Impact Wrestling Review – January 12th, 2017

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By Josh Anderson @heeltactics316

Welcome reader’s to my first weekly review of Impact; please bare with me as this is my first review in a few months. This Jan 12th edition of Impact was filmed in front of a studio audience at Universal Studios in Florida and featured a number of TNA’s top talent in high profile matches.

The show opened with a video package replaying highlights of the previous week’s main event which featured the return of David Richards 

EC3 wants his TNA title

EC3 comes to the ring discussing his shortcomings as of late due to people interfering in his matches. He calls out the wolves, but Lashley comes out instead. 

Lashley at first seems to be coming out to interrupt EC3, despite trying to help him the night before his world title match. Lashley challenges EC3 to a last man standing match the winner becomes the number one contender. EC3 says he doesn’t want the match later that night, but he wants it right now.

EC3 and Lashley begin trading punches, but security quickly comes and pulls the two apart. Ending the segment with them escorting EC3 to the top of the ramp.

Match 1 – Bobby Lashley vs. EC3 – Last Man Standing

Following a commercial break, Josh Matthews says that the match had been signed which seemed rather quick since security had just pulled the two apart. It looked as though we were going to have an impromptu last man standing match. 

The two battled outside Lashley dominating the early onset of the match. Even taking time out of his match to argue with a fan ringside. Lashley continued to beat down EC3 until returning to the ring where Carter made a comeback.EC3 hit multiple stinger splashes followed by a German and then a Superplex from the top rope. The two continued back and forth Lashley hit two spears, but Carter answered the count at 9. Later on, in the match EC3 speared Lashley through a table again the count was answered at 9. Both men fought on the side of the apron where the two competitors fell into a pair of tables Carter set up earlier in the contest. EC3 was unable to answer the count, making Lashley the victor and the new number one contender.

Eli Drake backstage segment

Eli Drake and Tyrus attack a backstage worker. Drake hands the employee a speech to read addressing next week feast or fired match.

Rockstar Spud and the many faces of Aron Rex

Spud is shown in the ring wearing a chauffeur outfit; it looks like he is the personal ring announcer for Aron Rex. Rex comes to the ring, talks about how great he is and why he dresses the way he does. Robbie E interrupts begin insulting Rex then asks Spud why he’s still around because he had just quit the week prior. Robbie E enters the ring talks about a new era of impact, Spud and Rex attack Robbie E the segment ending with Robbie E lying in the ring and the two men standing over him. 

The Queen of Impact

Maria walks up to Allie insults her then grabs her phone out of her hand; Maria tells Allie she is not a wrestler and that the miracle will end Braxton Sutter’s career. 

Match 2 – DCC vs. Decay

James Storm sat this one out as Abyss and Crazy Steve took on Bram and Kingston. The bout started in pure chaos as both teams attacked each other continuing to battle on the outside for a solid five minutes. Eventually, the ref took control forcing both teams to take their corners. Later on, in the match Abyss splashed both men of DCC in the corner went for a choke slam, James Storm smashed Abyss over the head with a bottle with forcing the ref to call for the bell. 

Return of a former Knockout

Former Knockouts Champion Brooke is returning to TNA, announced in a pre-tapped interview in which she discusses having a child, but she is ready to get back to the ring. 

Match 3 – The Miracle Mike Bennet vs. Braxton Sutter

Bennet and Sutter were put in a feud because of troubles between Allie and Maria. Technically it’s not a feud, as Bennet is fighting Sutter only because Maria told him to. Sutter has a good backstory, but I’ve never been a huge fan of his in ring work. 

The two trade offense, Sutter begins to take control until a distraction from Maria gives Bennet the upper hand. Bennet hits a huge pile driver; Maria gives him instructions to hit another. However, Bennet took to long due to Allie coming to ringside which gave Sutter an opening for the roll-up victory. 

Jade challenges Rosemary

Rosemary comes to the ring, gets on the mic to talk about how darkness has taken over the Knockouts division and how every last one of them will decay, decay, decay. 

Jade’s music hits, she claims she is not leaving this ring until she gets a rematch for the title. Rosemary challenges her to a monsters ball match, and of course Jade accepts. Jade calls her a demon “bitch,” the two begin fighting Jade goes for the packaged pile driver, but Rosemary breaks free leaving the ring and up the ramp. 

Match 4 – The Wolves vs. The Broken Hardy’s

The Wolves are reunited once again set to take on the broken brothers for the TNA tags championships. The Hardy’s are over as ever as the crowd frantically chants delete, which was by far the loudest pop of the night. The Hardy’s controlled most of the offense until a double Hurricanrana from Edwards got Richards the hot tag. The teams continued to go back and forth, all in all, this was a pretty basic tag match. Each team got a chance to hit their spots. Matt Hardy hit a Twist of Fate followed by a Swanton bomb onto Edwards, but Richards was able to break the count. The match ended in a Jeff Hardy roll up onto Richards as he was distracted by Matt and Edwards on the outside. They seem to be teasing a Wolves breakup sometime in the near future.

Show Grade – C

Final Thoughts

The biggest takeaway from this edition of Impact was the tease of a Wolves breakup. Lashley and EC3 have both been in the title picture for over a year now, seeing a new face in the title hunt would be a breath of fresh air. Richards is a former Roh world champion and is just coming off an injury; he seems more than ready for a strong singles run.

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