Pro Wrestling Chaos Presents, The Mysterious City of Chaos 14/1/17 – The Preview

Preview of Saturday's Show!

By @Ciaran_HEEL

Pro Wrestling Chaos present their first show of 2017 this Saturday in Bristol, and here is what to expect.

King of Chaos Championship

A match between Jimmy Havoc and Wild Boar was never going to be a one off, at Let Them Eat Chaos in November they waged war, and this war needs to be settled. As the
tension around the Title scene mounts, Boar has to have eyes in the back of his head, we saw the contenders for the Championship emerge at the finale of their match last year. There is no doubt that this will be another fierce match, but how long can Boar hold onto a prize that is becoming very precious indeed.

Knights of Chaos Tag Team Championship

The loveable Steele Dragons take on the challenge of Project Lucha, who after impressing the chaos hierarchy last summer, return to Chaos looking to add gold around their waist. With Alex Steele now healthy and back alongside Eddie Dennis, the champions will be looking to hold onto their titles against a very talented tandem. El Ligero & Martin Kirby after claiming match of the year honours against the Swords of Essex, will be looking for a big win to get their year in Chaos off to the best start.

Magnums Collide

Even before we reach the main event revenge is on the cards, the former friends turned enemies lock horns at Chaos to try and settle their differences. Chris Walker and Dick Riley formerly the Magnums came to an end at Let Them Eat Chaos, after losing against the Steele Dragons, Chris brutally turned on his long-time friend and tag partner. IMG_20170113_133704Maybe its frustration, maybe its jealousy, maybe Chris just wants to go it alone but was this really the way? With tension running high Chris and Dick meet to settle their score.

The Bear & The Bird – One More Time

Rightfully Mike Bird & Big Grizzly are frontrunners for a championship opportunity, for months however they have at each other’s throat. Chaos it seems have decided to let these two go at it one more time, having impressed last year both look towards the future, with the championship in sight this match could be for them to exhibit what makes them title contenders. Grizz is undefeated one on one since returning in May last year, he more than anyone will be knocking on Boar’s door, Bird on the other hand has had to fight tooth and nail to get back to where he belongs. With pride and so much more at stake, look for this one to really stand out.


Eddie Ryan heads into 2017 as the official No1 contender to Boar’s Title, he more than anyone wants to prove how ready he is for such a challenge, therefore Chaos have lined him up with the beast Rampage Brown. This is, as good old JR used to say a ‘Slobberknocker’, Rampage returns to Chaos for the first time since being victorious for Team Mercy in October. Eddie Ryan is about two matches away from being sectioned, but come Saturday is he sane enough to beat a man that even Big Grizzly has seconds thoughts about challenging? Rampage will be looking for a win on his return and there is an opportunity that if he beats Eddie, then he may just be in line for a Championship match.

Ladies & Gents

After ending last year looking worse for wear and being humiliated by Mr Bananas, Jeckel would like to start the New Year on a better note. His partner for this match Jetta, was victorious against Sierra Loxton last time out, she will be wanting to repeat that this weekend in this mixed tag match. Sierra has Chaos stalwart Gideon as her partner, all four combatants have history and all are looking for victory for their own reasons. After a disappointing debut in November, Sierra will be wanting to kick start her career in Chaos with a big victory, and there is no better place than The Mysterious City of Chaos.

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