The Interview, Rishi Ghosh

By Ciaran Brazington


Rishi Ghosh is one half of the Legion of Lords with Gideon Grey and a member of the infamous 3 Kings in 4FW, as well as being a efficient tag team wrestlers Rishi has also carved himself a respectful singles career. I recently spoke to the Prince of Mumbai about his career, tag teams and that hostile evening at 4FW’s Global Takeover!

dumycyv2Mr Prince of Mumbai, Can you tell us what the allure of wrestling was to you? Why and how did you get involved and what was you first foray into the business like?

Hello young man! I loved wrestling from the moment I saw it on the television, the great characters and of course the fighting- I like fighting! I started nearly 15 years ago at the FWA Academy in Portsmouth training under Mark Sloan and I must say it was an incredible place to train as you can see from some of the graduates!

The first few years of your career were spent with the FWA Academy, how was that experience for you? Was the business as you expected?

We would train 10 hours a week without fail at the academy and Mark Sloan would work us hard- all in the interest of getting the best out of ourselves of course.  Training was a great experience and I made some great friends for life down at the training centre.  Learning the art of Pro Wrestling was a lot more difficult than I expected- I would say of the people who come through the training centre door under 5% ever actually stick at it and become a wrestler.  Outside of the centre the wrestling business was not as I expected at all!  Lots of odd characters but a lot of good people as well.

In 2008 & 2009 you wrestled for IPW, have you any favourite moments from your time there?

This was before the IPW/ RPW split and the majority of these matches were at the Embassy Club in Selsey which is still one of my favourite places to wrestle to this day (run by RPW now).  The lively crowd is amazing and I have always enjoyed watching imports coming over and wrestling there and their unbelievable enjoyment and buzz from the experience!

In 2013 you teamed up with Lord Gideon Grey, together you form the ‘Legion of Lords’. As a team you have wrestled predominantly in RPW, but also for GFW & UPW.
kjpafi9c What has it been like teaming with Gideon and performing as a tag team?

Teaming with Gideon is always so much fun.  We have a joint desire to entertain and of course win!

What are your favourite moments when performing as the ‘Lords’?

Two moments were absolute incredible and I’ll remember them for the rest of my life:

1- LOL vs Colt Cabana and Matt Classic (definitely not GRADO) – RPW Summer Sizzler 2015 at York Hall

2- LOL vs Ryback- RPW Portsmouth Guildhall 2016

Both were unbelievable matches with unbelievable fan reaction.  We may have lost both of these matches but in defeat there was victory!  The match against ‘The Big Guy’ Ryback was also the birth of the LOL Diaries which has been great fun to create.  You can subscribe to our ‘Legion of Lords’ You Tube channel to watch these.

What are the differences in performing as a singles performer and in a team? Have you any preference?

llktdl45I find it very different and I enjoy both.  A singles match usually takes up a lot more energy!  You can really mould your craft more in a singles match though.  I describe myself as a Tag Team specialist holding three different tag belts currently, but usually I do prefer a singles contest as I get to do even more fighting!

In September this year you and Darrell Allen defeated the London Riots for the FPW Tag Titles, talk to us about that.

This came as a big surprise as until the night I did not know that I would be competing and certainly did not expect to be competing against the London Riots for the Tag titles!  This match was back and forth, it went all over the venue and boy was it physical! But I and Darrell Allen have known each other a long time and by hook or by crook we took those belts!

In 4FW you are in a stable with RJ Singh & Tiger Ali, you are collectively known as the ‘The 3 Kings’. Give us some insight into teaming and performing with those men and the experience of being one of the 3 Kings in 4FW? Being one of the 3 Kings is incredible and now we hold ALL THE GOLD in 4FW!  The crowd reaction and hostility towards us is unlike anything I have ever imagined and because of this we have risen straight to the top!  Tiger and RJ are both unbelievable talents and is always a pleasure to be by their side.

zaedx-ygSince the start of the year, you and the Kings have been at odds with former 4FW Champion Saime Sahin. Fever Pitch was at a high in May at Global Takeover when Tiger was unsuccessful against Saime, tell us about the experience that night, the crowd was very hostile. Was that the reaction you wanted or did you fear for your safety? Now this is a match everyone involved in will remember for the rest of their lives.  Everyone in attendance will agree me just saying it was very lively would be a huge understatement- it was like an absolute Zoo out there!  As a wrestler you can’t top that.  The crowd were loud and hostile, we all feared for our safety, the match went all over the place- and in the end we suffered defeat much to the fever pitched crowd’s delight. Honestly this felt like a Wrestlemania main event!!!

The faction is a draw, happier times came for you at Ultimate Supremacy when you & RJ captured the 4FW Tag Titles. How was that night for you and what it like to
defeat the Hunter Brothers?

As everyone knows the Hunter Brothers are one of the best teams in the UK and this was a surprise match as we lured them into giving us a title match.  We quite deviously went for the quick win but the Hunters have a whole lot of heart and gave us quite the battle.  The 3 Kings are wise men though and by hook or by crook we got the win and took those tag belts.  We’ll be presented with the brand new 4FW Tag Team title belts at the fittingly named 4FW We 3 Kings Mega Show on 16th December in Swindon.

You and the Kings are scheduled to appear at We 3 Kings on 16th December, what do the Kings have in store for the fans?

This is our show, it is named after us, and everyone knows that we hold all the 4FW Gold and we are the main event.  As always we will go in and we will win.  We expect great hostility from the peasant fans of 4FW but we do not care, we will be staying right at the top of the mountain and those swine’s better learn to respect that!

What are your favourite moments/matches? This year the Legion of Lords vs Ryback was an unbelievable experience.  Portsmouth Guildhall was the first place I ever watched a live nkj1qqx1wrestling show and to main event there in front of a packed crowd against a huge superstar was amazing.  Favourite moments have to winning all the belts and trophies- The KAPOW Heavyweight Championship, The RPW Selsey Championship (2nd reign), 4FW Tag Title, FPW Tag Title, SWF Tag Title, Premier Promotions Rumblemania Trophy, and the Riverside Wrestling Trophy.  What an incredible year! A huge thanks to all the fans for the amazing support this year.

Did you have inspiration for your character or is it all you?
The character took a fair bit of time to develop and I have always enjoyed performing with a villainous comedic edge.  I credit my good friend Max Olesker for the idea and I credit the RPW Portsmouth School of wrestling for helping me develop the character (Andy Simmons/ Andy Quildan and the members of the school).

For you personally how has the wrestling business changed since your debut?

I started 15 years ago and it has changed a great deal.  The talent in the UK is much better now as is the standard of wrestling and the standard offbfmsipl wrestling show.  It is a very exciting time for British wrestling and definitely the most exciting period I have ever known in my career.  Wrestlers from all over the world are wanting to come over to the UK to wrestle which is amazing and very exciting!

The UK independent scene really seems to have found a bigger fan base this year, more home-grown talent is getting noticed worldwide, what’s it liked to be involved right now?

Being involved in the UK independent scene right now is unbelievable! The shows are great, the fans are great, and the wrestlers are great!  It’s amazing seeing what British wrestlers and British
promotions are currently achieving and I think it’s going to continue to grow.  I’m very excited about where British Wrestling is heading and I’m thoroughly enjoying being a small part of it.

So what’s on the books for Rishi Ghosh in 2017?

Lots already booked in for promotions like RPW, 4FW, UPW and many more.  I’m hoping to be getting out to a few more promotions I’ve never worked for also.

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