My Top 10 Independent Wrestling Matches 2016, Part 1

By @Ciaran_Heel

Being a reviewer for Kayfabe Today has allowed me to see some of the best wrestling in the South West of England, from ProEvo, Chaos, 4FW and ATTACK the calibre of matches this year has been phenomenal. This week I give you my first five of ten independent matches from the promotion’s I have attended, below is my match review from the event attended. Enjoy

Kenny Omega def. Mark Haskins, Junior H/Weight Title, 4FW Wrestleution, 23/01/16, Swindon

qklkykegThe battle to decide the inaugural 4FW Junior Heavyweight was next, Bullet Club leader ‘The Cleaner’ Kenny Omega took on Swindon born Mark Haskins. This was personally my match of the night, Omega & Haskins should have been arrested, they literally stole the show. Throughout the whole contest they had the audience on their feet. The match began with both trading stiff blows, the action the spilled to the outside where Haskins took control. He proceeded to hurl ‘The Cleaner’ into the barricades multiple times, the noise of skin and bone meeting metal railings went right through you. To get the match back on track Kenny needed a way out of the punishment, the way out was Kenny throwing Haskins right into the edge of the ring, his spine was not happy. From then on Omega took control of Haskins, the match and the tempo, after witnessing Kenny live for the first time ever you can truly appreciate how good he really is. Kenny gave everything he had, he punished Haskins with stiff blows, kicks, backbreakers, powerbombs and knee strikes. Mark rallied and mounted a comeback late on, although he had the home town advantage it was no match for Kenny’s pure skills and resilience. After 22 minutes of action Kenny scored the win after two brutal knee strikes and an Electric Chair Driver, ladies & Gentleman your new 4FW Junior Champion Kenny Omega. A chant of ‘This is Awesome’ and a standing ovation only added to how good this match was. Both competitors gave the audience all they had, when the match ended neither was in good shape.

Rampage Brown & T-Bone def. Joel Redman & Charlie Garrett, ProEvo GBOG, 12/3/16, Gloucester

What happened next was a straight up WAR, Rampage & T-Bone walked into GL1 and dominated. The match started with a sneak attack as T-Bone & Rampage attacked the faces from behind, what began then was an arena wide brawl. All 4 men tore strips out of each other. The punches, forearms, kicks, suplex’s and scoop slams were all very hard hitting, the arena floor felt their wcn8rv9_pain. The action finally returned to the ring and the match began proper, however this wasn’t a match it was straight beat-down by Rampage and T-Bone. They separated Joel from his corner and dominated the match, quick tag after quick tag followed as the bruisers took time administering their own form of pain. Rampage and T-Bone took turns working over Joel, their teamwork was extraordinary as they wore down the former NXT tag champ, who as the contest continued looked like he needed a holiday. Joel got a reprieve as the heels became to sure of themselves, a well placed kick from Joel earned him an opening which he took. He made his way over to his corner where the fresh Charlie Garrett was waiting, he made the tag and the match clicked into another gear. Charlie laid into Rampage & T-Bone with multiple scoop slams followed by a well performed standing moonsault, he went for the pin but T-Bone kicked out. Charlie made his way to the tope rope where he again took out his opponents with a double dropkick, again this led to a near fall. Charlie full of adrenaline, went to the top rope but Rampage countered into a Superplex, his pin was interrupted by Joel, who was then taken out by T-Bone. Charlie left alone in the ring was then subjected to a Jumping Tombstone from T-Bone and Sit Down Piledriver by Rampage, 1,2,3, the match was finally over.  

Saime Sahin def. Tiger Ali, 4FW Championship Match, 4FW Global TakeOver, 7/5/16, Swindon

In January Saime defeated Tiger for the coveted 4FW Championship, this was the rematch. Let me just say that this match was wild, the crowd were hostile and the action was breakneck. The 3 Kings made their entrance, Singh & Ghosh flanked Ali, the crowd was already in a wild frenzy, and these 3 men rile a crowd better than anyone I’ve ever seen. The audience then await Saime, he nlufriufenters to a hero’s welcome the crowd again go wild for the fun loving, and hardworking 4FW champ. The criminally underrated Tiger Ali attacks Saime from behind to start the match off, Saime hits back and sends the challenger into the air via a back-body drop. The action spills to ringside where both men are introduced to the ring post, the crowd rally behind Saime as he sends Ali over the barricade and into the live audience. They brawl towards the back of Swindon Meca, Saime got thrown into the merchandise stand, and his head bashes of the wood as Ali stands over him and pours water on him. Once up Saime stumbled back to the ring, with Ali in pursuit, the momentum is firmly with Tiger Ali. Ali hits a perfect springboard senton before continuing the humiliation of Sahin, Ali locks in his dreaded sleeper hold to further ground the champion.  

The audience is willing Saime to get up, the ref starts the arm lifts and on the third attempt Saime recover, Ali hits the ropes but Sahin catches him with a side slam, finally he has breathing space. Ali hits back and dropkicks Saime into the ref, Saime reacts out of desperation with a big lariat, by this time Singh and Ghosh hit the ring and attack Saime as the ref is still down. The crowd are now at fever pitch, the Meca was literally shaking, Sahin fights back and clears the 3 kings from the ring, however thinking he has a reprieve Saime is once more pounced on by Ali who attacks the champion. With the ref still down Ali inflicts a stiff blow with his flag stick and hits a lovely executed Brainbuster for a close near fall, Ali then locks on his camel clutch, Saime powers out only for Ali to hit him with 3 consecutive German suplexes. Momentum is with Tiger, with the ref distracted Ghosh throws Ali a cane, Saime intercepts and deals out some payback. He strikes both Ali and Ghosh and as Singh gets up on the apron he hurls Ali into him, as Tiger rebounds back Sahin hits a wonderful sitout powerbomb. With the challenger down and the crowd cheering him on Saime executes his patented springboard moonsault for the win and to retain his championship.  

Swords of Essex def. Project Lucha/Shane Strickland, Chaos, Wrath of Khan, 23/7/16, Thornbury

Finally the evening came to life as six of the best junior heavyweights in the world clashed in Thornbury. This was simply mind-blowing, they woke up the quiet crowd and made the show oh_alkbtwatchable. The action started off with the teams feeling each other out, holds, hip tosses, dropkicks to try and gain an advantage. This was a great back and forth exhibition of high quality, high tempo action, each participant stood out with their exceptional moves. Will Ospreay stood out like the superstar he is, everything about him screams mega star, he moves, mannerisms and look make him stand out. When Ospreay entered the match the tempo went through the roof, however all six men clicked so well together that the action was just poetry in motion. The finale came after a flurry of suicide dives where everyone flew majestically over the top rope, after the returned to the ring, Ospreay, Andrews & Robinson hit patented Enziguri’s. They followed that up with a series of beautiful high flying moves and  jumping cutter from Ospreay for the win.

El Ligero def. Mike Bird, Chaos, Heir to the Throne, 9/4/16, Bristol

Arguably Chaos Wrestling’s most hostile feud may have come to ahead on Saturday night as Mike Bird and El Ligero tore up the Whitchurch Sports nb7w5kqdCentre. If ever a match typified Chaos this was it, from the ring, to the outside, to the crowd and all around the action went everywhere. Bird & Ligero took the fight to one another from the very start, you could tell their personal and professional pride was on the line as both men pulled out all the stops in pursuit of revenge and victory. As the action spilled out of the ring, the crowd grew with excitement as the two men fought around ringside, both men were hurting after being thrown into the steel barriers and landing on the solid floor. There were a couple close falls on the outside as the excitement grew, the combatants brawled though the crowd as each man kept pushing the boundaries. El Ligero had the upper hand, Mike Bird was reeling as Ligero climbed high, the crowd stood in anticipation waiting for Bird to stand. Security officials begged Ligero to return to the ground, Mike Bird rose to his feet as Ligero launched himself onto Bird and the officials, the audience gave it their seal of approval. They slowly returned to the ring where the extreme measures only became larger, the ring filled with chairs as both men became more enraged, both grew exhausted as neither was wanting to lose. Mike Bird hit a exquisite Sit Down Powerbomb for a very close 2 count, Ligero even took a huge bump onto 5 chairs stacked in the corner. No matter the punishment El Ligero kicked out of everything, Bird was shocked, the crowd rallied behind Ligero as the adrenaline kicked in. Ligero hit back at Mike with a Running Powerbomb and then a Top Rope SuperPlex onto a pile of chairs laid in the ring for the 3 count. You’re well deserved winner, El Ligero, both men received a standing ovation for their efforts.

Part 2 and my final five choices drop @ Kayfabe Today on 17/12/16, to comment and follow catch me at @Ciaran_Heel and follow @KayfabeToday for all your wrestling needs

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