint backtracking. Gideon as always proved pivotal at ringside, Saint managed to get a reprieve and try and hit a SaintDT but Saime powered out. Unfortunately Saime had taken too much damage, Saint once more pounced and locked in a Crossface to which Saime tapped. A big victory over a former 4FW champion.

Kenny Omega def. Tiger Ali w/Rishi Ghosh & RJ Singh

As the main event drew closer the atmosphere was electric, the crowd were red hot for Kenny Omega, and this was his first wrestling appearance since being defeated by Okada at Wrestle Kingdom 11 two weeks prior. Tiger came to the ring flanked by Ghosh & RJ, who sporting injuries from their earlier tussle with JD still managed to whip the audience into a frenzy with their antics. The 3 Kings are hands down one of the best acts in professional wrestling today, however it seems some people take it a step to far and can’t see past the characters these three men are playing. Kenny entered to an ovation unseen in Swindon MECA, everyone was on their feet as arguably the best wrestler outside of WWE made his way to the ring. Sporting his original NJPW attire he strolled confidently to the ring, he absorbed the atmosphere as he stepped inside the squared circle, it was a great moment.

Both competitors took their time, waiting to see who would strike first. Continuous chants filled the MECA as the action built slowly, Ali got the first advantage as he wrestled Kenny to the mat, twisting and bending his wrist and fingers. Tiger unhurried in his approach slowed the momentum of Omega, the crowd however did not let up but the Kings at ringside made a good attempt to quash the noise. RJ & Rishi paraded around taunting the audience, as previous mentioned some took it to far and attempted to physically threaten the talent, Singh and Ghosh the consummate professionals dealt with it amazingly well. I for one and the majority of the audience obviously understand the ins and outs of wrestling, we collectively don’t want to see narrow minded so called fans again, their attempt to ruin the night was not successful and they in turn looked the idiots. Back to proceedings in the ring, Kenny mounted a comeback and worked his way back into the match, his chops to the chest and back of Ali left the 4FW champion red and raw, and it was not pleasant. The action was fast and hard hitting, Ali was looking for a huge victory while Kenny wanted to continue his hot streak of 5 star matches, and the matched quality was superb.

The match built beautifully to its finale, Omega and Tiger traded move after move, with pride at stake neither man was looking to lay down. Ali caught Kenny with his 3-Dropkick combo, Omega responded with a lariat and knee to the face for a near fall. They returned to their feet, as they clashed once more the referee was inadvertently knocked to the mat, the Kings entered the ring they attacked Omega and rocked him with a clothesline, Singh then spat water into the face of Omega as Ali then took advantage with a Brainbuster followed by a Camel Clutch, Kenny held on. Both returned to their feet once more, in one final attempt the Kings launched but Omega was ready he dispatched Rishi & RJ to ringside before planting a sweet running knee on Ali, Tiger’s flag was then thrown to him. Kenny hoisted him up for the One Winged Angel but Ali struck him with the flag, he dropped ready to hit Omega once more, but to no avail. Kenny ducked and lifted him up once more and planted him with his finisher, 1, 2, 3….It was over!

As the Kings retreated backstage Kenny Omega took the mic, he thanked 4FW and the fans for the treatment he had received and reception from the audience. He spoke about how 4FW was a home away from home and if ever they needed him he would be there, he teased a decision about his career but then stopped. Wherever Kenny Omega turns up next he is sure to perform out of his skin, but in Swindon on Saturday he gave everyone in attendance a moment to remember.

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